gm says chevy bolt discounts mea
Altair Club Cars GM says Chevy Bolt DISCOUNTS mean it cant supply enough cars

GM says Chevy Bolt DISCOUNTS mean it cant supply enough cars

GM says Chevy Bolt DISCOUNTS mean it can’t supply enough cars

Surprise surprise general motors agreed to a massive advertising contract with the nfl this year to advertise six different electric cars one of which is the chevy bolt and the bolt euv well chevy and general motors had just admitted that their price rollbacks and their advertising of this vehicle has spiked demand past what they can supply so basically right now

Gm is paying for advertising for vehicles that it doesn’t have period hello my friends welcome to the channel on the electric viking great to see you welcome to all the new subscribers and welcome back everyone else you know i’ve been just looking at the gm silverado electric pickup truck goodness me if you look at the specs the details the work that they’ve gone

To build that truck i’m a big fan you know what i am a big fan i actually would love to own one gm will probably never sell them in australia but you know what there’s always hope however when it comes to gm’s marketing strategy it seems that they like to waste millions of dollars remember on the super bowl right general motors placed advertising so did other car

Makers for electric cars what happened well it spiked tesla’s website so big it’s never had more traffic in fact tesla’s ev sales basically doubled within a few days gmzv sales well wasn’t really to change in fact general motors sold 27 evs in the fourth quarter of 2021 and guess what second quarter of 2022 7 000 and somehow they’re going to decimate tesla sales

Take most of tesla’s electric car market by 2029 and double their electric vehicle tally in that same year according to bank of america analysts and all these other so-called experts yeah okay general motors actually said this morning according to teslarati the demand for the chevy bolt ev and the ev euv models is outpacing what it can supply well and truly since

Adopting a new pricing strategy which put the base level trim of the car at under 30 000 us dollars now this story isn’t really completely true i’ll tell you why i made a video saying hey look at the prices of these gm bolt cars these bolt euvs general motors they said the discounts they were offering they them right and i shared them with you guys and you guys

Said that’s bogus because we can’t get them for that price i had so many of you contact me to say yeah that’s great general motors are saying that but they’re not actually doing that because it comes down to the dealers and dealers are not selling for them for those prices so the reality is gm is claiming they’ve discounted these cars right and now they can’t

Supply thanks to the discounts the truth is the discounts aren’t even real so the truth is general motors just can’t supply enough vehicles because it just isn’t making enough with or without discounts in june though gm announced it would push both the new bolt ev to a starting price of 26 600 us dollars and the bolt euv to 28 200 us dollars both prices including

The 1000 destination charge which frankly is a really really good deal it’s amazing price due to supply chain issues it was an unforeseen pullback on pricing as other automakers have battled to lower prices electric vehicles have seen pretty substantial price increases since the start of this year except in china of course where they’re still very affordable so gm

Said it was its goal to make the bolts two body styles more affordable as it wanted to make sure it was competitive in the sector a company spokesperson said to the verge as we’ve said affordability has always been a priority for these vehicles while in my opinion what’s even more important than that is actually making enough and uh jim have probably never ever made

Enough of them that to me is the biggest challenge facing gm if you’re only delivering 7 000 evs in the quarter and that’s a good quarter then clearly the problem isn’t so much discount in the cars it’s simply a matter of making the cars in this press release gm released this morning to announce its q3 delivery and production figures the company stated that demand

Has exceeded what it can supply demand for the chevrolet bolt ev and bolt euv have outpaced supply especially since a new pricing strategy was announced this summer that makes them amongst the most affordable evs on the road gm also stated that the base level trims for both vehicles have become even more affordable the bolt ev starts at 25 600 while the euv now

Starts at 27 200. i agree if you can actually get one for that price i probably would buy it that’s really good chevrolet sold 14 709 units of the ev the bolt ev and the bolt euv in the third quarter fourteen thousand seven hundred and nine that’s a pretty good number and it plans to continue increasing calendar year production from 44 000 vehicles to more than

70 000 annually beginning next year it plans on it you know what if they can do that that’s fantastic but gm has a habit of not delivering on its electric vehicle promises i’ve made numerous videos showing and exposing gm’s claims in the past which is fanciful as a disney movie jim had extremely impressive and extremely impressive quarter selling 555 600 vehicles

In the us with a 24 increase year of a year that’s excellent now the key issue here is i think gm could sell a hundred thousand of these at these prices if they made them maybe 200 000 maybe more than that per year i really do believe that but they’re not going to do that i’ll tell you why this is a loss leader general motors does not make a profit on this car

They never have claimed to do so when has a company ever manufactured on mass a lost leader it just doesn’t work i mean companies don’t exist to serve the public they exist to make a profit until which point general motors puts lithium-ion phosphate batteries or some kind of cheap affordable battery in these vehicles they will never be able to mass manufacture them

That’s my prediction most of my predictions i’ve gotten right couple have gotten wrong let me know if you agree let me know what you think in the comments section below thank you for watching have a great day bye

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GM says Chevy Bolt DISCOUNTS mean it can't supply enough cars By The Electric Viking

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