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Altair Club Cars Genesis GV60 Charging Test (Same as EV6/Ioniq 5) on a EA 150KW Station

Genesis GV60 Charging Test (Same as EV6/Ioniq 5) on a EA 150KW Station

All right hello guys welcome back to another episode of pcs and evs in today’s video we’re going to be doing another 150 kilowatt dc fast charging curve test um we’ve got our genesis gv60 uh we’re at a electrify america 150 kilowatt station and we’re currently at 14 we’re gonna go get plugged in and i’m going to do this one a little bit differently instead of checking

In at different points along the way i’m going to do a voiceover i’m going to record the active charging session and everything so um the entire time so you guys get time lapse and everything and then i can speed it up and i can cut in and describe some things as we’re going through it now i will say we’re at the exact same 150 kilowatt dc fast charging stall and

Station that we did our testing with our ionic 5 on i just wanted to keep apples to apples there and here we go let’s see what it ramps up to immediately i’m not a 100 sure what it will ramp up to right away i’m going to see if i can get framing better on this and we’ll go from there all right i like how that’s framed a little bit better looks like we ramped up

Right away to about 140 243 kilowatt all right looks like we are seven minutes in says 13 minutes to uh to 80 percent we’ve ramped all the way up to 146 kilowatt so that’s going well it is sunny and warm out today at 40 it claims 39 minutes to 100 we’ll see we’ll probably stop the charge uh at 30 minutes in just to see how much energy we got in that time and if

We did a weird rebalancing thing or anything like i’ve seen before with the ionic five uh ev6 and other videos with the gv60 now i realize i did forget to go over this earlier but it is 88 degrees fahrenheit out we have dc fast charged uh even though it was only about 15 earlier today um basically i was just making sure we’d make it back to the charging station

So that we could shoot this video we did just finish up taking a look at the lucid air studio in boston mass and that’s a previous video that should already be out or is coming out shortly on this channel and uh yeah most of this will have we’ll add little bits with voiceovers in on but it’s still continuing to ramp up we’re at 148 kilowatt looks like uh we’re

Gonna cut the video real quick just so i can get some footage of or so i can get some numbers as to how hot the battery is batteries anywhere from 35 to 43 degrees celsius so not in any out of whack temperature range or anything like that um i do hear the ac compressor going for the for cooling that battery itself for the liquid cooling loop um but yeah i mean

It’s not overly warm or anything like that so should be fine all right we got a cut recording for a bit because the phone’s actually starting to overheat that we used to film with uh didn’t expect that so i may end up just doing additional segments as we go um from here on out but we’re at 60 we’re still getting 152 kilowatt and it claims another seven minutes to

80 percent and i mean we’ve been here 15 minutes and it claims about seven minutes left that’s still going to be faster than the initial 25 minutes that it claimed um by two to three minutes so not nothing groundbreaking realistically but uh so far we’ve put 39 kilowatt hour in and it would have only cost us about six dollars like five and a half dollars not

Bad i love my permanent charging states with the uh egmp platform because you just you charge so fast all right we’re now at 74 we’re still pulling 150 354 kilowatt it is now 202 p.m and we’ll see it claims only another two minutes to reach 80 we’ll see what it ends up doing i will say cooling fans are going faster than i think they ever did on the ionic 5 and

I’m going to check the battery temperatures here in a second but we’re at 76 still pulling 146-ish kilowatts slowly ramping down i’ll check and see if that’s due to thermals interesting to see a continued slowdown uh when with the ionic 5 we didn’t really slow down up until well in all honesty i don’t have the charge curve in front of me i’ll have to take a look

At that and i’ll add the voiceover a bit for this but yeah we’re still getting 120 kilowatt at 78 percent and just hit 80 at 205 pm currently still pulling over 100 kilowatt i’m gonna see if it does any super slowdowns to do any battery balancing or anything like that but i don’t think it does on the 150 kilowatt stations i think that’s just reserved for the 350

Kilowatt stations but we’ll find out all right i should have enough to at least get us up to 83 on the charging curve um the cable is hot the car is warm uh i’m gonna see if i can get the data from my uh obd reader to actually plot on a graph so that i can show you guys it exactly which would be nice so i’m not the best at making these graphs but from looking at

The data and everything that i’ve collected it appears that both the genesis gv60 and the ionic 5 limited have almost identical charging curves when exposed to virtually identical uh conditions such as battery pack initial temperature charger charging station installation quality and as well as out exterior temperature um i’ve noticed that both right around that

50 mark ended up ramping up over 150 kilowatt and i will link in the description the raw data for the genesis gv60 charge curve so that you guys can take a look as well yourself but yeah we’re unplugging here at looks like 85 uh it’s been 24 minutes and we’ve put 58 kilowatt hours in it not bad quite a great charging session god that handle and cable is so much

Warmer than the one than the other ones that have not been in use

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Genesis GV60 Charging Test (Same as EV6/Ioniq 5) on a EA 150KW Station By PCs and EVs

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