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Altair Club Cars Getting over my anxiety of driving the Infiniti Q60

Getting over my anxiety of driving the Infiniti Q60

In today’s video I explain the reasons why I haven’t been driving my Q60. I also talk about the road noise from the run flats. Leave tire suggestions in the comment section, as well as your experience with driving a new car for the first couple months of ownership. Thanks for watching. More content coming soon.

So i’m driving my q60 more the last couple of days the qx70 has been more of a daily and i’ve been driving the is350 f support so the reason you’re probably asking me well how can i how come i have not been driving my q60 um a couple of reasons first reason is i haven’t had the tow hook come in until recently i ordered a couple of months ago i’m not sure what

Happened with the infiniti dealership in terms of like communications like you know when i ordered that thing probably in january um never no one ever called me back and send a few emails and just call them and i always thought it could be just supply chain issues going on with you know manufacturers or whatever what have you so i finally made a call about two

Weeks ago and said hey what’s going on with the tow hook and they said they got it and um there was miscommunication with sales and i don’t know but long story short probably got it and i didn’t draw i didn’t want to take that chance and i know it was kind of stupid i didn’t want to take that chance of me getting an accident or what have you and not having a

Tow hook yeah i know there’s probably other ways they could have probably you know got my car on a flatbed or whatever like that if it happened or whatever but um the other reason is that i don’t know what’s been going on lately with um just been a lot more accidents and actually i’m gonna stop this video right now because this traffic is getting really good

Yeah so as i was saying there’s been i don’t know it’s just there’s been a lot more traffic in charleston um today surprisingly light but what’s been going on is people would just cut you off and they’re tailgating you and plus with me being paranoid about having a new car especially my dream car the q60 car i’ve been wanting since 2017 and you can relate

You just don’t want dings or just like you don’t want to get in a car accident and the other reason is my job requires me to go in places that you wouldn’t want to bring a brand new car in there’s a lot of potholes and just uneven roads and with the q60 having run flats i’d have so much anxiety going to some of these places where my job requires me to go that

Um i just don’t want to take that chance so that’s why i have 250 miles on my q60 i bought this car new year’s eve so it’s been like five months now and i’m just getting into the habit of making this car a daily driver and i don’t know if you can hear that through the camera that’s annoying it’s not as bad with the qx70 because you have those larger tires and

The lexus is in the f sport even those those are low profile tires you don’t hear as much of road noise or you don’t feel it as much but um i’m actually getting used to this is like the fourth straight day i’ve driven the q60 and it takes me about maybe 23 25 miles to get to uh from my house to to work so this is coming up on the don halt and as you can see um

A lot more trucks on the road and normally this is like a parking lot um so yeah i just want to give you a quick update um that’s the reasons why i haven’t been driving q60 so i’m trying to get more into the habit of driving my car to work so one thing i do i actually leave before traffic gets really bad so i’m leaving 30 minutes especially if i know i’m

Going to drive the q60 on you know it’ll work i’m definitely going to draw or we’re going to definitely leave to work earlier because if i leave like a rush hour it’s pretty much it takes me about an hour to get to work rather than 35 minutes to 40 minutes to get to work so just just another view of the bridge 526. you

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Getting over my anxiety of driving the Infiniti Q60 By orlando jacinto

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