genting run 2022 kia carnival ck
Altair Club Cars Genting Run: 2022 Kia Carnival CKD 7-seater High + 6 adults

Genting Run: 2022 Kia Carnival CKD 7-seater High + 6 adults

2022 Kia Carnival CKD 7-seater High + 6 adults – naik Genting boleh ke?

Oh everybody we are reviewing or kind of reviewing um genting run style even though we shouldn’t be doing this in the wrong the perfectly wrong car which is a big mpv happy unlike the alza this one got diesel engine which means also also because this one got 440 newton meters and eight speed gearbox you see it sounds okay actually so we have set over here so

This is the kia carnival seven-seater right yes kia carnival 2.2 liter seven seasons uh 260 kn yes 261 thousand 220 ringgit the pckt player there’s nothing too old can i hold it this video this video would be just like screaming and screaming and shouting and squealing seriously there’s no handle you see this is what you gotta think of guys kia you gotta put

Handlebars or handle whatever i do you gotta add that otherwise we’re gonna give you a bad review nothing else matters so that means they should care about it’s 2.2 liter turbo diesel ah what’s the power 199 horsepower 200 ps 440 meters of torque yeah so it’s a big car fully loaded with all of us yeah hey guys even if uh the things about diesel everyone says

Like yeah these are sounds like a pickup truck it sounds like a truck itself this thing i think easily can go a thousand kilometers or at least from like job to police on one tank so i was i was reviewing the last year the 11 seat ckd signature cpu version which is still cheaper because for some reason that qualifies for a commercial vehicle as a commercial

Vehicle and therefore is subject to difficult taxes blah blah blah this is the 11 seater cbu is 196 000 ringgit this is 260 000 ringgit that but you get lie you know like above that you get more comfort for the guys in the back you get what i’m seeing is a screen where before the cpu version only have infotainment screen over here for me the internal cluster was

All analog you know you get dual sun roofs and you get a bose speaker system and what else do you get you get oh yeah the cpu version didn’t come with all the active safety it had a 360 degree camera and i think blind spot monitoring and that was about it this has a b this has adaptive cruise control i think this has plasma monitoring this has lane keep assist

You know all the stuff that you want all the asa 2.0 3.0 stuff that you want it’s all here too so yeah very important for a good thing right thing run you got a family you have people and the guy in front of you just is too scared to take the corner and breaks really hard it’s important to have i’m pretty secure holding onto the steering wheel over here but

How is comfort for you guys start with the second row with your captain seats yeah so for the second row seats i think it’s a bit spacious i mean not a bit a lot i mean you can relax yourself you know there’s no nothing to worry about the seat is fine the lake room is good and that’s about it do you think do you think this can rival an i think so yeah i think

So with the price point that you mentioned yeah definitely but you were asking for a picnic table just now right yeah there’s no food trader but you know okay last seat i feel that the bench is a bit small but then again for kids again so for adults with long legs no way yeah yeah i could sit at the back but that’s about it which i have to do a bit low okay

Our knees are so really i think they should at least have you know armrest over here oh no i’m rice right yeah yeah but then the last row is a three seater yeah but that’s kind of a joke but when there’s only two people hang on for dear life but it’s not gonna be like let’s see if you have three people in the back you’ll be so squished in that it would be

Okay not okay for me i don’t like that these men meant for kids because yeah even the turtle has isofix points so you can mount your child cartridges on the back so basically you can put a child in every seat except for the last minute for the boot oh wow yeah i’m sure you get this i think that you’re also mentioning second row since it’s a bit snug for you

It’s a bit a bit high i think it’s a bit higher you see the headroom see how tall are you one seven eight seven nine i think around there sorry but i think already this is the lowest that i can go up i think you all can agree is quite a good looking mpv again it’s big that it’s kind of like stylish and swept back it’s it’s looking thing like we’ll come into

A box it’s not like a box like a like an alpha it is speaking of which i think as a seven-seater configuration with those captains chairs and all this you know automatic doors and all this little bose sound system the sunroof the atmosphere inside alphard and velfa also is the main competition and they are way more expensive completely 260k is expensive that’d

Be compared to the delphi how much well fire not the recon one la yeah starts from 382 000 120k more and then alpha i’ll fight that’s even higher it starts from 464 2000 200k more that’s officially from toyotaro not the recon ones yeah brand new uh i don’t think it’s a type art a period of na spoiler ever so let’s see if i can keep up with the guy sorry guys

He already gave way to you know an idea it tracks pretty well i mean for a big heavy car the handles reasonably well not a body roller but i’m pretty confident the front end the front end is like i think my neck i think challenging is not the right word to use when it comes to explaining an mpv because so we’re on our way down i think you can notice uh the

Orientation of people in here changed a bit so we’re on the downhill run a good thing an important part of any good thing around us i don’t even know is breaking because oh see the x5 cut over here you see a slow-moving truck or something then you just gotta jam on the brake can this car take it cars can take braking heavily but repeatedly downhill fully loaded

And you have a heavy car like this poor bricks man you cannot you cannot lock this one down you can adjust it the people when you rest you over here they begin at the top so what’s the point what’s the point yeah you’re supposed to be like a bit comfortable with the head rest push forward because you can push it forward but when you lean on it it throws like that

There’s no locking mechanism for this and i can confirm that i am being thrown around like a ragdoll behind here but the i think the worst thing of all sitting at the back is the seat belt the seat belt is quite high up and it’s heating up into my neck so i didn’t feel that uh when i was heated at the front because it’s height adjustable on the sides but not for

This so this one is very very annoying so it’s killing you softly softly so we made it back we all survived we had some corn what do you like about corn before we set up some of them had like d life it’s a bad idea all this thing gochang chung in the car to do going out going dunkin thing anyway what do you think about the kia carnival okay my impressions first

Okay i think it’s a good car 260k is damn good value you can’t escape that because this one goes up against things like the alpha and you could pay a lot more money for the alpha and not get this kind of luxury and everyone the worst product by the alpha is that you get branded an alpha owner alpha driver so this one i think is a really good it’s comfortable

It’s luxurious it’s safe now and it’s more high spec what do you guys think yeah for 260k i think it’s a good looking car inside and out uh i think it’s meant for a lot of highway driving i just wish that this seat belt is a bit lower so it doesn’t touch my neck it’s really really annoying right now but yeah it’s a good looking car it’s a lot cheaper if you get

Like the alfalo well fired directly from twitter nation so i think it’s a good buy and you can actually see that because you see a lot of this on the road right now okay for me okay la my only problem is that the handler can see me and also the opinion sydney that i don’t need support so for uh it’s not meant for adults yeah other than that uh we also had

One problem to you know setting up the third row of the seats about i got to start maybe because we don’t know maybe because we don’t you know not used to a luxury car yet so the whole point of the gunting run was like to show if this car can handle having six on board and also just like easily and effortlessly go up good thing and back down again but going up

Part was really really good because this thing has really thick you know suv tires good year efficient grip performance something okay and that i don’t know why combined with this chassis it’s okay it’s pretty good it’s a lot of body roll but it really tracks very well a lot of grip and no problem going uphill a lot of torque going down you might want to invest

In some brake upgrades if you’re going to do that often that’s it good engine relaxing to drive on the highway comfortable refined generally luxurious and good value check on evo it’s corn it’s corn it’s cool cut good

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