genesis gv70 suv review
Altair Club Cars Genesis GV70 SUV Review

Genesis GV70 SUV Review


Hello welcome to we blog any car with me sheldon in the new gv70 four-wheel drive suv genesis prices start from 39 450 pounds the car won’t test with its optional extras costs fifty four thousand five hundred and forty pounds it is powered by 2.5 liter turbo engine that produces 304 ps and 421 newton meters of torque it uses an 8-speed auto gearbox and takes

6.1 seconds from 0 to 62 miles per hour top speed is 149 miles per hour it has a combined fuel consumption of 27.9 to 29.7 miles per gallon co2 emissions of 218 grams per kilometer this is a bit like the saloon and the shooting break it’s beautifully put together i mean i was looking at the panel gaps my new quality the closing the doors just feeling around

Here never hear the stitching no squeaks no rattles nothing this is that i said driving around in a on a magic carpet so smooth so quiet this is when you hear the engine that’s kind of it actually that’s not kind of it that is it and there’s one thing that i’m noticing with genesis vehicles the instrumentation is very clear dials are clear even a heads-up

Display it’s really clear all the switch gears the buttons how it’s all laid out it’s all very simple there’s no kind of drama to it simple classy but simple how does it ride apart from like i said before on a magic carpet you’re not going to be chucking this about really but driving down roads like this where i’m sitting up higher i can see the whole bonnet

I can see the the near side the offside front wings i can see actually all around the vehicle um which then just makes it into a pleasant stroller to the countryside but i can’t get over inside the dash fascia you know the air conditioning controls everything about it is just pleasant if you choose one of these you’re being different everyone’s gonna ask you a

What it is and what it’s like as soon as they get behind the wheel or in the passenger seat or what have you they will understand what this suv and what the brand is all about so i’ll just put it in sport mode yeah as soon as you put it in sport by there you go so it’s hanging in the gears the steering’s heavier yeah sport the sport plus button does what it

Should do which is you know it’s fair enough for me i think i’m in a more relaxing kind of mode that’s for sure so i’ll stick it in eco i can feel the seats are now letting go of me because when you put it in sport mode they uh start grabbing you somewhat squeezing them in there so you don’t slide about in the seat but i think i’ll rather just kind of sit

Back and relax and just kind of whilst i cruise around anyway i hope you enjoyed this video and there was a short video but i hope you enjoyed short video if you like it please press the like button um if you haven’t subscribed please subscribe if you’ve got any questions comments please put them down below um i know as i always say whatever you’re driving i

Hope it’s really enjoyable and i’ll see you soon for the next video bye for now

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