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Altair Club Cars Genesis G70 AWD 3.3T Sport – Discount AMG – TestDrive | Everyday Driver

Genesis G70 AWD 3.3T Sport – Discount AMG – TestDrive | Everyday Driver

The guys really liked the prior generation G70, and recommended it frequently to podcast listeners. This is the refreshed design incorporating the new Genesis corporate look, now with AWD. Did the car get better, or is it just cosmetic?

We like this car we drove up before we did we still like it yeah still good but it’s changed a little you think so uh yeah a little bit a little bit well mainly in styling and interior stuff the one we had before of the genesis g70 was rear-wheel drive this oh yeah all wheel drive that’s very true it is the g70 3.3 all-wheel drive turbo it’s the 2022 the refresh

Great cars great roads and all the reasons we love to drive tv web and podcast this is everyday driver this has the 3.3 liter twin turbo engine they’re little tiny turbos on each side and this thing makes so much power i forgot how much power this car makes yeah it’s the same engine that’s been in it before but also you’re not afraid of getting through traffic

You’re not afraid of slicing and dicing and then you’ll look down and kind of realize you need to back off a little bit look at me going quick yeah it’s brilliant same 365 horsepower 376 pound-feet of torque engine it’s brilliant it’s fun to drive and it strikes me every time i get in this car that it’s a little bit mercedes amg it’s a little bit of that flavor

For so much less money yeah okay what’s interesting is that if you’re talking about straight line speed 0 to 60 yeah most of the other players here the mercedes c-class the bmw the audi the german competitors are actually a little bit faster 0 to 60. sure interestingly enough they aren’t faster in the mid range okay okay so they like that if you’re just talking

About a straight line blast this is just under five seconds those are running like four and a half okay so if you’re talking paid a lot more money for that you paid an extra second yes you did but as far as usable power this is right there mid-pack and what’s surprising to what you’ve already said is that anytime you need power it’s just ready it just goes it is so

This is the all-wheel drive and you might think it would deaden the steering it’s lively it’s not like there’s a lot of road feel but it makes the car lively because of that initial turn-in and then through corners like these it makes you want to add throttle because the power is there and then suddenly you’re going even faster than the corner and then yeah you can

Tell it downshifts just a tit just a little bit and then the turbos come on boost so you go through the corner actually faster than you you intended but it’s great i’m so surprised at how eager this turns in there’s just a little bit of dead spot in the car just whips through the corner i was worried about the all-wheel drive system kind of muting it as well and

It really doesn’t really doesn’t it’s like no consequence all-wheel drive how often do you find that on all-wheel drive cars rarely have a rare thing very rarely yes i mean if you go with the bmw 3 series the rear wheel drive is significantly more interesting to drive than the all-wheel drive version the shortcut version definitely needs to sure of course audi’s

All-wheel drive all the time in front wheel drive architecture so we’ve got different animals and ways to try to try to do this but i am surprised because i feel like this is every bit as fun to drive as the rear wheel drive version yeah but if you’re a person wanting all-wheel drive which we can debate whether or not that’s necessary if you’re running all-wheel

Drive you get that benefit it also can save you if you get a little crazy you know because that’s because the back end will happily start to come around yes you can turn it up to sport plus mode sport plus mode is new by the way it didn’t exist prior but it’s professional given all of the models not just the upper level trim like this all of the models have sport

Plus mode which dials back the traction control so it will get the back out yeah but you could save yourself because the front wheels were actually trying to go straight so this has gained that ability it’s very interesting yeah i’ve dug into what uh the all-wheel drive split is per the the drive modes here which are down here right behind the shifter and it’s my

Understanding that comfort is about a 50 50 split eco throws up to 40 to the front but then when you’re in sport you’re up to about 20 in the front 80 career okay but then sport plus as you said dials back the traction control makes the holes in the safety net just a little bit bigger it’s still there but it’s almost like suddenly a rear-wheel drive fun sports

