genesis gv80 review a year later
Altair Club Cars Genesis GV80 review // A year later, is it still hot?

Genesis GV80 review // A year later, is it still hot?


We’ve got the genesis gv80 and cardiff green and does it ever look beautiful this vehicle’s been out for about a year when it first came out so much hype let’s get in and find out if the hype is real all right we should uh oh that feels good get into which one we have here the gv70 andrea what’s under the hood of this one a 3.5 liter twin turbocharged v6 with

An 8-speed automatic transmission 375 horsepower and 391 pound-feet of torque standard all-wheel drive in canada but there is an option for rear-wheel drive in the us now most people will probably go for the base engine two and a half liter turbo four-cylinder with an eight-speed automatic transmission 300 horsepower and 311 pound-feet of torque well genesis

Is the newest entry into the luxury space and they pack a lot of stuff in their car so let’s get into the key standard features here are the base model features in canada a 14.5 inch touchscreen an 8-inch lcd instrument display apple carplay and android auto a wireless charger heated leatherette front and rear seats a heated steering wheel 5 passenger seating

A panoramic sunroof proximity activated hands-free liftgate and 19-inch wheels there’s all of these rotary dials here andrea we’re going to get into that later what can we do with one of these what can we put it in well you got to put it in s for subscribe and if you can hit the notification bell you’ll be notified when all of our videos drop and then you can

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Auto and the links are below this video is brought to you by carcass canada get the dealer’s cost list of rebates plus discounted interest rates use the promo code motormouth to become an expert member and get extra searches the link is in the description below so what do you think of the drive of this thing i like it i think it holds its place against the german

Competition no problem at all this 3.5 t engine is terrific fantastic power to it it handles really well for a larger vehicle i had a chance to drive the two and a half liter base model engine in this vehicle when it was first launched and i was actually more surprised by how good that engine is in this product of course with the bigger engine it’s going to feel

Good that one was a surprise well i drove it in the santa fe and i thought it was fantastic as well i would assume it would be similar in this gv80 the engines that genesis are putting out are offering more horsepower and torque than the competition yeah they’re strong all right now uh the handling this one does have the adaptive suspension if you go from that 2.5

Turbo to the 3.5 turbo you’ve got an electronic suspension this one also has what’s called road preview the cameras look down the road and soften the vehicle for big bumps mercedes has started this years ago and it’s nice to see it this one also has an electronic limited slip differential on the top trim one other thing this top trim gets it also gets the active

Noise cancelling there’s actually microphones mounted on the chassis help cancel out that low level resonant noise you get in the car hey andrea did you notice they gave us one with no front license plate because that would really spoil that big bad ass looking grill i know that g matrix grille is unique and bold it suits this vehicle it’s a head turner on the

Road it comes with quad led headlights and i think the back end looks sharp i do appreciate a nice backhand andrea but what i think is some of the design on this is maybe a little too busy and trying a little bit too hard is this going to age well in place you’re going to look back at this sort of six seven years and go it didn’t really age that well well one of

Our followers pointed out that it would be a nice option to have black trim instead of just the chrome because there is so much detail with the exterior of this car i think it’s a good point the german brands have a sport package or a black optics package and that might suit this vehicle quite well it comes with 22 inch wheels on this top trim so i remember when

This first came out i thought this is going up against the q7 yeah right as a standard three-row suv but that’s not the case it’s actually quite a bit smaller than the q7 and it does stack up on size against the x5 and the gle that’s right but i really think that for a lot of people shopping it’s it’s the lower end that new infiniti qx60 is going to be popular along

With the mdx and they’re in tight with some competition with those yeah and the pricing is obviously better on the infiniti and the mdx these are premium brands not luxury brands it is pretty clear that genesis wants to go head-to-head with the germans not the japanese now on the inside we have a lot to say about the infotainment system first on the positive you

Get a huge 14.5 inch screen that’s standard on this yeah and then there’s the wheel andrea that you use to interact with it i have been on record and called this a hot mess we’re actually going to talk about it in questions coffee and cars but you had somebody that follows you on instagram has one of these right yes one of our followers bought a gv80 two months

Ago and he says that technology is too distracting and takes too much time to complete tasks exactly the gv70 system mirrors kind of what bmw uses for their i drive system please genesis just use that system this is no good as we mentioned there’s more to come in questions coffee and cars let’s get into the trims now one up from the base model and that 2.5 t engine

