getting carried in the mecha squ
Altair Club Cars Getting carried in the Mecha Squad Challenge

Getting carried in the Mecha Squad Challenge

Beating the Mecha squad challenge with tribe squad of Bentimm1 and Wassem.

Why this is a mecca squad challenge who’s carrying me me alrighty oh it should have been sam he’s good oh i should be sam oh why are you running wait don’t worry was it fast speed wait that’s true oh my the chains where’d my super go how’s it what did you guys see my super disappeared nope it tastes like having the worst time we got this received this is our video

Now god how’s it oj oh dude oh actually he could have stunned you you coulda help me oj okay i’m helping him oh don’t let us grab it don’t let us grab it sorry guys oh it’s melted looks too good bro okay um okay there’s a lot going on this is a very quick i don’t know okay guys this action and then left side are these all speeds oh yeah probably all set oh

For the board is speedy quickness okay hyper 8-bit it’s fun piper is we’ll see i got the top you guys get the bottom and that’s called a pincer move the best technique that was easy i’m not lagging you’re lagging you lagging again you’ve been lying the whole time that’s the pole is opie right now oh my god okay goodness oh geez dude we’re doing pretty good for

Laggy people where is he all right okay frank’s arms pranks armed um massive leg s yeah wow nice nice snipes guys i’m gonna show them my gameplay all that frank’s going in again yeah well i killed the roughs we’re fine that was actually a pretty good snipe wow we both hit him at the same time that’s good as soon as we get back okay relax relax with the b okay

I got right size so they won’t push right i don’t know what that means but i’m gonna help okay i’ll get the right sign right this is good this is good nice okay we’re back ash is deadly though b oh dude why is it going the other ways i’m too good that’s perfect oh triple kill let’s go drive win get some try paint in there bang bang this they’re not recovering

From this they’re actually not recovering from this oh he’s healing though 97 oj’s side and balloon i can’t do anything with that frank oh that griff is dying the wall yeah he did on the prank is that frankenst got that by himself they’re real i think i gripped his third dude he actually threw him i got you nice that was really nice we’re winning even though we’re

Lagging i love it i’m so excited to like turn around why are you thumbs down and griff you’re the one that lost it for your team oh my god he’s got you you’ve got the back daddy oh that was really good what was too good oh we missed it oh my goodness that mortis is throwing i love it there’s nothing you can do he’s gonna jump on me help him feels bad oh 94

I’m just gonna rush on the left side right side or left side you’re right well you’re backwards so i have no idea why it looks like it looks like it does thumbs down i think that was the hot like the hardest one yeah i think so too oh how did you guys survive that on your holy frick thank you like instantly oh dude poco’s broken here i got you rose is pretty

Busted too right now oh my god dude this is dirty 22 to your stun is obnoxious remember here with the backup dude they are struggling oh your your heels are so good oh dude i got stuck it doesn’t matter i am wrecking that prank so hard right now dude this is the calm man poco double tank i think i need the other gadget then okay i’m super so you guys can go

In going in tar is the issue once she’s done it doesn’t matter that was good that was real good okay i died see me mad man wait but we’re only four stars it doesn’t matter oh thank you i died two stars five stars uh two stars oh i’m sorry 33. they have blue they’re blue you’re joking this rico’s caught up we can win this standing three two one let’s go i i

Can’t believe you got that oh it goes that was the last second yeah that’s what i do though i don’t think it’s out alive i actually did i’m like so bad dude same gotta double oh that was nice we got the primo too i’m able to chain supers this time it’s good oh games oh he’s chaining a super should i just be primo okay what could be solid yeah but we’re 26 13.

Five supers right there he did but he fed i just didn’t expect this 30 seconds surprise time on my whole leg right now guys we’re in full legs no that was nice we’re 39.25 no matter how hard we beat we’re still gonna win like if we all die right now we’re still gonna win i’m going in go the infinite’s done oh he missed he’s he threw him he threw him let’s go we

Would have been undefeated man you literally like blame the leg see that the whole game still lagging and then that’s the icon yeah

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Getting carried in the Mecha Squad Challenge By Orange Juice Gaming

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