Sedan it’s almost like the more mature older subaru wrx buyer has discovered their car you’re looking for that fun usable family commute comfortable but the next generation of luxury and you’re not wanting to go german yet so you’re a wrx buyer and you’re ready to spend a little bit more but what out there is all-wheel drive fun sports sedan there’s not many

There’s a few very few yeah but here is one for under fifty thousand dollars that is key this is not the premium version this is the sport version so it’s forty nine five forty nine thousand five twenty five so it just means you don’t get the brembos you don’t get adaptive suspension but okay it’s not like the brakes are weak on this and it’s not like it’s still

Handle well and i also think there’s an extra forty three hundred dollar package on this that i don’t even think it needs so you could get this car in all-wheel drive with the good engine and it has excellent dynamics for forty five thousand dollars and i don’t think that can touch it with any of the german competitors you can’t touch this feeling from audi bmw

Or mercedes for anywhere close to that price agreed eight-speed automatic transmission and it’s not quite doing the dual clutch kind of feel no but it’s very crisp very sporty their in-house eight-speed has been great and everything we’ve had in it yeah we keep talking about how it’s really good they aren’t using the same zf that everybody else in the world is

Using they’ve tuned their own version and it’s surprisingly good you’ll notice on the tag when you wind it out the numbers at least thousand increments they get larger as the needle winds past yep so let’s go to sport drop a couple gears sounds good it does it gets much more aggressive the numbers get bigger it’s very funny it’s a little number that rolls by is

Always the biggest number on the top which is really cool that’s very fun it’s little surprise and delight kind of features all right i actually have stuff to say about the styling before i change seats do you i do go go this is the big thing that i’m going to say that i think you’re going to disagree with okay i like the prior version better i know that genesis

Is very excited about the refresh and they want to make the front end of the g70 match the rest of the lineup i get it they’ve got the two strikes of lighting that go back with the big shield grille i don’t mind the big shield grille i prefer the front and ryer on the g70 to this one even though i know this is the corporate look this feels to me like another one of

Those examples of we have to make everything match the corporate look and i kind of want every car maker to have a naysayer in the in the you want a black sheep i just want every car manufacturer i just want everybody to have a person in the design department that gets to be able to say can this one be the exception because i don’t think the exact same front end

Has to be on every car of every car maker i know this is genesis new look and i’m not saying it’s a bad look i think it looks really good on the gv80 for example yeah i think the prior version looked better on this i think there have to be exceptions and i wish this car was an exception they’ve also done other little tweaks they have the new larger like 10.3 inch

Screen now 14 color options on this car yeah and i think they gave us the worst one what’s the name it’s it’s um it’s it’s genesis attempt to do porsche chalk that’s the attempt but it has a little bit of blue in it and it looks a little bit off in a lot of lighting colors it looks just a little bit not right looks a little dirty yeah not quite right i’m glad

That you’re noticing the styling and liking the old one better even though i like that this one actually looks more expensive and i’ll tell you why now look at all the shapes around the car they’re softened radiuses there’s large radiuses on the interior and x here so when you see a nice line there’s a large radius at the end of that line wherever you’re looking

So the openings on the front except for one key detail it’s the point at the dead bottom center that makes that grille look like a diamond if it were very softened it would be an amorphous shape it wouldn’t be quite so defined i actually like that grill better i don’t like the lights better okay so it makes your eye go right to that point and it makes it a very

Clear genesis definition but the lights the it still is that two line kind of look their new thing and you follow your eye all the way around the hood detail is beautiful the sculptured shoulder makes this nice negative surface so you have a nice shadow underneath on the on the shoulder line and it wraps around to the rear where you will see bentley elliptical

Exhausts you’re right that’s why it looks more expensive bentley established this as the very beautiful thin elongated ellipse for its exhaust whether the tailpipe behind it is real or not they have established that as an expensive bentley look interesting look at this car in a 45 49 000 car what does that tell your eye that’s a more expensive car little details

All the way around and then here in the interior you get machine turn finish it’s not actually machine turned but it looks like it looks it looks it and it looks beautiful it’s good in here yeah there’s nothing too shiny so it looks a lot like a watch band it looks very subtle and refined and sophisticated with just the nicest touch of red sport seat belts you

