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Altair Club Cars Genesis G70 Shooting Brake, Electrified G80 & GV60 to Conquer Europe Should Mercedes & BMW Worry?

Genesis G70 Shooting Brake, Electrified G80 & GV60 to Conquer Europe Should Mercedes & BMW Worry?

After the unveiling of the G70 Shooting Brake earlier in the year, Genesis debuted the production version of the first-ever wagon model from the brand at the 2021 Goodwood Festival of Speed. For those of you who are not familiar, the festival is an annual hill climb competition featuring historic motor racing vehicles, held on the grounds of Goodwood House, West Sussex, England. Here, Genesis G70 Shooting Brake flaunted its beautiful new body shape, and ran the 1.16-mile course in midst of the equally beautiful race cars that set automotive history from all eras, from F1 to NASCAR.

After the unveiling of the g70 shooting break  earlier in the year genesis debuted the production   2021 goodwood festival of speed in england   festival is an annual hill climb competition   featuring historic motor racing vehicles held  on the grounds of goodwood house in west sussex   beautiful new body shape and ran

The 1.16 mile   course in midst of the equally beautiful race  cars that set automotive history from all eras   from f1 to nascar back in 2019 the upstart korean  luxury automaker genesis changed the history of   automobiles by becoming the first korean maker  to be awarded the prestigious motor trend car   of the

Year genesis attempt to create its very  first rear wheel drive sports sedan to compete   against the benchmark bmw 3 series was met with  very skeptical eyes when the announcement was made   biermann who came from bmw to work his magic   really did wonders in delivering one of the finest  crafted automotive engineerings in

Recent years   it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it  was g70 that put genesis on the map allowing   the same light as the teutonic automakers   sure genesis had the previous g80 and the current  g90 but they were just rebranded hyundai that was   carried over to the new luxury division upon its  creation in

2015. therefore we would say that   the g70 is probably the most important product  for genesis of course with the suv craze that’s   be a sales leader like the newly introduced   gv80 and gv70 but no one can deny the importance  of the compact sports sedan that started it all   so important that genesis has chosen the g70

To  be the marquee model for its attempt to break   into the market that gave birth to luxury sports  sedans genesis is taking another shot at europe   to rewrite history in its efforts to become the  first non-european luxury maker to truly garner   a firm position in the luxury auto market and as  such genesis has seen fit to

Introduce the first   ever europe-specific model in its short history  the g70 shooting break is not all new but it still   exudes a kind of sporting aura and exclusivity  that has never been seen in the brand before   as the name suggests the beautiful shooting brake  version of the g70 is based on the facelifted g70  

Which was just introduced in 2020 that features  the once controversial yet now signature split   the wagon retains the g70 sedan’s wheelbase of   40 more interior space while offering 40 20   unique european feature the european wagon   is to be powered by a quintessential for europe  2.2 liter turbo diesel engine that

Develops 200   horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque as well  as a familiar 252 horsepower 2-liter turbocharged   4-cylinder gasoline engine unfortunately it does  not receive the mighty 365 horsepower 3.3 liter v6   for your information that engine however will  continue to be offered on the north american   version

Of the newly facelifted g70 sedan along  with the same 2.0 liter gasoline engine unchanged   followers for not offering the shooting break in   the us genesis is offering a special edition g70  sedan for the us market limited to 500 units g70   launch edition features an exclusive white or gray  mat exterior with a striking red

Interior that’s   wheels so genesis has decided to give a more   stylish offering to europe with a more practical  diesel power plant instead of the gas guzzling v6   in some make believe world one could wish for  a g70 shooting break with the turbo v6 power   but at least in europe it will receive a couple  of big power

Genesis models ahead of the us   namely the electrified g80 which will come with  368 horsepower and 516 pound foot of torque from   arrives in late 2021 the eevee version of the   g80 sedan will achieve zero to 100 kilometers or  zero to 62 miles per hour in blazing 4.9 seconds   with a recharge time of only 22 minutes thanks

To  the 800 volts charging architecture the maximum   range is expected to be 265 miles if this big  sedan is more than what is needed there is the   upcoming gv60 dedicated electric crossover that  will come with up to nearly 600 horsepower similar   to the platform sharing ev6 gt that achieves 0  to 60 miles per hour in

Just 3.5 seconds with a   recharge time of 18 minutes and the maximum range  of 300 miles however unlike the ev6 which has been   developed with more north american consumers in  mind the gv60 is being prepared with a focus on   satiating the european pallet everything from  the coupe-like exterior that’s more compact  

