gmc sierra 1500 vs dodge ram 150
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GMC Sierra 1500 VS Dodge RAM 1500

When a monstrous machine takes on a hulking HEMI, trembles come standard.

Hey everyone i’m adam reed and when a monstrous machine takes on a hulking hemi trembling comes standard better kick it into drive it’s time for car versus from the moment you ignite its engine you know the sierra 1500 is a maul and holland truck of a gun that takes a back seat to no one when it comes to power and performance sierra paves the path equipped with a

V6 that turns over 300 pounds of torque it doesn’t need a badge to move with authority and with elite towing power it transports everything from rental materials to talks to trailers effortlessly so you could skip away meanwhile with a standard 6-speed you’ll have a smooth ride that is low on grunting and high on grooving and while the sierra might be thirsty for

Thrust it’s not greedy at the pump providing sensible mileage in the city or on the highway after a long lumbering day you’ll probably want to stretch your legs fortunately for you if you’re pushing a 1500 you’ll be climbing into one of the roomiest interiors in the game along with an absurd amount of leg room the back bench seats three comfortably with a center

Console and adjustable rear seats providing additional space plus gmc has access points for easy rear entry so the whole crew can pile in without a fuss in back pop in the aluminum tailgate reveals a cavernous bed that guarantees you that you’ll transport tons without ever running out of real estate hey but who says that you can’t smash and sing right surprise as

The sierra boasts an excellent intuitive infotainment system stock with apple carplay and android auto along with usb and auxiliary inputs for days to keep everyone in the loop plus it consistently notches the highest safety ratings across the board to keep you tough and intact but hold on staring down the sierra is an award-winning pickup that’s hungry for more

Hardware one thing’s for sure the dodge ram 1500 how’s the look of a champion its muscular hood cascades to the chrome grille towards the center of its signature r-a-m meanwhile chrome trim lights in the front windows and doors with detail front led lit eyes down to the detailed aluminum wheels to top it off you’re talking some serious car here when it comes to

Performance the ram prefers to skip the small talk it’s v6 power and trademark hemi engine provides supreme acceleration that even elon musk will be tweeting about you’ll also be pleasantly surprised to know that along with power and pop the ram solid suspension keeps your ride sweet and smooth not to mention slick shifting transmission so your ride always stays

Steady when you’re carrying a payload oh but take a look inside a witness trim that’s loaded to the brim pop and open the doors you are welcome with intricately stitched door panels throughout the entire interior meanwhile deep dash and glove compartments make storage a sink back in the cabin there’s ubers of space with cup containers and power sources to keep

The whole world raving outback its lights out with a spacious steel bed to hold your payload down for the long haul well both these buttes have great pickup lines but only one can come off the lot either way you’re getting bank or bragging rights declare your winner in the comments below and subscribe for more magic car verses like this until next time drive with

Confidence and we’ll see you on the road you

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GMC Sierra 1500 VS Dodge RAM 1500 By HGrégoire

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