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Altair Club Cars Forza Horizon 5 : 1500 Horsepower Audi RS7-R Customization (FH5 Audi RS7)

Forza Horizon 5 : 1500 Horsepower Audi RS7-R Customization (FH5 Audi RS7)

Forza Horizon 5’s Audi RS7-R is here! We’re checking out the new FH5 2021 Audi RS7 with ABT Customization and 1500 Horsepower to build a Stance Car, Drift Car and Drag Car! Subscribe for more FH5 Gameplay, Let’s Plays Customization and more!

Welcome back to forza horizon 5. it’s another week in mexico and this week there’s actually two brand new audis for us to unlock this is the 2021 audi unlock the audi rs7 we need to get 20 points in the autumn season and if you did your homework last week and got a bunch of points in the summer season you can also unlock this the brand new audi e-tron we’re actually

Going to be unlocking that thing tomorrow so if you want to see it makes you subscribe i have some hot takes on the audi rse trunks so be on the lookout for that video tomorrow before we get into the rs7 today though what is in the forzathon shop holo performance truck i have no idea what that hoodie is but i really like it i’m taking it give me my rs6 please

What rs7 please i promise i know what car i’m unlocking this week and just like that the audi rs7 has been unlocked twitch chat is already telling me there’s a bunch of body parts for this thing from ebt we will check those out in one second let’s give this thing a ghost stop i like it as per usual this wouldn’t be an ar-12 video without any fun facts about the

Monstrously cool audi rs7 usually in these videos i like to tell you cool stories of where the car came from who made it and stuff like that the problem with cars nowadays is they really don’t have a very interesting backstory howdy created this thing in the mid 2010s because they wanted to appeal to rich people so they made it audi and vw as a whole has absolutely

Nailed this thing it’s actually the same engine that’s in like the cayenne turbo the panamera turbo it’s also in the lamborghini urus and the audi rs q8 it is literally the german equivalent of dodge going let’s just put a v8 in everything and see what happens except these ones have big twin turbos i think if we upgrade those turbos we will get even more scooter

Two from this thing the rs7 isn’t exactly the lightest car ever made well it’s mid 4 000 pounds is it not which is just insane i absolutely love the audi rs cars and this one is no exception this thing is beautiful in fh5 it drives awesome i wanna go see what customization we’ve got because i think we’re gonna make this thing look really really sick i’m gonna sort

Of kind of try to turn this thing into a race car but instead of going all in to turning it into a race car why don’t i turn it into like a super slam luxurious limo stance nation version i want to race it but if i come last i’ll still be in a really cool looking car engine swaps for this thing we’ve got the v8 twin turbo we can swap in the audi r8 v10 a 2jz and

And a 6.5 v12 i will stay stock engine thank you very much i am also going to stay all-wheel drive we’ve got some abt parts look at that wait this turns it into the rs7r no that is so cool look at all of the carbon fibery bits that is sick i love that little carbon fiber rear lip in in real life that probably cost like 5k or something rs7r rear bumper i love the

Quad exhaust are those carbon fiber exhausts or are they just blacked out anyways they look super good and we’ve got some side skirts yes abt literally nails their parts on today’s episode of nick has no taste in rims bro oh those are pretty cool then i’ve got some engine spacers to bring them out and make them extra wide very nice i’m also going to make my tires a

Little bit wider they go from a 285 to a 315 that is insane correction i’m gonna put it on rally tires that should give us a little bit extra grip look at the size of the brakes on this thing no i can’t swap those i so can’t swap those the brakes are so sick they’re enormous i’m leaving the stock brakes four thousand four hundred pounds 660 horsepower we should be

Faster through the corners but more importantly we are very cool looking we have silver silver not silver also not silver silver and blue and red audi is very creative when it comes to their color department in true audi fashion though i am going to paint this with primer every single color this car looks good in every single almost every single color this car

Looks good off to the event lab this is the coolest car in the game i’m not i’m not lying abt literally makes the coolest cars they just do did you hear that noise oh my god it’s so angry i’m as you might have noticed i am a big audi sim i love the rs3 i love the rs5 the rs7 is just incredible i love these big audis they just look awesome they drive awesome i

Think the only car that could top this for me is the audi rs6 i often times get the question what is my favorite car genuinely the audi rs6 is my favorite car and since the rs7 is kind of close i think you can see why i like this so much anyways let’s see is it a good race car that is my question come on i do have those rally tires so i should be able to put it

