genesis gv60 rivervale review
Altair Club Cars Genesis GV60 | Rivervale Review

Genesis GV60 | Rivervale Review

Jack is back to give us a rundown of the luxurious and powerful Genesis GV60 Electric!

This car’s a little bit different from anything else you’ve seen this is the new genesis gv60 electric jumping straight into this car’s performance it’s got nearly 500 brake horsepower and is powered by all four wheels we’ve got the range topping sport plus model which does 289 miles on one charge which is right up there with the tesla model y as i mentioned

This car’s got nearly 500 horsepower and that will do naught to 60 in just over four seconds the car’s got three different drive select modes we’ve got eco comfort and sport sports obviously for when you’re doing your sporty driving eco will increase your range by a few miles and it essentially brings the throttle pedal down you don’t get as much acceleration

You get higher regenerative braking and that obviously increases your range inside the materials i really don’t let the car down at all we’ve got really lovely leather we’ve got alcantara on the headlining and we’ve got lovely leather seats as well so with the sport plus model we’ve got quilted nappa leather which really is lovely the seats are also heated and

Ventilated so great for summer and winter and we’ve got a heated steering wheel as well the panoramic roof is an extra but it’s definitely worth it adds a lot of light into the cabin and also it has got a blind if the sun’s too bright as well when you start up the car you’ve got a crystal ball which flips over into your gear selector which is quite cool it’s so

Different to anything else i’ve seen so in front of us we’ve got two colored displays very similar layout to that of the mercedes eqc the difference is with this is that the displays are actually touchscreen as well some of the cars controls are actually controlled through the screen you can actually set up your navigation you can change your bluetooth go through

Your different radio settings on there and then you’ve also got shortcut buttons on the sense console as well one thing that is a bit different to get used to is the fact you haven’t got wing mirrors you’ve got these cameras instead what that actually does is make the car more aerodynamic which helps towards your range steering wheel is really handy as well we’ve

Got lots of controls on there you can control your volume you’ve also got lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control this sport plus model is more expensive option but the benefits you get are endless we’ve got a bigger battery better performance nicer materials inside and a lot more spec throughout as well so let’s talk about this little button down here on the

Steering wheel you’ve got a boost button now what that will do is give you additional power for 10 seconds so what we’re going to do now is press the boost button and see what difference it makes yeah okay that’s um yeah so that’s that’s got power yeah yeah what is interesting is when you press the boost button or put the car into sport mode the seat actually gets

Tighter it grips you in the seat bolsters but it’s quite cool i like that i don’t get any of that no you don’t get that you like they come in it grips you so now i’m like yeah so we’ve got lots of adjustment on the inside the steering wheel is all controlled electrically here obviously your cameras are also controlled electrically and in the seat as well so let’s

Stop off now and have a little look around the car foreign so as you can see this car’s finishing matterhorn white which is a matte finish paint it looks absolutely brilliant so the gv60 is really customizable you’ve got 15 different colors to choose from four matte paints including the matterhorn white that we’ve got here nine metallic and two solid colors

As well as you can see we’ve got massive 21 inch wheels which is standard with the sport plus and they’re finished in gun metal gray i really like with the black styling that you’ve got on this car as well really adds to the car’s design i’ve had this car for a few days now at the weekend i ended up going to a car show and this got more attention than some of

The supercars out there i don’t think many people have seen one of these before it wasn’t the loudest thing when i was leaving everyone was doing burnouts and that and i was quiet but look how many sheep there are so driving through the hills of sussex the car’s got fantastic power up grips the road really really nicely obviously this model was all-wheel drive as

Well i’m getting on really well with the display it’s really simple really easy to read i’ve also got a heads up display on the windscreen which displays your speed and the speed limit which is really handy so one thing you’ll notice as well is the car is incredibly quiet obviously being an electric car they’re always quiet anyway but this car in particular’s got

Double glazed windows which really helps with sound deadening inside the cabin i mean how many cars you see that i’ve got double glazed windows that’s something you used to get on the bentleys but i don’t think genesis a couple of corners with this model so personally i think if you’re looking to purchase an electric car the gv60 would be a fantastic option and

It’s definitely up there with the competitors it might even be a step ahead as i mentioned with the gv60 obviously especially the high spec ones do come with a high price tag it drives well the range is great performance is fantastic the car completely justifies that so just want to say a big thank you to genesis for lending us the car and letting us have a good

Look around it i’ve had the calm personally for a few days now and it really is great there’s nothing bad to say about it if you have any questions about the gv60 or any other genesis or you’re looking at leasing a car get in contact with river roll lacing thank you

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