genesis gv70 all you need to kno
Altair Club Cars Genesis GV70: All You Need To Know

Genesis GV70: All You Need To Know

Genesis GV70: All You Need To Know

This is the genesis gv70 based on the excellent g70 sport sedan the gv70 suv provides similar driving enjoyment with a higher seating position and extra cargo room stay with us till the end of the video because here is everything you need to know about the genesis gv70 it is easy to find a comfortable driving position because it has lots of electrically assisted

Adjustment for the seat and steering wheel standard lumbar support provides additional comfort or you can opt for the comfort seat pack and add a massaging driver’s seat that has a program to improve your posture automatically during long trips all the arm rests and controls are well placed and the rotary dials to operate the front climate settings are easy to

Operate a rotary controller just ahead of the gear selector operates the infotainment system that sits high up on the dashboard there are plenty of power options for keeping devices juiced up including four usb outlets a wireless phone charger and even a 110v both household style outlet the gv70s voice controls can understand a decent amount of natural speech but

Can only perform functions related to the navigation system audio system and phone other available features include a fingerprint scanner and digital phone key you get parking sensors all around and a reversing camera as standard speaking of illumination led headlights are fitted to all gv70 models the innovation pack adds upgraded matrix lights that adjust the

Shape of their beams to provide as much light as possible without dazzling other drivers the gv70 stands out thanks to its 14.5 inch touchscreen display this is the largest standard screen in the segment and it employs the brand’s latest infotainment software this massive display is a touch screen as well but it’s mounted too high up and it’s too far away from the

Driver for an easy reach the rotary dial in the center console is the preferred method while on the move it can be controlled by touch redundant steering wheel wheel controls voice commands or a concave dial in the center console the many sub-menus in the long and lean touch screen can be daunting at first and it takes time to learn the sub menu logic up to eight

Tiles appear on the main page with sub menus for each it takes time to learn the submenu logic but genesis gives the driver control even of the most strided driver assisted features for example lane control alerts can be set to three sound levels or shut off the tiles can be reordered but the content cannot be changed it would have made more sense to change the

Seating massage functions to the seat tile instead of the setup tile for instance the navigation and map display can stretch the entire plane or it can be split in a two to one ratio display there’s a single analog gauge on the left side of the display joined by an 8-inch digital screen and a second digital gauge on the right hand side this is an odd setup giving

The abundance of fully digital displays these days and it’s not all that config figurable offering basic options like fuel economy and audio the gv70 does have an optional fully digital display but it’s only available on the 3.5 t model while apple carplay android auto and 4g wi-fi connectivity all come standard in the gv70 the former 2 are still wired connections

Even on the top end gv70 there is no wireless smartphone mirroring that’s especially frustrating giving the gv70 only offers usb-a connections with no usbc charging or data ports to be found at least gv70s upgraded audio system is great the 18 speaker lexicon system delivers crystal clear sound and deep rich bass in what genesis claims to be a segment first one of

The eight airbags deploys between the front seats to buffer the front passengers from hitting one another or the console standard safety features include automatic immersion agency breaking with pedestrian detection active lane control blind spot monitors adaptive cruise control down to a stop parking sensors and automatic high beams options include a radar-based

Rear occupant alert that can detect a pet or a child’s chest rising and falling then send an alert to the driver’s phone as well as activate the horn and flash the lights a blind spot camera’s data appears in the cluster when the turning stock is active and owners can opt for a surround view camera system the gv70 is available with either a turbocharged 2.5 liter

Four-cylinder or a twin turbocharged 3.5 liter v6 engine the four-cylinder serves as the entry level engine and makes 300 horsepower while the v6 makes 375 horsepower and will be exclusively offered on the sport model while a manual transmission is offered with the turbo 4 and the g70 sedan the gv70 will stick with the 8-speed automatic attic as standard equipment

All-wheel drive is standard the 2.5 liter version accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour or 60 miles per hour in six seconds flat only 0.6 seconds slower than the 3.5 liter model the most efficient gv70 model according to the epa is the one with the turbocharged 4-cylinder engine which earned ratings of 22 miles per gallon city and 28 miles per gallon highway the

Twin turbo v6 earned ratings of 19 miles per gallon city and 25 miles per gallon highway rear cargo space is very generous at 820 liters the loading area is wide allowing for easy loading of larger things the rear seats can be folded flat from the cargo area in a 60 40 split so there’s no need to walk around to the rear doors genesis smart trunk opens automatically

Based on your proximity the trunk itself will swallow a set of golf clubs or a child push chair with ease and there’s no loading lip to heat bulky items over there’s even a dedicated storage area for the channel cover a 12 volt electric outlet is provided along with a couple of tie down hooks to secure your luggage genesis offers excellent warranty coverage that

Stretches for far longer than most other premium automakers the gv70 comes with powertrain coverage for up to 10 years or 100 000 miles or 160 000 kilometers and complementary scheduled maintenance for three years or 36 000 miles or 58 000 kilometers the gv70 starts at forty two thousand five hundred and ninety five dollars including destination sold in 2.5 t or

3.5 t models in standard select advanced and sport prestige trims all g70s come with heated power front seats shod in synthetic leather wireless smartphone charging and a 14.5 inch touchscreen with navigation satellite radio and apple carplay and android auto compatibility the 3.5 t sport prestige tops the lineup at 63 545 dollars and includes an electronic limited

Slip rear differential for more spirited handling while the inside upgrades with carbon fiber trim heated second row seats a 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster and a heads up display thank you for staying with us till the end here are two videos you can watch next if you enjoyed this video please make sure to leave a like and subscribe thanks for watching

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