For an extra 5 000 canadian is where you’ll find the head-up display ventilated front seats and leather and leather so my question is should the base model come with a leather interior why are we paying an extra five thousand dollars for leather i think it would offer more value yeah and i think that the packaging with this engine the three and a half liter is

Extortionately high it starts at eighty thousand dollars if you wanna get this vehicle with a third row it’s eighty thousand dollars canadian now that’s a bit cheeky for a brand new brand with a brand new suv i just don’t see that they have the heritage or the track record to demand that kind of money and the q7 comes standard with the third row so it is pricey

What i would like to see is exactly what they do in the u.s with packaging and trims is that that 3.5 t you can add a package so it’s not as expensive as it is in canada so if they came out with a 3.5 t with maybe some of those standard features that you get in the 2.5 t it would be more affordable now let’s get into the space in the second row i think most people

Are probably going to use it as a five passenger most of the time and i think you know for for that purpose it’s fine yeah it actually offers some really good second row leg room it’s the q7 and the gle that offers more but the genesis is right behind them and like most vehicles in this class the third row is a bit of a torture test getting in and out and uh it’s

Really only for kids but at least it’s offered i think if they really wanted to compete with this vehicle they should have it available on the two and a half liter engine but no no no they want 80 grand for that torture test i know and when it comes to carry on in a cooler how does it do zach it failed the three rows up test that’s for sure you could get a carry-on

In there but the cooler she no fit and these vehicles the luxury brands they don’t offer a ton of space behind the third row but i have to say overall cargo capacity this gv80 is right on top compared to the competition yeah with the seats down loads of space seats up not so much as promised it’s time to get into the infotainment screen and more let’s get into

It time now for questions coffee and cars your questions from instagram love your reviews thank you which one would you get for yourself the gv70 or the gv80 this is easy yeah gv70 100 few reasons center console the infotainment system is way easier to live with and i also think it looks great and i love this sporty drive now keep in mind we don’t need a large

Vehicle like this with a possible third row depends on the stage of life if you’ve got little kids this might be a better option but i can’t get around this infotainment system at all it’s i just i’ve just been thinking about this the last couple days this might be the worst infotainment system i’ve driven in a prestige car in a long long time yeah i have to agree

With you and there’s a dial here to shift and there is a dial for the infotainment system and there’s a dial for the terrain management sometimes you get it all mixed up and frankly when you’re trying to figure all this out while you’re driving it’s not a good idea it is not safe i joked when tiger woods had an accident in the gv80 i said to andrea i bet you he’s

Trying to put an address in the navigation and you know what the most frequently asked question i get when i’m driving this gv80 is this the vehicle that tiger woods drives i thought they were going to ask you are you single no zack zack zack zack she’s not is the drive more sporty like the x5 or does it lean more towards the luxury and like the gle wonder if you

Just turned it off so i would say it leans more towards the x5 personally that’s what i think so the gle has a bit of a floaty body feel to it and this does not but it’s not as dynamic as the x5 to me so i would put it somewhere it’s in the middle but it leans more towards the x5 how does it compare the gv80 with the cayenne definitely the cayenne is more dynamic

It has a sportier drive in my opinion the cayenne is smaller it doesn’t offer seven seats like this gv80 does so i think those are some of the differences there there are so many flavors of cayenne you can get a base an ass a turbo it goes on and on and on so yeah i would say cayenne for sure sportier foregoing the heritage and prestige how is the fit and finish

Of this suv does it keep up with the germans is the interior quiet is the ride refined the interior fit and finish and the materials in here are as good as anybody in the industry they have done uh out of the park job on the way it’s put together i don’t like some of their choices we think the steering wheel looks not good i i would say a little bit more for a

Mature driver well you know what when i said that in one of my videos somebody said you’re old zach come on that’s not nice look i like a sporty wheel like what you get in the x5 where you get in the cayenne it would be perfect you know the gv70 comes with that sport wheel why not put that one in what an idea and then this we’re going around in circles but this

Infotainment system is horrible but the materials in here wow beautiful this napa leather with the quilted seats and then of course this wood trim on the door panels it’s gorgeous it keeps up with any of them it’s at the top the bottom of the door cards are soft i like that and that’s it thank you so much for all your questions keep them coming we love answering

Them and if you want to follow along it’s motormouth underscore andrea for instagram and now because you hear the music it’s time for nightlife we keep one question back from questions coffee and cars and expand on it it’s our hot topic what’s this one andrea the cardiff green is such a gorgeous color i do love the gv80 but when pricing it out with all the options