Know porsche can get away with it and the pin striping in the seats if you go up to the premium version you get the quilted panels and the quilted seats which we had before yeah are fine and they’re nice but it’s not necessary but when you sit in here without it you go oh this is the sporty version i’m letting it be sporty the stitching red stitching everywhere

Just the subtle touches it feels very restrained but sporty and all these little things make it feel more expensive than it is and i’m proud of genesis for doing that i love this car i want to keep recommending this car and styling of course i the beholder but if you like this now more surface with shape kind of styling instead of hard-edged lines that’s where

They’re going with their cars i think it’s beautiful you must drive this thing ready to swap i kind of wish you were kidding i’m not kidding there’s a super outback pulling it behind us i’m gonna probably try to ruin everything anyway okay after driving this for a bit and concluding how much i liked it and i’m looking forward to driving and talking to you about it

I started to think about who would i put this against who are they what’s the competition okay and would i buy this instead of the competition they’re thinking about it in those terms good way of thinking about it yeah and i want to talk about the germans and a lot of other things but i want to bring up one car we’ve driven recently which is the acura tlx type s

Glad you brought that up very similar power very similar alt thinking okay it’s not the german it’s the old thinking the reason ordering up here very quickly is because the genesis g70 the main issue i have with it is terrible backseat space yeah i looked it up this has just as bad rear seats as the acura tlx we’ve noted that since the beginning we’ve never liked

The genesis g70 rear seat space but this i have ranted admittedly ranted about the bad backseat space in the tlx this is every bit as bad the difference is i feel more comfortable in the front yeah the tlx still feels like i don’t have quite enough space in the front this feels fantastic in the front it feels like very serious in the future and if you’re not trees

Like we are you can move these seats up a little bit and you can actually gain enough usable backseat space if you’re a big guy you see this right here to move the seats forward my son used the switch okay well my wife sat in the driver’s seat i’m sorry she wondered what was going on but then it’s so cool because she’s five six she was able to slide forward enough

That he was perfectly comfortable in the back he’s almost as big as she is now so they were able to make it worse that’s not a problem but unless you go like this takes off yeah it does i’m always surprised anyway it moves unless you’re getting a mid-size like an e-class or a 5-series or larger the backseat space is never really going to be amazing it’s never

Always a compromise even on a4s and c-classes clas they’re never going to be great never great but i think the a4 and the c-class and the three series all of those in fact the alpha julia all of those have better back seat space than this g70 does it depends on your usage it depends on how big your drivers are all of these are major factors because then i started

To think about which would i prefer to drive this or those germans or the accurate tlx okay and i really like the way the tlx type s drives it’s it’s it’s a phenomenal car to drive are you living price aside leaving price aside initially okay all right but i actually think i enjoy this more than the tlx because this feels more playful the tlx feels incredibly

Competent and when i drive it i’m incredibly impressed by how well it works the super handling all-wheel drive is good sure but this is rear drive biased and it has a more playful character than the tlx and i also think short of the alpha julia it is the most playful interesting car to drive in the entire market segment the julia is the only one that i think is

Possibly better to just drive but this is nicer to be in yeah yeah and i think this in all-wheel drive is more compelling than the julia is an all-wheel drive the julia is at its sweet spot in rear wheel drive but the julia is almost you know mid 40s whereas this is so comparable in price okay a little bit more you’re paying 49. yep but this has twin turbos this

Has a lot more power than the julia at the similar price point you have to go to the quadrifoglio to get much more pounds and then yeah blow this out of course but then you’re paying eight close to 80 grand close to yep this feels it just moves yeah that’s partial throttle sounds i mean this has the genuine feeling of speed absolutely when you took off that just

Feels fast and that was partial throttle and you hear the turbos blowing and everything gets really excitable it’s just a genuinely fun car to drive but again i can dial it back to comfort by the way the seats release you yeah that’s true the bolsters go which was a bmw thing 20 years ago it was this novelty thing and now here’s a 49 000 car doing the same thing

