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Altair Club Cars FULL SEND WILD Fiesta ST & BMW E46 M3 // N

FULL SEND WILD Fiesta ST & BMW E46 M3 // N

@ST-eph Red Racing ( let me go in his FIesta ST. Neither me or him were prepared for this wild ride.

Jail again foreign welcome back to the channel welcome back to the nova cream welcome to a very exciting video because fiesta st is probably one of the most popular track cars in uk at least but definitely also in general it has a big cult following as you can see from the outside this one we will be going for a lap in a bit is already quite different it has

Wider fenders wide body bigger front which should benefit the cooling so i assume that stuff is running with more power than the stock how are you doing first of all hey nice to meet you so what’s uh how much power is under this bonnet i don’t know exactly maybe if 140 more than 150 i don’t know maybe 250 or 100 not 300 300 300 300 okay i’m like pretty fries

There why is there less than stock okay 350 on the uh it’s a lightweight because uh in kilogram yeah uh with your fuel yeah white ones on 100 100 430 nice 1130 kilos with fuel that’s quite good although it is a small car but then again for today’s standards it’s very nice so team them in the mixed wheels bravo alcohol brakes i can see already what suspension are

You running ah just busy racing but still should be okay yeah yeah i see you have different tires so you’re thinking ear once in the front and in the rear you have what what are those yokohamas or something like that’s a real rule okay it yeah it’s different so what are those yeah so i i was right good and then i use the different uh set and the color oh yeah

Okay okay here uh i i make a soft set yes i’m sorry for anything no no problem no problem you’re talking with passion that’s the most important thing cool and the interior also stripped out we have different seats i really like those because they are legal for tourist drives because it’s not like really ears but you have side support from sparto very cool carbon

Fiber wheel very nice and then yeah as mentioned stripped interior so we have a half cage in the rear and nice shifter i like that as well cooler works yeah cool oh i guess that’s you have a boost controller okay so how much boost we’re running oh one uh one one point two fives 1.6 okay fpm okay 1.8 oh wow i don’t know so all right we’ll see right uh let’s hop in

Do a lap on the track is still open excited too crapper which exhaust nice nice nice it’s not a big diffuser in the rear as well so should be fun should be fun made better homemade uh yeah the flat floor the rear bumper is like in french parachute yeah yeah yeah parachute as well in english yeah so good so you close it up so you don’t have air catching the the

Bumper nice nice mod excited lots of pain red line 6000 rpm rally car address my car i do okay do we have lsd you good usb yes i did but do i have lsd differential uh this is crazy foreign very good the brakes are good suspension is good the power is good oh we can take to 214. maybe 225 yeah oh that’s too bad of the yellow wow you know this reminds

Me really of a proper rally car especially if you can block made them popular like like it says it’s really good from electricity really i know uh not try the car before directly or yeah i feel it so it’s trust in the car yeah thank you okay you catch my attack all right so it brakes are really good foreign foreign no no no foreign percentage

Horses foreign foreign yes i don’t know if the boost mod is good but we still have good power really good sometimes if the pressure is too high i lose a return of horsepower out in a different steering wheel yeah it’s like everything yeah yeah i got hard grip all the calluses from the gym foreign foreign this was really good dude thank you so much

This is one of the most surprising cars i drove like because it’s always skeptical to drive modified cars because my schooling doesn’t work or too much power wrong tires wrong brakes um here everything works the only thing i think that you need to do is put the differential lsd lsd yeah yeah or actually it’s a type yeah it’s quite it’s a grave okay oh okay okay but

I i think that i have input a website yeah on the shorter shot here yeah yeah yeah yeah no this is good like too bad of yellows but the most fun was first keeping up with the e30 uh e46 m3 and then later them following us it was it was cool but the handling the good is that you can put the power down you know in the corners you just go and brakes are really good

Good job really good job like really good setup card and even with two different tires it works because it helps to steer in a bit with the rear yes perfect really really love it yes she is yeah nice

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FULL SEND WILD Fiesta ST & BMW E46 M3! // Nürburgring By Misha Charoudin

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