forza horizon 5 encore un electr
Altair Club Cars Forza Horizon 5 : ENCORE UN ELECTRIQUE NUL ? Ford Mustang Mach-e RTR

Forza Horizon 5 : ENCORE UN ELECTRIQUE NUL ? Ford Mustang Mach-e RTR

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Jo people i hope you are well i find you today for a new video on ford at horizon five a video in which we will leave together for a new test and improvements with this vehicle which has just been added to the game with the new update is the new story mexico drift club this car is the ford mustang macke electric drift rtr so to unlock it is enough to have completed the six

Chapters if he says no nonsense about this new story of drift then young a little bit tried and you will see it i think in this video this vehicle no not so much more than that so it is where the stock remains 1,900 and it is anjou of circuits usually this kind of vehicle with this kind of stats i tested them on the top 10 with knox is in fact it honestly does not have

Great handling and above all it has a v max which in any case almost automatically disqualifies it since we only have 2 195 km/h in v-max where we top e t that we find boxes that make 390 400 or even more it’s a long time when you go to improve your car according to how you want to adjust so no top gear xx weddings with this one anyway it’s with one rather designed for

Drifting so don’t really see the point of tt on a straight line it has an advantage this vehicle is that they added a new feature with this one looked at the bottom right of the screen we can change the transmission mode can going from herde help you to awd and vice versa so rwc propulsion so basically the power on the rear wheels and dubbed from its four wheel drive so

World power and four wheels basically four wheel drive it’s good when you’re accelerating when you do maybe i don’t know about time attack this kind of thing and propus is rather good for drifting is on the other hand the type of transmission neither modifiable when you are at a complete stop that is to say at 0 km hour i.e. q ue you can’t we’re going to say say go i launch

My vehicle in four-wheel drive and oyonnax viral i pass propulsion for drift and it’s just not possible because in fact this vehicle there when you go from four-wheel drive to drive by the reverse rather finally any direction is in four driving wheels you have 1400 horses thanks to the seven electric motors which are engaged this car there either when you pass in clean and

You have i believe 2 or 3 motors less which functions and you only have the motors at the rear which turn suddenly not necessarily it’s not possible to activate that while you are so here it is not incredible incredible it makes the equivalent of 1400 horsepower in electric of 2 tons was telling you vmax about 295 km hour up to 315 depending on the settings you really do

A lorient setting max speed and the expiration between two seconds 7 for the 0 to 100 and 3 seconds from there also depending on how you do it will have settled so here it is stylish it has a face that on the other hand clearly for once i must have something is that i’m not an electric fan you know if you’ve been following for a while i really don’t like it i’m almost anti

Electric cars i don’t like suvs but for once this one because electric suv i do n’t hate them because in fact they are a little original compared to the whole range of suvs that come either from china that are everything really looks alike on the german side who in the end have almost all more or less the same bases the same chassis and they all have the same face this one

Still has a little line apart from the taillights really stylish mustang the large grille at the front and the small lights are frankly rather cool after good here is template and followed his lessons and his poses it’s because i prefer but for an suv this one has a lot of mouth i find besides that he has a small infinite side he has a small class side elects i find it that

Other purposes a lot of other subjects don’t have so that’s the telemetry of simply showing here that in 4 bd mode we only have 800 horsepower available and when in four-wheel drive we have 1400 horsepower so that’s it for this completely original little tour we will soon be going to improve this vehicle there which you probably doubt as the cost of your electric choice is

Good where a lot of electric vehicles per year to talk about cars when we followed in the end well he n there aren’t a lot of upgrades available so let’s go we’re going to the garage i’ll show you all that i think what we’re going to do is improve it crowd like we’re going to do a race just for the sake of see how far level 1 can go disperse and then in the end we will put

In drift parts and have been able to test it on a large drift zone to see if i improve a little but score if there is really a way to do something with it in drift or if it’s a bit of a worn experience less except for those who are really fans of its design so we ‘re going to see our little car improvements we’ll obviously adjust afterwards as usual i’m sharing my basic

