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To make sure you don’t forget me, here is a little drag race video for you. i find that audi audi sq7 is a really cool and interesting piece of engineering. it is equipped with a 48‑volt lithium-ion battery with a nominal energy content of 470 watt-hours. and the electric-powered compressor (epc), first ever in a production vehicle! it helps the car to reach mind

Blowing 900nm at 1000rpm. this car is triple-boosted. two turbos and a badass epc! let’s see what it can do against once upon the fastest suv in the world. against my merc g55 amg with a classical belt driven supercharger. despite the sq7’s insane torque due to the magic from epc. classical supercharger on a massive v8 pulls much harder from standing still position.

In such duel, g55 will always eject harder at the traffic light unless sq7 uses launch control (which is stupid). of course, sq7 can be remapped. it is being done now in estonia. also, at some point, aerodynamic resistance comes into play. most likely at around 100-120 sq7 has the advantage due to significantly better aerodynamics. but for the daily driver, the most

Important is car’s ability to pull hard within the range of permitted speed limits which is the speciality of g55. now you are hearing the fake exhaust note which comes from speakers factory-mounted inside of rear mufflers of sq7. from stand still position, g wagon jumps ahead of you. audi is certainly not slow but compared to g55, it’s power delivery has some lag.

It’s a type of car you give to a wife. but you drive g wagon yourself.. maybe it explains why this particular car is a daily driver of a lady. yes, right now i didn’t start so well. (hot supercharger warms the intake and g55 loses power after frequent pulls) in the second one which we did not record, sq7 was said to be faster. also, let me highlight that both cars start

Without launch control. it is a real and fair comparison. just flooring it. we will leave launch control launches to the ones that love killing their gearboxes. in the sport diesel r&d industry, audi rules the world. 24h le mans v12 tdi insanity was brought over to consumer q7 back in 2006. this happened long time before the infamous “dieselgate” scandal. despite a

Misleading ad campaign “engine from le mans race”, the engine did not really have much in common with the real racing car. i’d rather say it was a double version of beloved and reliable 3.0tdi. it gives us, simple mortals, an opportunity to experience the incredible power of the bitdi hybrid engine with the epc electric compressor system. the 48-volt epc supercharger spins

Up to 70,000 rpm and generates a considerable boost in just 250 milliseconds. as compared to g55 amg, it provides much less sense of insanity and crazy drive. g wagon still remains a really insane machine and this is why it is so beloved. they are two different cars that provide very different driving emotions each. diagnostic check is completed. all good here according

To my son. in the next unplanned episode i’ll tell you why g wagon had to be on a tow truck. i’ll be talking about one widespread issue of mercedes cars. also why this problem never happens to mercedes s class. perhaps someone in the audience already knows what i am talking about. and also i’m working on next episodes from “g class interior 2008->2017 retrofit conversion” series.

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