fully loaded 2022 ford f 150 xlt
Altair Club Cars Fully Loaded 2022 Ford F-150 XLT: Should You Just Buy A Lariat?

Fully Loaded 2022 Ford F-150 XLT: Should You Just Buy A Lariat?

Today I drive and review a 2022 Ford F-150 XLT!

That we uh can coast all the way back to the dealership and not run out of gas um hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and in today’s video i’ll be going over a 2022 ford f-150 xlt sport first and from also a huge shout out thank you to the large miller ford lincoln here in provo for giving me some time with the f-150 check out the inventory in the description down below

Let’s hop right into the video so under the hood we have a twin turbo 3.5 liter v6 that goes through a 10-speed automatic transmission fuel economy 17 around town and then 23 on the highway with power outputs being 400 horsepower and then 500 pound-feet of torque now let’s go over the front end of the xlt sport so first off this one’s finished in space white and

I absolutely love this color it’s kind of like it’s still a gloss paint but it has more like a flat type finish because there’s not as much metallic flake in it and it just looks really good notice how we’ve got the led accent lights this one does come with the reflector leds and the axle light continues here into the fog light region there’s parking sensors here

In the front bumper the bumper is body painted as part of that sport package and then notice how we’ve got a dark gray front grille so they kind of again go for that sporty theme so you’re not going to see a bunch of chrome on this truck like you would normally see on an xlt kind of uh like that one for example so coming on the side here i’ve got two 75 millimeter

Tires wrapped on 18-inch wheels in the front and the rear and these are all terrain tires you guys can see we’ve got some aggressive tread right there great for snow driving great for a little bit of off-roading as well for camping adventures you can see the front suspension right there i really like the wheel design here it has that off-roader type look because

Most of it’s closed off and you can see the openings right there again have aggressive lines on them we have our f-150 xlt badge we do have a little bit of chrome on that but you notice door handles are body painted we do have some side steps on this truck and then here is your full side view on the uh xlt sorry about that camera freaked out for a second anyways

Popping here to the rear you guys can see the shocks in the back and then also the leaf springs and there you go now here’s our key fob we have the unlock the lock the remote start and then the drop down for the tailgate now we have a payload capacity of 1817 pounds with this truck still have the measuring tables here on the back of the tailgate this one does have

The led lights on either side and then notice we have the full outlet and then we’ve got the cargo light there at the top it doesn’t have a bed liner but that’s super easy to add this one does have ford’s bed step system and then i don’t think this one raises but yeah does not so you do have to lift it up yourself so it’s got the drop down function but does not

Have the uh raise up function now let’s finish things up here with the rear of the truck so the xlt just comes with the base f-150 tail lights we have our sport 4×4 sticker you can see the exhaust tip out the side parking sensors here on the bottom of the well on the bumper rather and then you guys can see i’ve got body painted bumpers is where i was going with that

F-150 stamped into the tailgate we have a towing capacity of well over 10 000 pounds with this truck which is great and that’s all for the rear now here’s the door panel in the back so first off i love this uh here in all the new f150s how they do this with the stitching at the top definitely makes it look a whole lot nicer and then you have the little map here on

The side and they’ve got a nice padding we’re gonna rest your arm and you can see here with the seats we’ve got the cloth seats that are part of the xlt package there’s nice stitching here on the side tons of room here which i’ll pop in quickly so you guys can see leg room for years not days years you guys can see head room got some cup holders here got the vents

Down below all of our charging ports here in this area and well let’s head to the front now here’s the door panel at the front again you guys can see here with the trim at the top just like in the back and the padding down below all of our window controls mirror adjustments door lock and unlock and again another map the mirrors do have blind spot monitoring and

Then here are the seats at the front really nice cloth trim here with the seats you can see the stitching here with the bolsters there is power adjustments on the side got the pedal layout down below pedal adjustment here at the parking brake light controls mirror lights and you can see that’s the drop down for the tailgate the steering wheel is manually adjustable

And well those are my look before we pop in so here’s the steering wheel in the xlt you can see really nice leather all around the steering wheel you’ve got the contrast stitching here on the center portion controls here for the center stack we have a cruise control on the other side with our volume controls and then you guys can see turn signal windshield wiper

Stock and that’s all for the steering wheel now here’s the center gauge cost you guys can see rpms on the left side on the right side you’ve got the speed and then you’ve got a few different menus you can scroll through here in the center stack to give you dim bits of information on the truck so for example we can do like trip fuel economy so we can see like the

Fuel economy if you uh want to this is obviously not going to be accurate because this truck is brand new but anyways that’s all for that part of the center stack we do have some different drive modes it’s going to give us a warning for the fuel we got a normal tow haul eco sport and then on the other side we have slippery deep snow sand and then mud ruts and yeah

Those are the different drive modes so here at the top we have this to turn on the cameras we’ve got this for the parking sensors hazard lights and then we’ve got the stability control right next to that and that’s all above the infotainment system now diving into the infotainment system itself first off if we pop in reverse we got a backup camera with a bird’s