Adjustment by the way we’re going to start with the tires is what we were in rift outfit name was not in rift outfit were dense not basic sport so we’re going to put on a golf course just click here just to give an overview of monday max attainable performance we’re going we’re going to improve everything there that’s really not a vehicle in the end which is especially

Interesting to drive crowd stocks so keeping rustock parts is lived like that it’s not it’s not incredible on the other hand there is a thing that i would have to animate to have on this game c it’s a shame it doesn’t offer the possibility of stopping the rtr kit it’s true that we’re usually all in mode yeah it’s great when a bodywork team and we can apply them to our

Vehicles well here we go usually it’s true this one i would have liked to have see that she doesn’t have the mcs them normally there for the rp to see a little bit what it could have looked like on this game too performance levels but here we have only the earth r version i don’t know if we will have the mas that a normal day i think the means that if given that ford and

Forza or excellent reports by the way ford manages one of the biggest teams nor sport i believe for forza motorsport with the ford dia is good precisely it is made jokes with ford za so here it is, well here we go, we’ll see if one day we always add a lot of ford to all the games of this license i think we had that neither vosges hear it goes pretty well i was in the process

To tell me there are two categories of people there are people who like me usually in real life tend to try to put on the same rims more or less in any case people of hostile resemblance let’s say basic rims while customizing them a little to have something a little pa r tony zay and to the second category to which i belong today it is people who put something completely

Different and in truth it is people of my only case and i must admit that i receive here it makes rather well since we have a kind of follow the only case in the film they know how to follow each other and very angular the true american the front side it said the big grille and the lights it looks like yeah it looks a bit cheap and infiniti but the rear really we recognize

The mustang well it’s quite hot here’s just the profile if it’s hyper au in fact to a ground clearance which is really hot phew in fact without having huge wheel arches have more for the whole ground it limits a bit so here it is the mouth there is something in any case we can we can not like it we can like it contrary to much disappointed v or when we see them in the end we

Just say we can not say much we can’t really say we hate we can really say we have appreciate him well at least he has this advantage there we can say things about it we will listen we will fight like that we will quickly look at the settings there really we are going on a two shore preparation so don’t drift i realized that i didn’t put the right suspensions on or digested

Modifying that after the village where we quickly looked at the settings and we’re going to suddenly have our own propulsion mode with 1400 horsepower on the rear wheels unlike the pro mode that could be integrated into the base vehicle which actually does not leave a few engines under the king look to finally be updated this thursday but which of the cuckoo simply those

Of the front and we have less power there we will have 1400 horses direct on the rear wheels we look a little bit at the different setting options afterwards i think we will leave more or less as it was so that’s it i put the rift suspensions which allows us to modify a little bit good ackermann and you and share my setting so with the pseudo equinox y t2 here was thinking

Of the little 2s otherwise well it’s not my settings it’s my settings of 95 counts but it’s been a very long time since i published and second thing i don’t know where the adjustment is called real pros no more here if i ever eat several companies by then i’m going to l’oréal drift we can mimic stage is true so here we go we’re going to suddenly this risk zone is the most

Big boujou currently on it gt5 anything you have to do 500 mo a three-star port i made a 938 points with the soukra formula drift well i didn’t particularly well classify you foodingues 23% worldwide don’t know incredible but i i’ve never been very good that is to say that the one that a vine to complete for a 3 star and who sees there i passed the knock so there we will

Apply in version manages to do better than with this pro soup formula drift or if it’s really a hassle there is a little trick all the same in claw to know if they receive lament now some adjustments there it’s really not gross rustock bag without adjustment even hears just a pro mode more it is good that certain turns in fact the cream its toast not bad the advantage of

The boosts that we have no report and we just have to talk about the accelerator that we want without getting bored with the gears to be really stalled as we wish, on the other hand it is already very long to improve it is still a ton 9 and cj gallop in fact for to stay that we want to make him change direction it’s a boat with a thing in fact it’s really a hassle it’s very

Complicated so already it’s been a little relou and and so damn good maybe the second problem i don’t know if it’s really related to its height and it’s that in fact with other boxes, for example with the family in drifting, you can put yourself at almost 90 degrees in relation to the viral while maintaining control almost perfect it’s a car that is to say that really take