The seats ease up that was just get into cruise that was an m5 91 000 cool thing and now here’s genesis doing the exact same squeeze and here i am in just cruise mode and it’s comfortable it a lot of times when you have a sports sedan sports cars the same way that is really fun to drive when you put it in its less aggressive modes it doesn’t get nice enough sure

This doesn’t get sloppy it doesn’t get like you know i’m in a volkswagen phaeton or an s-class cruiser doesn’t get that it doesn’t get that okay and it doesn’t get like super smooth right but it doesn’t feel like oh there’s just never a setting that doesn’t beat me up and a lot of sports sedans if they have a sporty feel they never get calm enough if you want to

Just chill and this does both pretty well a lot of times bmw’s had this issue of late if you get it with the really good dynamics yeah it never rides good enough it can handle really well but not ride really well this can ride really well and then i can go back to sport plus and take off and laugh for a while well that’s just it this does not have the adaptive

Suspension isn’t that interesting yes it is straight up just one setting so to get that compromise right that’s magic i yeah it’s harder to get that balance between when you set it to comfort the suspension feels the same you can tell but there’s that still that underlying fun i’m compliant but there’s still that fun kind of thing but then when you dial it up to

Sport plus yeah well it comes to life and the suspension has not changed yes you’re right i mean you could pay more to get the adaptive suspension in this and that even gives you more opportunity but they have really found a sweet spot here that just amazes amazes me to be just all around her yeah now these cars start at 37 and change you have your engine options

But i feel like this particular one isn’t the fully loaded one and it’s not the base engine this is a magical sweet spot for sports sedans in general of course you don’t get a manual transmission where nobody was buying them and everybody kind of prefers the paddles when you’re hustling through this through corners like these paddles are great they were awesome and

It responds brilliantly it does respond well they were offering a manual with the two-liter smaller engine which was the first mistake because i think it would have been more interesting with this big engine but they were selling like a hundred like nationalized but if you think about everything else in this lineup the bmw is the only place where you might be

Able to spec it just perfectly and walk away with a manual everybody else is offering one and you’re gonna pay through the nose you’re going to pay a lot and and it’s that mix and match thing that happens when you start to chase the manual in most manufacturers so this you don’t lose anything here by having it only be an auto pretty much the whole market session

Is only an auto the julia which we love and wish we had here in a manual doesn’t come in a manual only auto yeah so okay let’s just accept that that’s this market segment they’ve got a good transmission that is their own that responds really well you put it in sport plus it gets quite aggressive and up shift and downshift it gets very aggressive you’ve got a much

More aggressive exhaust note it flies you just you breathe on it with your right foot and it’s like okay let’s go i can’t get over the playfulness the easy rotation and the fact that they have just balanced this car really well to be the fun one in the marketplace the only choice i would make over this is the julia but if i were doing an alt choice from the germans i

Think it would probably be most likely between this and the tlx because julia is a is a niche car you have to really want that car and i do but yeah most people don’t want that car yeah for sure if you want a non-german good sports sedan it’s this or the tlx and this is more playful and the tlx is more kind of focused it feels like the phd in the room and you also

Have to ignore the fact that you’re buying a four door two plus two if you want rear seat space in this chassis though your option is the kia stinger yeah yeah that’s where you go if you want all-wheel drive and you want more seat space and you want more storage you go kia stinger but that car feels bigger than this i love the scale of this and how just fragile and

Fun it feels in this market segment telling you the best part about this is mini amg it feels like discount amg yeah and that is why that is high praise this thing books yeah it does you’re barely into it i i didn’t try at all and i got a number that’s fairly large yeah this thing books and it sounds good while you’re doing it highly recommend this to anybody

And you’re gonna have to throw away the stigma kia hyundai genesis it’s brilliant oh and by the way you get that warranty that you know those hyundai warranties they haven’t stopped doing that and you still get a maintenance warranty for three years and 36 000 miles free maintenance yep that’s luxury car kind of thinking it is applied to discount amg mini mercedes

That’s what this is you

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