fuel economy of the bmw x4
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Fuel Economy of the BMW X4

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A link in the description for the same and i’ve just realized something i did not give the intro i think i’ll do that in a minute let’s go down and do that actually all right what’s up guys say hello along i hope everyone’s doing great quickly going out i need to do something very very important for the bmw you guys remember right a couple of days back we

Got the ppf done which is very important for any car especially if you want to preserve the color of the car and much much much needed if you’re living in a crowded city like hyderabad you definitely avoid small small scratches it is going to be a little bit expensive but mentally you’ll feel much better but when they do the ppf even the sensors everything is

Properly covered with the ppf that time they’ll not make slots there because the healing needs to happen properly the glue needs to stick after one week to ten days they’ll cut out the slots for the sensors and the sensors start working for now my sensors are not working so i’m totally relying on the rear camera and the old school rear view mirrors which is even

Now the best way to do it these sensors these 360 cameras they all help do not hundred percent rely on them unless and until you get a proper hang of it remember right now i’m going to get that ppf cut and also for a basic inspection i don’t see anything for now everything is like perfect they did a very good job rap style once again thank you so much for your

Amazing work anyone interested to get a ppf done on your car or your bike go check them out foreign how did you guys meet today you know what we are going crazy appreciation petrol and petro products everybody buy a tanker full of crude oil and keep it so april 2020 the petrol price was literally 70 rupees per liter so in case you have bought somewhere

Around thousand liters and today that would cost tires literally they’re so broken that you can see the tube inside yeah you change your alloys all together it seems it costs somewhere around 8 000 rupees i think that’s worth it because right now he has a tube tires he has two tube tire bikes you know what r19 is a tube everything is okay but this is one

Section we all should be very careful with chocolates and ice creams i suggest seventy percent dark for somebody of which sixty-three percent is white drop me to my place so these are the sensors which had ppf on it and now we removed it that is the main job and also one more thing i forgot to tell you there was no ppf on the headlights so now we have it and

It is important to get your headlights also covered with ppf because when you’re following a truck or something there’ll be small small stones that hit your headlight and you might have scratches the very important only he can see the details that we can’t see smell it smell it first he came in smelling like a dog okay i don’t know how many of you guys know

This i’m pretty sure a lot of you guys know this but you know why is she excited i’m giving her magic pops i’m pretty sure most of you guys know but for the ones who don’t know i’ll give you wait when you eat this it pops in your mouth it’s like tingling inside basically these are like small small micro crackers wait i’m giving you and best part is enjoying it

Very rare to find this you like it i like it you are one big actor those are all excuses you can dance you dance really well you have to dance i don’t have the talent so don’t dance she’s saying you’ll get a copyright if i sing and dance don’t worry about copyright if you want to dance tell me what is the plan we’re going to the mall to take this dad out

And the good thing is it’s nice to go today like it’s a weekday weekends is going to be a mess lot of public so it’s better to go on a weekday okay now the big question how do we go when i was telling her i want to buy the bmw but last time she sat on the ceretosis when before getting a bmw when did you last sit in the celtos before we got the bmw yeah i think

Every time you’re sitting in the bmw only because you used to come out you like the brand bmw bmw both the keys and going down because i can’t stop my excitement of driving the bmw see let’s go down and decide let’s take both the keys oh yeah excited luckily it’s not 8000 unfortunately we’re going in the bmw okay okay she doesn’t know her new car wow

What what a look water i really can’t believe that i got it i know i can see your face it’s like the first day when you got the car it’s the same i’m super excited for the car i want to tell them he’s asking me or do you want something can i get you something just a banana to go out you caught me i caught you i know you very well i just don’t say anything yeah

Obviously we want to take the car out so i’m like should i get milk packet first he would never ask me nowadays very generously asking you want something can i go get you something i know you’re better than you know yourself so you know me better than i know myself yeah i love the love of my life but oh yes i don’t know how did you say it actually that’s true i’m

Finding reasons to take out the cup i know like literally i mean definitely you have to be excited i mean we won’t be as excited as you guys i understand four guys automobiles is like their life and especially like this is a dream car i know it’s a bmw not everyone can easily achieve it we have to admit that i feel really good about that i feel proud that i

Achieved a bmw you know what i never imagined that i’ll get a bmw so soon in my life i mean of course i worked hard and but i did okay good i i know it’s not easy and you definitely worked hard and you definitely evolved work hard we did a lot of a lot of lot of things where yeah i could my life could have won yeah yeah and it’s always about taking risks in life

Which you did take in a bmw so i was i don’t know about you i was especially for the last few years no i was very sure that i’ll get a bmw or mercedes whatever it is the luxury car but i never thought now i thought there’s maybe two or three years more at least i knew it from the day you started watching those videos uh youtube all the recommendations will be

About bmw bmw bmw but for some years ah now abi i’m happy so i don’t think i’ll be changing anything now for the next four years unfortunately happened is very short lived up my mind till now i did not find any flock flaw it’s freaking so expensive it better not have flaws but yes one thing is for sure what i realized in life is anything you want in life you

Have to put full focus perseverance oh my god adjectives so when you met me first like did you think i mean after some time like after we started dating and all right did you ever think that uh i’m going to do something like this like what i like youtube and all that no i had no idea because you were into a lot of other things that i know you were you were into

Odd jobs and then you were you started some businesses before which you would have told me were not successful so i thought pakistan but then i knew you’d not work shimane cannot work with anybody so shima go let’s go that’s it tomorrow i want to travel somewhere i want this kind of life that’s how i design my life and everyone can do it you know it’s like you

Need to understand what you want first and you have to work towards it if you just think that i want this and just sit doing nothing about it nothing will change you have to work towards it i knew from the beginning that i wanted my life to be like this full of freedom and all whatever i want i want to do that i work towards that one thing i really hate about

Coming to malls is especially for a vlogger big cameras are not allowed we have to vlog with this we will have to vlog with this church or iphone camera get the job done but vocals are not that good okay one of the main reasons we’re killing time here is especially puja this was puja’s idea so that night you can play here just kidding actually we need to buy

Something also we need to buy baby bites i said tiger nice you likes french fries not like she loves french fries nice i like it you want idli no no you want dosa roti this is the food you need to actually eat we are eating once again back in the car that’s what abhitak and i did not puke in this car i hope that continues but one disadvantage is though we

Have the 30d engine though it’s a very powerful engine 650 and a torque and all this but still i can’t drive hard because when naisha and pooja are there have don’t know the power of this car she’s been driving in this car like very slowly now we’re getting eleven eleven point one kilometers for a liter by the way a lot of people asked me what is the mileage

Of the 30 day engine for the x4 in proper traffic if you drive like slowly in a comfort mode you’re getting around 11.2 as of which is pretty decent you

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Fuel Economy of the BMW X4 🤦🏼‍♂️ By Sriman Kotaru

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