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Altair Club Cars Getting Side Doors For My GMC Savana 3500 | Part #1 | Building A Party Rental Business

Getting Side Doors For My GMC Savana 3500 | Part #1 | Building A Party Rental Business

A couple of weeks ago, we purchase a GMC Savana 3500 for $2500 from my friends Ryan it rough on the edges but the engine and transmission and frame are good, but we still have a lot of work to do before we get the van to where we want it to be. This is part one of fixing up the GMC Savanna 3500. Me and my business partner Eddie are growing a developing a party rental business. We went to the pick and pull place about three, and we end up finding them in the far back of one.

Sabre kelly today i’ll be back at me and eddie’s warehouse haze on camera new to this so hey i’m gonna actually go to find these doors right here but this is just where’s gonna start at it’s gonna look really nice at the end on the part like all these doors technically to be the place this one’s locked from the inside i mean whenever the open here i’m gonna hold on

You gotta get like popped it aside let me take it to the back the crowbar off the but have you part – right there apart – obviously got hit by a tree somehow but that’s what we have right now and we’ll give you our tour of this baby little later more about it but yeah i’m picking pool players right now we can’t hold around we got lit room go hey don’t play around

With you i ain’t no quitter do you know what we at right now don’t reckon you got to pull this round but give this van situated i think incheon are messed up see how betty then positive is one to say one so lucky you got to the bottom now see you got but never gone alright let’s please get that one there i wash it we got a first door one down one down one

Down take that off – is it possible if we can find one that has the metal i prefer that okay there’s no one over there it’s like the opposite door damn it the longest and hey guys anything i’m not gonna put this up we film a lot already and put it up but it’s another one this one actually got the bent dough but it has the the internals yeah and this is getting

Too close though no yeah well about this thing hmm let me see i’m sorry basically where it strikes on to this i like this one contender it’s like right next to the transmission that’s 4l60 you guys so we at landfill right now go ahead tell you this stuff pull it out for the van i showed you guys earlier which i stayed tuned right here this right here amazing so

We do just show you kind of about that’s one go from oh my guys oh pretty cheap right about two thousand dollars and now we’re about to put these doors on and get a look looking right yeah they’re pulling something yeah shift cable is that cable move all right you got a pool for us with this right here got the whip next an bumper cars of these things bumper

Cool you’re talking about that little column bumper cope meaning yeah like he hit these things and hit each other but they’re all this to me yeah my action i think you did on purpose did you do something to them no not yet yeah come on what is for all four seven oh you do so um not a lot we didn’t film intro yesterday so i’m about to go show y’all what actually

Happened y’all kind of see kind of the aftermath what happened anybody show you how to use the words real quick period okay so yeah so this is what we found yesterday these things were heavy i didn’t get to film that part cuz we were dying yeah so these are doors right here we’ll get them out and we’ll get them kind of on the truck but i want eddie to kind of splain

What we went through yesterday they put us to the test physically mentally i mean i know why these doors are still on there and they’re really good doors to all the other doors that were closed by or beat up the glass or busted out on them we kept walking and walking and literally in the end i was like two football field and of this thing we find this van in the

Corner like untouched only thing that was that was missing with the back doors and the front passenger sideways but this thing was a mint i mean they had a rap on it so all the paint is really good we got there alright okay let’s start getting them out there’s these pins that hold it in there’s two of them and then these two bolts set that basically let it go back

And forth without slamming we took the two bowls no problem the pins were a bit of an issue and we’re trying not to mess up the paint but we got a little scuffs here but nothing major that’s all over there with a sledgehammer and what do we have they basically a sledgehammer we’re hitting it from the bottom and got it through and then at that point xavier is like

You know i love it you caught on let me get some practice in and i hear some bang bang bang okay okay i know how to do it okay he’s like now the other doors messed up but we just do it this way so i basically banged out the pins with the hammer and a flat head and then we use one of the pins a took off from the other one to put in the hole and pop it the rest of

The way out jam get out so anyways we thought that was gonna be the hard part now the hard part is that at a 200-yard walk back with with these things you know hold them over our head on the sun and i got these boots that are like concrete blocks and i don’t have them on today but so xavier you know zipping through and you know he took the tool bag which is heavy

In itself we took all that sort of reno it’s expected and of course they ran out wheelbarrows is of course her butt rented them out when we needed them so we had to do everything by hand so yeah it was a pain xavier did all the work i got it you know so far and then went back to get the other one and all right go ahead i’ll catch up to so every step he took i took

Like half a step yeah it was brutal we finally we got the doors we’re just ready to get out of there we just like at one point i was hoping a guy saw me struggling i just i here to take this money nor i’m not doing this no more but that never happened but uh luckily xavier they stepped up and saw me struggling and he hit it on overdrive and got the doors where

They needed to go anyway so they’re here now we’re about to slap these bad boys on and show you the big difference and yeah back to you on that so guys one time is all about teamwork some days i’m not feeling it and i’m angling i somebody a lot of days i ain’t feeling it on the night of y’all on that park and getting sun the right way i’m so something i’m feeling

Today it’s not gonna play you have a partner so yes mind you can work with that you can you know if he’s down you know i kept them up i’m down you can help him up and you have less likely both gotta be down on the same days but we’re bout to try to put these on there real quick and damn we gonna figure out how we do that and then we already on that it’s part one

Done right there so we’ve got i would see how guys in a sec we got lobstermen i ran into leave swing 123 something wrong we are selling because you know a lot of competition out there like people unwanted

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Getting Side Doors For My GMC Savana 3500 | Part #1 | Building A Party Rental Business By Xavier Kelly

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