g70 2023 bmw i7 xdrive60 the fir
Altair Club Cars G70 2023 BMW i7 xDrive60 THE FIRST-EVER FULLY ELECTRIC BMW i7 SEDAN BMW Toronto Samir Umer #SUmer416

G70 2023 BMW i7 xDrive60 THE FIRST-EVER FULLY ELECTRIC BMW i7 SEDAN BMW Toronto Samir Umer #SUmer416

G70 – 2023 BMW i7 xDrive60

Hi guys so you’re here at bmw toronto at the new luxury recharge tour gorgeous brand new 2023 bmw i7 x drive 60 on display here today uh for those of you who don’t know me i’m samir omar from bmw what i’m gonna do today is walk around this vehicle show it to you up close outside and inside and i will go inside the vehicle and play with a few options here and

There uh so yeah please stay tuned till the end there’s some really nice tips and tricks on this which you will enjoy and for those of you who haven’t subscribed to the channel please do go ahead and subscribe to the channel like this video comment below of what else you would like to see if you have any questions on this car as time comments i will answer those

Questions and please do share the video with family and friends it’s a gorgeous uh two-tone uh let me go to that price list there so let me show you what’s actually in this car this is a fully jam-packed i7 for now so here we go guys you can pause that take a screenshot and read through that all-inclusive price msrp has displayed 204 752 plus hst and we are in

Gorgeous toronto ontario canada we have this lovely musician playing amazing music for us we have a lot of visitors that i’ve been through and and coming so here it is you can see the rear seats are reclining all the way we have a gorgeous drop down screen foreign opened up it’s charging as you can see 220 volts the trunk is huge it’s automatic of course it

Has the kick feature under the rear bumper if i kick my foot i can open and close the trunk you have some storage underneath just look at this gorgeous interior touchscreens so you can pretty much control quite a bit from here it’s the gorgeous touchscreen foreign still have your travel and comfort system wireless charging tray in the back storage

Underneath here and you have built-in cup holders really plush headrests with some safe soft cushion pillows full panorama sunroof with sky lounge look at this gorgeous wood detail a rear powered sunshades that are down right now can open the doors automatically you can just talk to the car hey bmw open all doors and it can do that for you i’m gonna get

In the core in a bit and i’ll show you a bit more from the inside so right now as you can see it’s charging just gonna walk around it and on the outside once more to show you a little bit more closely bmw individual wheels i believe the more these are 21 inches 255 40 21. gorgeous gorgeous wheels bmw individual swarovski crystal on the daytime running

Lights and bright pillow are your lights headlights of the car it’s a low beam high beams obviously all electronics in the engine bay and some fluids like washer fluid and things i thought this is fantastic do you have your cameras all around with your gps based surround view you got the door sensors as well so someone if someone is is standing around there

And we’ll say object detected if normal from the door all the way and get them okay so here’s the vehicle all opened up i’m gonna close it up now and show it to you where to hold the doors in the hood everything closed up so you can see how gorgeous this vehicle is actually uh let me see if i can get in the car and command the car to close it okay and just shut

The hood here so while the vehicle is running if i tap on the brake the doors would shut on its own but let’s try this hey bmw hey bmw close all doors should i close all doors yes you may got it and you can see all the doors are shut down by itself to get out i can push that button right there or just tap on that and the door will open automatically i can

Further click on this button right here so it clicks up and i can open it say if you’re completely dead of battery you don’t have to be afraid of being trapped in the vehicle you can still have a manual release down here so you can release the door and you can open and get out so here we go i’m going to push this button right here and the doors open automatically

How about that huh okay so i’m gonna get back in the car and i’ll show you the car a little bit more close as you can see from here the rear seats are at the reclining position for display right now so yes you can relax ideally you want to be chauffered around in this vehicle hey bmw let me go to the home screen hey bmw change ambient lighting to purple that

The light color simple as that the colors change to lavender okay let’s see we have my modes so if i go to sport activate and the colors do change my seat oh wow this is amazing my seat by side bolts here is tight enough to hug me a bit more and you get the two-tone m color so i’m getting the blue and the red and yes everything changes you can see i went on the

Door panel this is all crystal uh foreign let’s try another mode efficient and if you notice the colors change again to blue and green color so two-tone let’s try another mode expressive okay on the colors change again and expressive my seat massager just came on and yes the color has changed again to a nice two tone so we have blue a bit of uh turquoise

And a bit of yellow there as well or gold uh here let me show you on my side so yellowish gold to turquoise to blue and if you notice the the color keeps fluctuating from light to dark as the massage seats go on which is pretty neat okay let’s try relax and when i go relax i sleep the top sun shades closes so the sunshade closes and if i go into theater

Mode it changes a bit more but i’m not gonna go in there right now let’s go on the expressive and these are just a few of the things i wanted to show you but i’ll probably add a few more things to the video maybe not but i hope you guys enjoyed this video and i’ll see you guys on the next one uh please do subscribe to the channel click uh the like and click on the

Bell icon for more informative content like this and do share the video with family and friends thank you for watching and i’ll leave you with a view of the outside and um foreign

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