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Today we’re gonna be doing this 2008 gmc canyon doing a new radio taking off the stock head unit and going to an aftermarket sony xav ax 5000 you know we’re gonna be starting with its the factory mp3 wma unit a little bit nicer unit than the basic plain-jane unit they come out with gm but we’re gonna be taking this out and changing this over to a sony double

Done touchscreen these are the parts that we’re going to be using the 95 mm one that’s the dash kit this is gonna be your normal you know atgm one any gm antenna adapter we’re going to be using this harness which is a 70 mm three and then we’re gonna be doing the xav 5000 which is what we usually use this harness usually we would use like a gm us one or gm rcl one

Nobody has them in stock right now so i’m gonna have to run the retained accessory in this one but makes it a little bit tougher on the installation but that’s all they have in stock right now so it’s kind of limiting me on what you can do but that’s pretty much the parts we’re gonna be using first up we’re gonna do is we’re going to take a plastic pry tool put down

Into here and then we’re gonna pull this fascia off basically that’s what you’re gonna do to snap this office just use your plastic pry tool and go around and then pop it off so basically once you get that plastic pry tool in there and get it out this whole piece is gonna come right out now this is the plug that you’re gonna unplug and then you’re also gonna have

A plug right here so you’re gonna have these two plugs right here these are the two harnesses that you’re gonna go ahead and unplug as well so basically these are the two harnesses that you unplug from this actual – pieces at the back part now you’re gonna want to take these screws out you’ve got one on this side and then one here and one here basically three total

And you’re gonna take these seven millimeters out you have two plugs on the back basically one and two and then your antenna these are your two plugs right here then the here’s your antenna right here so those are everything you’re gonna unplug to remove the radio since we do not have the ignition wire we pulled the straight ignition out of this went to the white

With the red t tap that it is located right back here on the ignition we just pulled this shroud down this is basically the shroud and we used a t20 torx to take out the three torques that were in the bottom of this one two three we remove that pulled this green plug out of here which is ignition switch and the white with the red is where we’re going to run for

Our accessory or ignition on the harness all right here’s how you mount the kit basically you have your left and your right and you can always know the right with having the two smaller holes mounting your two philips on this come apart and then you go over here to your left side which has your bigger part and you’re gonna put your two philips in here so it looks

Super flush and clean and nice and that way it’ll bolt right in like stock does we went ahead and put to flush mount usbs on the bottom here we basically drilled our holes and put them in there we actually put some epoxy on the back of them so they don’t actually move around we just basically used our unibit drill them in put them in that way he can actually just

Plug in his phone to there make it look super clean versus just having wires hang down we don’t like that at all so looks really clean and oem we’ve plugged in all of our harnesses and basically this is gonna wire up just like normal yellow to yellow black to black white to white white with black to white with black basically red is the only one you’re gonna run to

The ignition like i showed you before that’s the only wire that is not actually in this harness so we have to run that to the ignition now on the sony’s you’re gonna take the light grading ground it because that is for the parking brake but that’s pretty much it so we’re gonna start you know mounting this radio putting all of our usbs and everything in there we’ve

Got everything mounted back in here so i bought all the dust we’ve got our 2 7 mls on this side 7 ball on this side we’ve got both of our usbs coming down here so that we can plug them into those usbs over there so we’ll show you what it looks like i’ll put back together here’s what it looks like installed looks really nice when did our dual usbs under here he’s

Still got his cigarette lighters or you know charging ports down there and it’s bluetooth mike we put down here so that way it would be kind of out of the way looks really nice turn this down right here the sound of it is almost like forty to fifty percent clear better more dynamic range just from changing out the head unit there could have been something wrong

With the factory head unit but this thing sounds absolutely amazing now with just changing out the radio itself like not even anything else i haven’t changed the speakers or anything but the radio sounds absolutely amazing now looks really good you you

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