Angles hyper madmen really there it travels the four thousand degrees and after 2 and your acceleration or your direction a bit like a double to leave in luck whoever you want with this one i have the impression that as soon as we arrive close to the 70 degrees 615 in the end the mass transfers mean that it’s him after he decides and it’s not you so it’s a little boring

Sadr a lot on long turns like the one that’s going to happen i think by the way maybe no console here still its place we live rather well managed and therefore not bad year after year for something that makes two tons of eggs it is very good in flagship claws tons of flour tons it does the job happens when a fall vehicle after globally compared to all vehicles in the game

All are currently available and the rest of the meta drift does not look family the complexion sister vehicle which is ok third in flowing drift people but we will say that by costs which is really t designed for that to be also we’re going to say not terrible it’s a little bad even if there we will probably do better compared to the world which remains i think we will do

Better in the score someone may have to do almost a million points moreover what is with a world record it starts is nice it’s twice the sport that costs around three debates suddenly he saw how the parties for sure we will make friends so yeah vehicle on which there are things to say already it’s not bad actually i ‘m still going to pass for m critical because it’s true

That lately we haven’t necessarily had the most vague additions everything on the game tends in any case this third week talked about the nissan gt-r and the ferrari that was really crazy and to test it not too much my cam the mini electric it’s not too my cam points here we went to eat 3 concludes salah in real life i really left with a big negative a priori because it

Followed more electric and in does it just go low for a drift experience if not in the rift moors and for a vehicle that put out 400 horsepower and has such a big spoiler such a big aero kit actually isn’t crazy we can in all the gaps and in pure performance so it’s a vehicle to unlock if you like evening in its face either if you’re really an electric fan or if you’re a

Collector like me after if you’re looking for something for the outright loss to make it s2 vs 1 and win your races it’s not terrible and if you don’t care what car you want i was just looking for a good while dribbling it doesn’t bother you unlock because you will have better somewhere else for less and easier unlocked after that for collectors or consult the pretty it’s

Pretty good and then suddenly we’re going to get to the end of this little video we’ll certainly find us a small vma test very anti acceleration tests we pure and hard to see a little bit what it can give i still take the opportunity as usual to remind you if you like meglio t he support graphically simply by leaving like years to you by subscribing sorry and sharing the

Video you can obviously find us on twitch for those who wish to see me live in live machine you will be like pizzas in descriptions and profitable comments so do not hesitate to come and follow me here is simply free will allow you to receive alerts if you have amazon prime think that you have to support the channel for free by using your twitch prime on a twitch machine

It will allow you to support me for free let’s take advantage of lots of little bonuses and it costs me nothing more i was found on twitter don’t hesitate not to come on twitter that i am active level social networks level news level publish level message level don’t hesitate and then well as usual thought of using world farm is rather free support link its on this video

To make your purchases it also allows you to save a lot of money in general used standing medium to buy your games your subscription cards internet medium to buy your pc components your peripherals everything that goes with and life for those who wish to maintain this long term as usual do not hesitate to become our support for my youtube channel via the red button of this

Video there are many different subscriptions and that supports me from phew and that you also benefits more relations we will see that you have chosen so do not hesitate to take a little look and then web listen we are going to do a little a little test of vmax and we will be it will be good oh yes i i don’t talk too much about the sound it’s true that for people like me

The fanboys of the 80s 90s of cars the big displacement good the electric one is this big problem we will say that those who really like to drive it is this like the basic autonomy is the sound is real c this one would make a sound simply he makes a are annoying is what you prefer no sound 1 are annoying personally i prefer one are useless to pommels annoying that no sense

At all so it makes an extremely strident extremely high-pitched sound it looks like we just have the sound of a v8 compressor but without the 8 on the just the trilogy compressor thing that in the end all the series compressors created but here i prefer sacred and then bah it’s sure its 312 could sit down that i will cut this video wish you all a good day hello to all ciao

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Forza Horizon 5 : ENCORE UN ELECTRIQUE NUL ? Ford Mustang Mach-e RTR By Eckinox

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