The interior that evokes classic european cars  and the driving dynamics the gd60 seems to have   europe squarely in its site furthermore other  cars in the global lineup such as the g70 sedan   g80 gv80 and the latest gv70 crossover will be  available in europe as well with the top of the   echelon large vehicle such as the

G90 sedan being  available through the company’s bespoke program   germany and will begin its operation in germany   having hired former audi sales boss to oversee  the entire operation the uk and switzerland will   be two other countries that will be included in  the initial operation employing a boutique concept  

And selling with personal assistant attending to  every customer’s needs providing concierge service   where they come to you to pick up and drop off the  car while your car is being serviced you can find   out more about genesis unique european operation  in the presentation that will follow with unique   european models

Such as g70 shooting break it   seems like the korean luxury brand is taking this  venture very seriously with the experience that   they have garnered in selling luxury cars in north  america be good enough to establish itself as a   bonafide brand in europe kind of feat that none  of the non-european brands were able to

Accomplish   only time will tell however our feeling is that  genesis needs to find their own niche or territory   that the other more established european makers  weren’t able to conquer yet like tesla was able   to accomplish with its high-tech electric vehicles  therefore starting off the brand with the advanced  

G80 and the gv60 seems like a prudent move   after all no other markets have more propensity  to plunk their hard-earned euros into innovative   success of the vehicles like ionic 5 and ev6   be considered reasonable in north america   finally the european g70 shooting brake model  will start from around 35 000 pounds or 35

000   euros in germany when it’s launched in late 2021.  what are your thoughts about the new europe only   genesis g70 shooting break please vote and share  your views by clicking on the link in the comment   feature presentation from genesis europe   thanks for watching auto vision your best source  for the fastest

Korean car news and rumors   your commenting and liking are also appreciated  along with your suggestion and criticism that   finally we have a favor to ask our loyal viewers  although you might still be able to access our   videos without subscribing to our channel your  support by subscribing and clicking the alarm  

It is my great pleasure to stand before you today  to present the launch of genesis motor europe   to launch our brand in europe this summer we  will launch into three countries initially   germany switzerland and the uk with more markets  to follow soon after europe is the spiritual home   work hard to earn our place but we

Believe   that we have the ingredient to be different to  stand out as a brand there’s always been this   expectation that we would one day land in europe  but with that comes a unique set of challenges   the european customer is a discerning customer  and they have a lot of choice there are many   when we set out on

This journey at genesis i never  considered that we would not come to europe that   is the principle of being a luxury brand no matter  where you are selling you are a global business   all you need designed transcends border   we also knew we had to do this  in a way that was fresh and new   at genesis our ambition is

To create a different  customer experience in the premium automotive   pursue a traditional franchise dealership model   both online and through our genesis studio our  first genesis studio will open in london munich   and zurich and from there we will extend into  luxury shopping destinations across europe   we want

To create an environment in which the  customer can discover the brand and its product   and enjoy a stress-free ownership through the  world vehicle lifetime and at its core the genesis   experience respect the greatest luxury of all  our customer time as such we have optimized car   ownership so that customers never need to

Visit  a dealer again with home pickup and delivery at   every step and a range of easy to use online tools  of course for those who prefer to meet with us in   person our general studios will serve as a space  for customers to immerse themselves in the brand   you have our words that we will offer the same   discounting

Just one price work for every customer   also included will be the genesis five-year care  plan five years of hassle-free monitoring with no   personal touch every customer will be assigned  a dedicated point of contact the genesis   with sales inquiries book a car collection   or home delivery and coordinate servicing

And  maintenance needs our genesis personal assistants   have been carefully selected with a background  in high-end retail and hospitality and are   trained to place customer care above all else  customers will find a large number of female   genesis personal assistants in all our stores  and throughout the ownership

Experience to make   the retail journey representative of the world  we live in and a truly welcome easy experience   for everyone my name is gemma dixon and i’m a  genesis personnel assistant here at the flagship   studio in westfield london a genesis personal  assistant stands for the values of genesis which   are

Audacious progressive and distinctly korean  we want to ensure customers enjoy their experience   with us here at the studio and at home my career  has always been people focused whether that’s in   my previous position as a guest relations   me that no two days and no two customers are   the same and that’s why we’re here

As hospitality  experts to tailor our approach to the individual   our role as a genesis personal assistant is to  be available for the customer should they have   very first moment they step into the studio   right through the purchasing process and beyond  into the after sales genesis as a korean brand   is reflected

Within the studio space as well it’s  a progressive and an immersive experience for the   customer the best thing about having a genesis  personnel assistant is for the customer to have a   real-life person to speak to we eliminate the chat  bots and we are here with a very personable warm   the customers time first and foremost

And   that they can give us very little of theirs  

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