gas gauge not working k swapped
Altair Club Cars Gas Gauge Not Working K Swapped Integra Acura Honda

Gas Gauge Not Working K Swapped Integra Acura Honda

Hello hello hello i’m trying to fix my integra and i had uh some concerns and maybe somebody out there knows what could be possibly going on with my gas gauge in the k-swapped integra so i have the cluster i’ve had the cluster in and out of it a couple times and this is a different cluster than what the car came with um and the gas gauge wire on the back of the

Cluster is this one right here and it’s like a yellow yellow wire and then the one that’s it’s like the pin pin number one is for a gas gauge on like 96 through 98 and then pin three on 99 to 2000 or vice versa is for the seat belt so what i did initially is i swapped pin one and pin three on this gauge cluster to get the gas gauge to work i got it to work and

All of a sudden i put everything back together you know shoved it all back in and it’s not working again so i’m testing for power at the back of the cluster here so this wire right here going to the gas gauge is supposed to have like seven volts or seven and a half volts i have seven volts coming out of the gauge cluster and i actually tapped it back here too and

I have seven and a half volts going back here however i do not have that seven and a half volts or continuity going back to the sending unit so back here is the sending unit plug that same yellow wire is right here in the middle and i don’t have a 12 volt power coming to this or that 7 volt power in the middle so i think on the outside it when it was working i

Had 12 volts here seven here and ground here and now it’s not it doesn’t have any power going to it or anything and the only thing i did i like i said i had power and i had everything working and then i just like put the cluster back in and now it’s not working again i checked all the fuses uh in the entire car and i was messing around with the engine harness

To the ecu because that’s running under here by the pedals and the engine harness was like rubbing on the pedals in a couple spots so i like tied it up in a couple different spots that’s the only thing i did and then it quit working so my question is if anybody knows where the gas gauge wire that yellow wire coming from the back of the cluster was seven and a

Half volts where it goes to after the cluster before it hits the sending unit back at the tank because i don’t have continuity from the sending unit to the cluster and i don’t have voltage at the sending unit so obviously it’s not working another weird thing with this car is the speakers don’t work even though i have speakers in the doors and the wiring going

To the door is all plugged in and this car is fairly unmolested uh it seems like it’s uh you know fairly untouched wiring wise but the speakers don’t have sound even though i have everything plugged in here i actually put a speaker manually to the head unit and it works but i don’t know if there’s like an uh some plug or amp or anything like that uh this car did

Have a factory alarm installed into it under the seat so there’s like uh you probably can’t see but there’s a there’s a plug under here here we go this green plug goes to the factory alarm and whenever i actually plugged in that alarm the car just went haywire uh there was all the headlights were going off the horn was beeping so i just kept it unplugged and

When i bought the car it didn’t have it plugged in anyway so that’s where i’m at with this thing i’m trying to fix the gas gauge um i got the coolant temp working i have everything else working on this car every single light all the windows the mirrors uh it’s a fully functioning car at this point minus the damn gas gauge i got the heater working i didn’t have

Heat when i got it and the blower motor like the actuator under the dash i just manually opened it opened the door to the heater core and now that works because i think the cable isn’t hooked up from here to the core um i don’t know what else but like i said i i tested everything that i know of and i was monkeying around under the dash and that’s when i noticed

You know that it quit working so if anybody out there can help or has had this issue feel free to drop it down in the comments or message me on facebook i’d love to hear if anybody knows where the hell that wire goes because i can’t i want a working gas gauge it’s it like gives me uh anxiety driving down the highway not knowing how much gas i have so anyways

Have a great night a better tomorrow guys i’m editing a video tonight uh that i got a couple videos coming but i just figured i’d throw this up quick because i’m in the middle of trying to fix it

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Gas Gauge Not Working K Swapped Integra Acura Honda By HunterTuned

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