In the dirt and go for a couple of quarter cuts here and there i i never said i like this thing because it was fast i’m gonna go out at a limb and say that right now the rs7 has got to get this plebi little thing here we go up the inside i am a boat i will run you off the road oh my god they look so good together they look so good hit me i think that’s actually

A good way to explain these cars there is no need for an audi rs7 in your life but i think we would all agree we would like an rs7 in our life that was good but i think i can make it better we are jeremy clarkson from the grand tour this is a rally car and i will turn it into such i mean it’s already a rally car i’m just gonna make it a better rally car at least

Better than a shitty subaru and a crashed mitch crashed mitsubishi chuck on some big chunky boys then i need my wrc suspension then maximum weight reduction sub 4000 pounds that’s pretty good i think i am gonna have to actually upgrade the brakes like it’s just it’s so worth it but it’s just not as cool now i’m i’m sorry i actually need to swap the engine for this

Thing to be top of s1 you know what if i am going to swap the engine i think i’ve got to keep it in the audi family v10 even with the v10 you still can’t get to the top of s1 okay i’m leaving it a thousand two hundred horsepower who said this isn’t a rally car twitch chat is literally yelling at me it’s not a rally car i mean it could be if you stood really far

Away and squinted then it is a rally car here we go look at me go i’m already overtaking people keep it going clipping the checkpoints look at this who said this isn’t a rally car the v10 soundtrack is actually such a flex as well a screaming audi slash lamborghini v10 is just insane here we go there we go beautiful it goes it just goes it might weigh more never

Mind it is not a businessman’s car i can tell you that for sure considering it is a boat i think we should give it a boaty name twitch chat what should we name this car you know how boats have funny names i need a funny name for my outfit hms cuatro hms cuatro is such a good name do you think we could turn the audi rs7 into a 10 second car rules for this i’m not

Gonna engine swap i want to see if we can get a sub 10 second i’m also not gonna weight reduction you wouldn’t weigh reduction of quattro in real life i’m i’m not gonna do it to this thing wait what is the rear wing look like just out of interest never mind i just ruined my day i’m gonna go for some lightweight rims and go try hard mode very nice i will get some

Better brakes because they do remove about a hundred pounds out of this thing that is definitely worth it i’m also gonna go for race suspension and my anti-roll bars 4 400 pounds 850 horsepower i don’t know if that’s enough i feel like i say this every single week if you want a quarter-mile drag strip the developers didn’t make one don’t worry i did there is the

Share code we are closing in on 100 000 plays of my quarter mile drag strip that is crazy twitch chat make your prediction now for what time you think it’s gonna do i don’t know if we’re gonna be able to get this thing under 10 sec oh my god it’s so slow it’s so slow that was close that was close that was very close 10.1 show me a nine please please show me a

Nine i don’t know why my car did like a little weird turn right off the start there oh i forgot to mess with my gears no shift oh i think that was a ten dead ten one two a teeny tiny bit of weight reduction would have made the difference right now this is so tough come on audi please please get there i think that was i think that was a 10-0 yes i know with a

Little bit more try hard tuning you could definitely get that into the nines with the rules that i implemented there all right it’s time to take hms quattro to a drift zone 1000 500 horsepower from the v12 that’s what we’re going with we are going full-on balls to the wall with this okay if i’ve got a thousand five hundred horsepower i’ve gotta drift it all wheel

Drive actually i’ve already got drag tires so that kind of works you know what i think the only thing i need is just drift suspension and maximum weight reduction 1 500 horsepower audi rs7 you know what i gotta whip this out at my favorite drift zone all the way over here oh my god the sound i do apologize oh that’s not a good noise but just just go and let’s see

What hap oh my god it’s a good drift car a thousand five hundred horsepower was definitely the right idea keep it on the road it’s not exactly the road first attempt and i drove off road 212 000. i am literally a walking driving skill issue in hms cuatro the rain is actually giving me more grip don’t ask how that makes sense but trust me it actually does i’m so

Not getting as many points this time not even close to as many points as i need there’s two hundred thousand two hundred and twenty thousand i’m gonna give this one more attempt i feel like this thing actually works in oh that’s so smooth that’s so smooth through there it just it goes there we go hold it hold it hold it beautiful oh my god this this is the run

This is it run it wide wide wide more angle please more angle please this is it i think come on ah 200 and 000. so not only does this audi look just so cool it’s also just awesome to drive audi rs6 with abt parts is the only way this thing is getting one up that’s it you

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