gmc hummer ev walkaround first l
Altair Club Cars GMC Hummer EV Walkaround – FIRST LOOK

GMC Hummer EV Walkaround – FIRST LOOK

Will the new GMC Hummer EV be the first true electric off-road vehicle? The stats are as impressive as the features.

All right we’ve got the 2021 gmc hummer ev edition one check out that huge grill this is amazing truck got to sit in it check out the build quality check out some of the features didn’t get a chance to drive it but as you can see it’s amazing moving towards the back here you’ve got the multi-pro tailgate that’s uh available on certain gmc trucks you can see the

Beefy bumper big hummer badge bb badge right there like the nice tail lights they’re nice check out those big tow hooks which you’ll see up front as well 35 inch tires are standard you can also bump up to 37s i don’t think with any modifications so able to pretty much go over anything that’s uh that’s out there i just can use unmistakably a hummer but it is

I would say i don’t know a little more the lines are cleaner a little more refined sophisticated if that can be said with a vehicle like this um they have a lot of throw a lot of keywords up there’s those tow hooks again a lot of catchphrases around this vehicle like uh watts to freedom you have a thousand horsepower eleven thousand five hundred pound feet of

Torque so it’s just massive i mean it’s just it’s gonna be crazy to drive this thing i can just imagine tearing through the desert um in an all-electric vehicle with like instant torque it’s just crazy you can see the able to have about almost 12 inches of ground clearance it also has this extract mode where this air suspension will raise it up and you believe you

Get almost 16 inches of of of instant ground clearance to again go over any type of obstacle that you need there are those uh air air shocks there it can also be lowered to make it easier to get in and out of the vehicle you can see some side steps there as well and i think we’re going to move to the interior that’s right right so you can see the real real bright

White is real sharp contrast to the darkness but again in my review here it kind of talked to the kind of luxury feel that the hummer has but it’s a straight workhorse a straight you know big time off-road fun machine with all of these features nice big screen but not you know too obtrusive you know not a lot of gizmos on this truck everything’s kind of right

In front of you but uh you see the sky panels here all removable see everything beautiful seats i love that bronze badge right there large center console as with all the hummers you’re just you’re sitting kind of uh apart from the others but you have plenty of room again there’s the huge two big huge screens nice easy to use manual buttons standard shifter you

Have your i believe crawl mode different sort of driving modes that is here’s the rear seat take a look at you know the the back passengers that don’t aren’t left behind with the tech large beautiful seats again everybody has plenty of space i thought this was a neat feature since again it’s motor battery those are all in the mid part of the vehicle protected

Underneath it opens up you know you’ve got a secure trunk or as a trunk uh i guess you caught front trunk here um it raises and lowers automatically and uh unlike most pickup trucks uh you kind of miss out on having secure storage but with this you can put whatever you want in here nobody will find it or even see it and the bed can stay open with whatever else

You need thank you so i think this is a really awesome fun picture feature that they obviously made great use of it and that hood is gigantic so it makes sense that it’s powered because there’s no way you’re going to lift that up and just regular gas struts would probably wear out pretty quickly that’s a nice smooth movement shut and you are ready to go here’s a

Closer look at the multi-pro tailgate as it folds down easy step into the back access whatever you need it’s got this nice kind of smooth liner i think you might want to do a rhino liner on this to add a little more texture and grip but otherwise i mean this is this works just as well i do not believe it’s a powered tailgate that’s something that maybe will come

On future versions here’s another closer look at the undercarriage again you have these uh skid plates here a lot of protection a lot of armor i can’t recall what the approach angles are in this but they’re very impressive

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GMC Hummer EV Walkaround – FIRST LOOK By CHARLES \u0026 HUDSON

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