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Altair Club Cars Futures Mercedes Classe A & Classe B 2023 – Pr

Futures Mercedes Classe A & Classe B 2023 – Pr

Avec des proportions globales parfaitement équilibrées, un design soigné et de haute qualité, la dernière

To you two new models from mercedes we have the new bike class makes a short video for two new cars so sorry for the color it’s a best i can on the video i hope you but here the new differences there are a few little that’s changing it’s off to a good start i’ll be much simpler so to discover this new class this class still measures 4.43 meters long level we will always find

355 liters at the and 300 liters for the other versions then on the front can you already note me the few is a sign here that is new so we have the with the stars which appeared on the new mercedes a little more tapered also always with the bim on this one we don’t really have the lights an s class again but maybe it will come on are very pretty so there on the reflector

Which detours the little touch of blue that and the daytime signature so will be this we find concretely the same car q before, the rims too, so in this yellow version it’s terms of engines, we will have the 180 petrol will be available in contact or in sedan the configuration and the 250th it is the model horses small evolution it is when we are going only up to 7.4 or 22

Now we can have 7.4 11 and 22 kw recharging to a technical improvement under the engine extended autonomy between 71 and 80 km of can see there is almost no difference the lights one of the lights which is redesigned always with the turn signals in the shape so there as you can see at the 250 version a class b and small difference that then i between a and b on the other

Hand there is info of the day on the rear here is apart trunk always the same thing you have to lift in this plug-in hybrid version since we have batteries in the trunk on the back so no modification seats with the alcantara in the center and so much and at the front we will find some we will see when we open the door is this that we find in the mercedes class s classified

And it’s the double spoke steering wheel everywhere wheel on the left the door panels and others an amg line version this steering wheel i and leather then behind we find the same instrumentation has become tactile and the command that can well since the system is now the mbx 2.0 so like there is still a little bit of lighting colored effect really everywhere at the level

Back here as i tell youknow who crosses the all these air vents which are lit each time the same as before and then the mbx 2.0 another disappears completely so we have a place to won’t come out on the first models it’s this recognize my user profile that i’m going to to me or if i use me or my wife by pressing we always have the cameras that we can activate we are in a

Showroom and it in demonstration still this roof here before so not panoramic find the double cup holder and applying it like days the simple mercedes key and look it’s flo you recognize it wait for a vlogation at home or of course good to find too a very very complete test on his channel say the b before in french we say the opposite level of the lights as we can see a

Difference we just have a comma here and which comes side so with the multiple also so a light this new grille with the little mercedes stars right here so at the mercedes always in the the driving stages and then on the front so very little different it’s pretty with the the side we find no difference either in terms it doesn’t change we still has 455 liters hybrid version

In the 250e version in terms on this one we will also have the 180 petrol find an evolution in the charging system where we can switch to 11 kw also our colleague we can see two pinch lines on the capo as on the a45s at the time and now we have these aggressive at the rear there we have a balance lights also so we can find b 250 on this side side here is what it looks like

So always the minimum m and the rear does not really liters in this version we have a motorized below we find not much just a subwoofer in that fold down in three parts so that’s rather on the ends for the interior the same so no do not change on this version for the interior steering wheel the double spoke with the new door also does not change we listen to bfm you just

Now always the commands on this side regulator regulator and others the menus so up there the home key to be able to make us i want to switch to a sports meter which also not change we always have leds here over there between class a and class b so we see that this one, always the aerators with the strapping the other model, it loses its pad here, so time that allowed us

To play with this screen either scroll that way or with on the steering no need to see three ways to do with the pad here so we’re going to see the info on the has 85% battery and so will it give me the with 95% which is not bad it means that we of autonomy in total the key there are plenty pre-series cars that’s the same as on the more global view and that’s it for these

Two if i’m going to reims tomorrow it’s very unlikely will be between 8 and 18 degrees with moderate an umbrella thank you good well i hope you as they make presentations so they won’t be small presentations there before the auto how i’m going to do it to you do i make you for you one on each brand each stand or do know yet i’m still thinking about it good do you prefer

Class a or class b you me i like that the sedan i’m not super super fan good see you soon for a next video ciao

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Futures Mercedes Classe A & Classe B 2023 – Présentation des Nouveautés By Mécanique Sportive

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