genesis g80 audio system explain
Altair Club Cars Genesis G80: Audio System Explained

Genesis G80: Audio System Explained

One of the strongest audio systems in the market, the Lexicon speakers in the Genesis G80 makes you feel like you’re in the concert hall or the studio itself!

The premium 21 speaker lexicon audio system in the genesis g80 is one of the best on the market let me show you the premium 21 speaker lexicon audio system has 1050 watts of power one of the most powerful factory systems on the market i know it’s hard to tell in a video but i can assure you this system has perfect crisp clarity and very rich deep bass the premium

21 speaker lexicon audio system in the genesis g80 has surround sound and different modes are available to access the surround system all you have to do is select the radio use the center controller to go up to menu select menu and scroll down to sound settings under sound settings you’ll see premium sound these are your surround sound options you have reference

Which it’s currently on that is for a personal listening experience as if you’re listening to your records at home the audience setting gives the music the effect of being performed on a stage in front of you and you’re out in the audience and the on stage selection is much like the effect of you being the musician on the stage performing the music now you can

Also adjust the position of your sound right here simply by scrolling down to position and over to the right you can then select your fader and also your balance left and right okay next up sound tuning right here you can customize your treble preferences your mid-range and also your bass little extra bass never hurts over here under guidance you can select

Your navigation volume and you can also select the priority for the features that you’d like such as driving safety so in other words if your lane keep assist warning goes off or your blind spot monitor goes off it can actually lower the volume of the music and give you the warning if you unselect that then the warnings will just be played along with the music

You may not hear the warning as loudly so you do have the options for that there and under system volumes this is basically for connected devices you can adjust the levels on that and also have a maximum startup volume active sound design is a system that will actually filter engine noise through the speakers of the car without interrupting your music if you

Prefer a sportier sounding vehicle you can actually select sound settings for strong for the active engine sound what that does is as you accelerate you will hear the roar of the engine filtered through the speakers of the vehicle you can set it to normal or even soft or if you want the quietest luxury experience you can simply set it to off radio noise control

Sometimes on fm and am radio or even sirius xm radio you could have a little bit of fuzz a little bit of static what this system does here is it will give you a bit of noise reduction minimum noise reduction is the factory default but if you have kind of a noisy station you can actually set it to maximum noise reduction or you could just opt for the original radio

Sound the reset button here will reset everything back to factory standard so if you kind of get lost in the settings and you don’t know where you’re at you don’t remember what you adjusted or how you adjusted it the reset option will allow you to start with everything zeroed out you can start fresh thank you so much for watching any questions drop them in the

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Genesis G80: Audio System Explained By Genesis Of South Bay

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