You’re reaching bmw x5 and audi q7 pricing how does the gv80 compare to these main competitors and can it truly beat them out in my opinion i think the bmw x5 is the one to beat in this category mostly because of that beautiful inline six cylinder engine yeah for sure and the interior is beautiful as well i think that i drive system is intuitive oh oh that’s easy

To use yeah very easy the gle has a gorgeous interior with all of the big screens i mean that is luxury at its best in my opinion but this gv80 is gorgeous we talked about the fit and finish already and it can compete with the german brands when it comes to price this thing gets pricey with the 3.5 t engine 85 000 for this top trim yes you get this beautiful 12.3

Inch digital driver display it’s 3d by the way and it’s 3d and soft closed doors and ventilated front and rear seats yes you get a lot of features and features to features compared to the germans is not equal i will give anybody that you’ve got to pay extra for all these things including 22-inch wheels but i priced out the q7 and it comes in at around 89 000 for me

With my builds including the 22-inch wheels and the x5 and the gle are around 90 000. so it’s less expensive but as i’ve always said luxury isn’t about features luxury is about heritage and that really is what you’re up against with a brand like this now you pulled the numbers on how this gv80 is selling compared to the x5 and the q7 yeah so these are 2021 figures and

The gv80 has sold just under 1100 units whereas the x5 is well over 2500 and the q7 just over 1500 so i don’t think that those are bad numbers for the gv80 i think that people are pretty excited about this vehicle and the brand yeah but that’s what happens when the vehicle first comes out that’s the honeymoon period that’s when all of the pent up anticipation about

It people go and get it it’s hard to market cars when they’ve been in the market for three or four years like the x5 and the q7 is really quite old so let’s check back in a few years and see if the hype is still here around this brand let’s get into the competition let’s see what else you can buy including a japanese brand for your consideration four vehicles for

You to consider up first is the bmw x5 with a turbocharged three liter inline six cylinder engine and 8-speed automatic transmission 335 horsepower and a starting price of 77 and a half thousand dollars next is the mercedes-benz gle it has two engines a two liter turbo four-cylinder and that starts at roughly seventy thousand dollars there’s also a three liter turbo

Inline six for seventy seven and a half thousand dollars both have a nine speed automatic transmission the audi q7 has two engines a two liter turbocharged four cylinder for just over sixty nine thousand dollars and a three liter turbo six for around seventy six thousand both have an eight speed automatic transmission next up is the acura mdx with a 3.5 liter v6 engine

And a 10-speed automatic transmission 290 horsepower and a starting price of just over 56 000 so there are four five or seven passenger suvs for you to consider we talked about the competition we’ve talked about pricing but let’s formalize it all with vital stats let’s start with pricing the 2.5 t base model starts at 64 and a half thousand dollars and our top trim

That we’re testing comes in at 85 000 in canada there are trims to choose from but in the u.s you can add packages to those trims between 3 900 to 11 800 usd since the gv80 is a new vehicle jd power has not rated this suv yet here’s the fuel economy the base two and a half liter turbo four gets 11.3 liters per hundred kilometers in the city 9.5 on the highway

That’s 21 miles per gallon city 25 miles per gallon highway the three and a half liter v6 turbo gets 12.9 liters per hundred kilometers in the city 10.4 on the highway that’s 18 miles per gallon city 23 miles per gallon highway the gv 80 can tow an impressive six thousand pounds genesis offers a five-year warranty or a hundred thousand kilometers sixty thousand

Miles plus free five-year scheduled maintenance in canada in the u.s genesis offers three years or thirty six thousand miles complementary maintenance genesis at home services in canada are offered to customers within a 50 kilometer radius of a distributor lightning round two things you like two things you’d like to see improve i love the engine and just how this

Drives what i’d like to see a big improvement on is the infotainment system make it easier to use i would love to see some packages added to the trim so we can pick and choose what we want and how much money we really want to spend well mine are kind of the same the engine and the way that it drives i think are quite strong the infotainment system please give us

The gv70 infotainment system and i think the pricing on this thing especially the higher end trims is a bit out of whack i would say the hype is still real it is definitely a looker and has a huge road presence don’t love the infotainment system they could certainly work on the price you can tell this is a young brand this video is brought to you by carcass canada

Get the dealer’s cost list of rebates plus discounted interest rates use the promo code motormouth to become an expert member and get extra searches the link is in the description below

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