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Altair Club Cars Genesis Electrified GV70 with Nearly 500 Horsepower and Beautiful Design May Be The Best EV Yet

Genesis Electrified GV70 with Nearly 500 Horsepower and Beautiful Design May Be The Best EV Yet

November has been a very busy month for the Hyundai Group. In addition to introducing two new electric SUV concepts, the Kia EV9 and the Hyundai SEVEN, that showed the direction in which the company is headed in the future, its luxury division Genesis, has just launched an electric SUV that will be at the dealer showroom in a few months. Unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show in China, the electric version of the spectacular GV70 crossover SUV, follows in the footsteps of the Electrified G80 sedan, the first-ever electric vehicle of the brand, by adopting the styling modifications in electrifications, such as the E-V specific G-matric patterned grille that hides away the charging port.

Hyundai group in addition to introducing two new   electric suv concepts the kia ev9 and the hyundai  7 that show the direction in which the company is   headed in the future its luxury division genesis  has just launched an electric suv that will be   at the dealer showroom in a few months unveiled  at the guangzhou auto show

In china the electric   version of the spectacular gv70 crossover suv  follows in the footsteps of the electrified   g80 sedan the first ever electric vehicle of the  brand by adopting the styling modifications and   electrifications such as the ev specific g-matrix  patterned grille that hides away the charging port  

The genesis gb60 more specifically the  of a pair of electric motors that combine to  deliver 482 horsepower or 360 kilowatts and 516   feet or 700 newton meters of torque and boost  mode this massive power propels the suv to 62   in an impressive 4.5 seconds in boost mode   is also shared with a smaller sibling the  

77.4 kilowatt hour lithium ion unit renders 400  kilometers per charge on the korean testing cycle   although not an egmp-based dedicated ev other  aspects of the beautiful suv are the same as the   such as the gv60 the ionic 5 and the kia ev6   these include the 400 volts 800 volts multi-rapid  charging technology that provides

18 minutes of   charging speed to 80 d2l function and disconnector  actuator system or das that can automatically   connect or disconnect the motor and drive shaft  depending on the driving conditions unique to   e-terrain mode as the first ever multi-environment   well as an active noise control road system  

The exquisite interior of the gv70 is virtually  unchanged aside from the addition of a boost   function the production of the electrified   gv70 will begin in january 2022 in korea but it’s  also expected to be the first ever korean eevee   to be manufactured in the u.s at hyundai’s plant  in montgomery alabama as the top

Echelon model   within the gv70 family it’s expected to be priced  above the v6 model at the high 50 000 range after   enjoying the following unveiling presentation  please don’t forget to like comment and subscribe   if you haven’t already as not to miss out on any  of our episodes on korean car news and rumors also  

For more information please check out our featured  hello everyone joining us here  in guangzhou today i’m sanyabli   as aj explained a genesis is on a new path that  leads to wars as a vision for a sustainable future   world of possibilities and opportunities   relationship with our customers through design   them

Envision what a luxury automotive brand   can offer across various aspects of their lives  earlier this year we unveiled the electrify g80   the perfect balance of athletic elegance today  we are with another exciting electrified suv   manifests how we expand the genesis design   the delicate balance of athleticism and

Elegance  is behind every aesthetic decision we make   for the electrified gv70 we brought athleticism  to the forefront enhancing its audacious attitude   the front fascia displays a careful consideration  for aerodynamic efficiency and function and   incorporating hidden av charging port this creates   a minimalistic

Yet sophisticated look while wide  minimal horizontal graphics of the rear bumper   skid plate without a tail pipe emphasis   the interior of the electrified gv70 offers a  blank note of writing your own story it boasts   a driver-focused design offering an intuitive and  dynamic experience today we present electrified  

Gv70 here in guangzhou to engage with youthful  and energetic chinese customers this is more than   for genesis design that marks a new territory   ladies and gentlemen the genesis electrified gv70  an audacious product in the age of electrification   the launch of the electrified gv70 is the second  time that we are hosting a world

Premiere for   and both are electric vehicles underscoring   our path to creating a sustainable future   electric luxury for a vibrant lifestyle   with this product the useful generation genesis  can design their own sustainable urban and   outdoor adventures the exterior design displays a  careful consideration for

Aerodynamic efficiency   and function the sleek reverse g-matrix pattern  grille creates a minimalistic yet sophisticated   look the signature quad lamps add a finishing  touch with a driver-focused interior design   dynamic experience while reflecting our commitment   to sustainability this vehicle is furnished with 

A variety of materials including wool woven seats   and recycled nylon flooring that are used in an  eco-friendly way all in a high quality finish   a powerful performance it can go from zero   to one hundred in 5.1 seconds and can hit that  speed in just 4.5 seconds in a special boost mode   specific e-terrain mode which

Enables a stable  driving experience in various environments   the electrified gv70 delivers an attractive range   maximum range per charge is over 500 kilometers   350 kilowatt rapid charging enables the battery  to charge from 10 to 80 percent in just 18 minutes   to use electric power of 3.6 kilowatt so that they 

Can conveniently use electric appliances outside   lifestyle in sustainable luxury cutting edge   technologies are embedded in the vehicle based  on driving habits and road conditions the product   regenerates energy through the braking system more  effectively the disconnector actuator system can   automatically connect or

Disconnect the motor and  drive shaft enabling seamless switching between   two-wheel drive and all-wheel drive to reduce  unnecessary power loss and increase efficiency   can use just one pedal to accelerate decelerate   experience this is a truly unique electric car   and we can’t wait to see our customers setting 

Off on their own adventures in the electrified g70   i’ve been fighting everything you say i’ve been  i’ve been fighting

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Genesis Electrified GV70 with Nearly 500 Horsepower and Beautiful Design May Be The Best EV Yet! By The Auto Vision – Korean Car News Channel

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