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Altair Club Cars GMC HUMMER EV SUV (2021) – Exterior Interior | NewsAuto

GMC HUMMER EV SUV (2021) – Exterior Interior | NewsAuto

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GMC’s electric supertruck lineup expands with the addition of the 2024 HUMMER EV SUV — and it is loaded with smart, purposeful technology.

The gmc hummer ev suv is designed to be perfectly suited for customers active lifestyles whether off-road or in the city this suv will feel right at home our mission was to deliver a new persona for the hummer ev family one that shares an unmistakable stance and head-turning looks with a few key distinctions with a wheelbase that’s about nine inches shorter than

The pickup the gmc hummer ev suv’s proportions are powerful and tight to deliver a strong commanding presence the design of the suv is different from the c-pillar rearward compared to the pickup and we focused on even the smallest of elements from the technical design of the wheel liners to the rear where the suv’s personality and versatility really shine its

Tail amps may look similar to the pickups featuring an edge-lit inverted h signature and etch tomorrow ev logo but they are entirely unique to the suv being an suv we felt it was important to include a full-size spare tire and the design of the carrier reflects the capability and durability of the vehicle like the pickup the suv also features a rear drop glass

To complete the open air experience and it can be operated by the driver up front or on the key fob probably one of the most unique design features of the hummer ev suv is its rear swing gate it automatically opens from the driver’s side with just the press of a button either here at the rear inside the driver’s compartment or on the key fob we’re particularly

Proud of the spring gate’s upper and lower hinges they straddled the tail lamp allowing the swing gate to open like a vault even wider in the vehicle itself from a design perspective the moonshot green matte color available on edition one has a satin finish that makes a bold statement especially in contrast to the high gloss fender and facial moldings in addition

To the moonshot green matte the hummer ev suv will be available in seven other colors this wide range of choices offers customers expressive and bold styling options each of which is designed to accentuate the vehicle’s proportions and powerful commanding presence industrial design inspired the interior of the hummer ev suv where each detail was designed with

Purpose the design is clean and simple and thoroughly modern it’s an interior that’s a completely new approach for general motors the bold cabin design is geometric and textured with surface materials that deliver a premium look and feel its lunar shadow interior is stunning and offers a look that is very different than the high contrast interior that debuted on

The pickup with tech bronze accents this low contrast design is incredibly sophisticated and tactical to emphasize the vehicle’s capability as an suv we knew functionality was essential so the vehicle’s interior cargo area provides incredible capacity plus convenient power fold down rear seats make it easy for customers to make the most of the hummer ev suv’s

Flexibility additionally the cargo area is loaded with thoughtful touches that reinforce the hummer ev’s design theme the recycled rubber floor features the distinct sea of tranquility design pattern represented throughout the vehicle and underneath there’s a convenient concealed storage area a unique design detail is how it can even accommodate the infinity roof’s

Eye bar mounting frame which nestles and secures perfectly into the injection molded carrier add to that a large storage compartment on the driver’s side cargo tie-downs and 110 volt power outlet and the hummer ev suv is ready to enhance your adventure the versatility and functionality inside the gmc hummer ev suv demonstrates gmc’s commitment to professional

Grade coupled with its bold and expressive design the vehicle delivers a combination that makes it perfectly suited for customers who are active and on the go we developed both the gmc hummer ev pickup and suv simultaneously and from the beginning we set out to deliver a family of two hummer ev vehicles each with distinct personalities yet unified through common

Design elements from the theatrical exterior lighting sequence to the infinity roof with sky panels which provide an immersive driving experience incredible design elements like these make the hummery v family instantly recognizable and finally to allow customers to personalize their hummer evs a wide range of accessories will be available colored tow hooks a

Light bar and even a roof rack system are just a few of the many available accessories which will enable customers to own a hummer ev suv perfectly suited for their active individual lifestyles the gmc hummer ev family represents a completely new and unmistakable design statement for gmc it visually conveys an eagerness to forge new paths which from a capability

Perspective it’s certainly ready to do our gmc homery v family represents the commitment dedication and perseverance of every team member who contributed to designing engineering and developing these revolutionary all-electric vehicles instantly recognizable as a homerev capable of forging almost any path off-road and raring to take on urban streets all while

Transporting you in near silence it’s a combination unlike anything else and now there’s two of them to choose from our hummer ev family is ready for all of life’s adventures and we are so excited to proudly reinforce gmc’s commitment to professional grade and the quiet revolution you

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