Eye view and notice we’ve got trajectory lines that turn the steering wheel and then we have a bunch of different camera views here with this truck so notice that we’ve got like the bed camera for example that’s if you add an auxiliary camera to it zoom in there on the receiver hitch um yeah you have a full 360 view with the camera system which is great if you guys

Are wondering if i press the camera button pops open with the front camera and then the different viewpoints for that so yeah completely covered from a camera perspective this has the 12 inch display added to it response time with this screen is great this was new obviously for 2021 and basically took the best of ford’s prior infotainment system and then just like

Blew it up made it larger and so you have like the main tab here in the center and then you’ve got like this side screen tab where you can scroll through different things here so for example we can go into like the bed camera right there or another thing that you can go into you guys saw it’s like off-road so you can press that and you can have like the off-road

Stuff on the side so yeah pretty cool setup we have a pro trailer assist and then you guys can see here trailer brake controls we’ve got our drive line select this is everything except four wheel auto we have a locker on the rear and then our drive mode select and then over here we’ve got our analog controls for the radio this has heated seats for the front we’ve

Got dual zone climbing control so we’ve got a bunch of storage space here in the front couple cup holders shifter with a nice leather trim on it and then the manual shift function center console here you guys can see the storage space inside of that and we do have the dual glove box so it’s a nice little setup and i love the trim the outside glove box and on the

Dash i think it looks uh really nice and then we do have a power sounding rear window uh and then just like a black headliner so nothing crazy up top so there’s a little bit of glare but i think you guys can see the window sticker pretty uh well again 2022 f-150 xlt and then uh the main package on uh this particular ones it’s a 302 a uh for the equipment group

Um anyways after all options and everything ninety five dollars is a total price before any type of market adjustment and let’s take it out and see how it drives let’s talk about this buddy before we set off there’s your visibility of the hood both the mirrors they do blind spot monitoring and then throughout the rest of the rear and well let’s set off okay so

We are officially setting off in the xlt and you know what i’m gonna give you guys all a panic attack because of the uh lack of fuel range in today’s video um i guess we’ll do this as an experiment can you drive an f-150 on zero are we just gonna get stuck on the side of the road so uh that’ll be the exciting experiment in today’s video anyways actually setting

Off with new f-150 they’ve improved this a massive amount from a ride quality standpoint so it still does use leaf springs however the ride quality is exceptionally smooth with this truck and you really don’t notice the leaf springs until you go over a big enough bump to where the back end kind of jumps around a little bit uh so for the most part it just it feels

Like this really nice luxury truck uh and it’s on par with ram now um i can say that confidently i’ve driven both them back to back um i did that in like 20 i think december of 2020 or so it’s it’s been quite some time it’s like a year ago uh but i drove them back to back uh and like i said i can confidently say uh that yeah ride quality is very close between both

Them uh this just has a little bit of wheel hop sometimes which is not bad we’re getting lucky with the green light and everything so that we uh can coast all the way back to the dealership and not run out of gas um anyways with this 3.5 liter ecoboost uh just in this you know quote unquote base status right this isn’t the power boost it’s super quick it’s really

Torquey it feels really good uh it’s it’s a really solid powertrain uh i definitely i just i love the feel of the powertrain the torque and especially here at high elevation it’s definitely uh very welcome i will say that uh and you just don’t get the power loss you get with naturally aspirated engines is the point that i’m trying to make uh continuing along this

Particular xlt it’s pretty loaded up right 57 000 sticker price uh here’s what i have to say i think that a lot of this uh optional equipment is great right it’s got good safety tech it’s got a nice infotainment system it’s got the 360 camera system and you know drop down automatic drop down tailgate all that fun stuff uh so it it basically is like a luxury truck

Like a lariat but it’s less expensive than a lariat right by quite a large margin and uh so you’re pretty much getting you know lariat stuff people here in provo good gravy uh you’re pretty much getting lariat stuff but you’re not paying lariat prices uh so you definitely think that’s great since we’re so close to dealership i guess we’ll floor it famous last

Words you don’t be hilarious if it ran out it just just shut off right now the fuel right there um yeah so i think this is a really good value 57 thousand dollars might sound like a lot but for the equipment you’re getting with this truck uh i think that’s i think that’s great i think ford’s actually priced this really well for the packaging you’re getting so

If you basically want to layer it but you don’t want to pay for a lariat right you want the looks because this looks really good on the outside has the led front lights and everything so you want the lariat looks but you don’t want the lyric price that’s what this truck is all about and we officially made it back now let’s get something’s up for our video on this

2022 ford f-150 xlt again a huge shout out and thank you to the large miller ford lincoln here in provo forgive me some time with the truck check out the inventory in the description down below i will see all of you in that next video

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Fully Loaded 2022 Ford F-150 XLT: Should You Just Buy A Lariat? By Ben Hardy

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