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Ford Transit Connect XLT Passenger Wagon

It’s not the prettiest face on the block, but will its capability win you over?

This is a 2024 transit xlt passenger wagon and today we’re going to review it hey folks i’m rob and i’m nate and we are two guys in a ride safe to date nate what are we doing hey today we’re at the minneapolis convention center at the minneapolis auto show that’s right we’re going to review some cars for you and if you want to keep up to date with all the new

Cars trucks and suv’s and want to know how to use all the technology that’s built inside plus should like cool collector car stories take a moment if that’s ascribe button down below i think that bail notification of above c and never miss a video that’s right so what do you say mate look for arrived oh yes ford says if moving people is your business the transit

Connect passenger wagon is built for comfort and service the passenger wagon is versatile and flexible enough to keep up with everything life might throw your weight of course with up to one hundred and forty five point eight cubic feet of cargo space the cargo van version is built for business and engineered to withstand the severity of every day on the job

Duty starting at 24,000 275 for the xl cargo van twenty six thousand seven hundred for the xlt cargo van twenty seven thousand oh 20 for the xl passenger wagon and twenty nine thousand 135 for the xlt passenger wagon then finally thirty two thousand 250 for the titanium passenger wagon trim this is the 2024 transit connect xlt passenger wagon now the transit is

Powered by two litre inline-four engine with auto start/stop technology that produces 150 horsepower and one forty-four pound-feet of torque there is an optional 2.5 liter iv ct in line for gas engine that produces 169 horsepower and 171 pounds of torque both are driven by an 8-speed selectshift automatic transmission now out front there are auto high high beam

Headlights with wiper activated headlights and configurable daytime running lights down below we have the halogen fog lights and you see there is a multi bar grille with a chrome surround and it does have body coloured painted body color painted bumpers now up top there are variable intermittent rain sensing front wipers as well let’s take a look along the side

Okay along the side we see it does have the nice alloy wheels that are wrapped in p2 1555 are 1697 h xl all season tires now this front suspension on this is mcpherson struts and the rear is a twist beam with stabilizer bar there are also power front and rear disc brakes with anti-lock brakes there are also power adjust powerful wood heated exterior mirrors and

It does have body color door handles on this version and you do have the nice body colored rough strip down below there’s also a capless fuel fill and this also does have dual sliding doors let’s take a look out back k out back this is one solid large rear liftgate and you see there is the rear view camera out here you have the painted accents you have the wiper

It is a here heated rear window and it is a body colored bumper and you see the backup sensors as well okay so there is a short wheelbase and a long wheelbase version depending if it’s a cargo wagon or if it’s the passenger wagon so i’ll give you the dimensions on the short wheelbase and the long wheelbase dimensions are down below in the description so inside the

Cargo length at the floor is fifty four point nine inches cargo link that the belt is fifty point nine inches cargo width between the wheel houses is 47 inch and max cargo height is forty nine point four inches now maximum payload is eleven hundred and forty pounds the vehicle’s overall width is 84 inches front track 61 point four rear track 61.7 and it rides on a

Wheelbase of one hundred and four point eight inches again short wheelbase one hundred and seventy four point two overall length overall height 72 inches rear door opening height forty five point four inches rear door opening width at the floor 47 inches side door opening width twenty four point two inches side door opening height thirty seven point six inches load

Floor height twenty two point five inches it does have a turning circle of thirty eight point three feet now base curb weight for the two leader is 3581 pounds and four thousand nineteen pounds for the 2.5 litre towing capacity two thousand pounds fuel tank capacity eight excuse me fifteen point eight gallons epa fuel rating twenty four city twenty seven highway

Basic warranty coverage three years thirty six thousand miles limited powertrain warranty five years sixty thousand miles and it does have a roadside assistance program that’s five years sixty thousand okay now let’s take a look inside but before we do take a moment click on that like button down below and click on that subscribe button as well okay nate come on

In take it away alright so stepping inside the floor to connect sign out the door you do have auto up and down on all four windows and then of course you have your mirror controls your logon lock buttons you have a speaker in the door and then you have nice thoughts down in here you have a built in bottle holder but i keep a cap on it moving on down here you have

The hood release and then back here on the seat now the driver side you have six-way power and on the passenger you have 4-way manual adjustments okay you do have down here you do have a total telescope is manual hey and of course you have your lighting controls without a lights and you have fog lamps and of course these are your brightness and difference for your

Dash control this particular vehicle is not powered up so i can’t show you anything other than the buttons and what they do over here you have all of your drivers information buttons so this would affect what shows up in your screen you have your cruise control settings down here and then over here you have volume you have your phone on off you have your voice

Command and then well this is phone on this is phone off over here or it could also just be skip a station go forward station okay i’ma turn single-stock you do have a button here that turns on your your lane centering assists right here okay and then you do out of course have your brights right here that you can flash or turn on over on this side you just have your

Standard windshield wiper controls and then you do have washer button and rear wiper on the end of the stock and then of course this is the the speed okay moving on over to the dashboard what i think is kind of interesting and really nice is that you actually have a wireless charger right here which i would not have expected on transfer that’s really nice you’ve

Got a nice nice sized infotainment screen display and then you have some physical controls you right here you’re gonna be able to access your basic settings that your your base and your treble and your balance rewind fast-forward skip a station player pause and then blank the screen out so if it’s too bright at night you can click that it shuts the whole screen

Off click it again it comes back on in addition to a volume button a power button and then a physical scrolling tune button alright so coming on down here to the climate control system this is a try zone climate control the second row passengers have their own fan speed and temperature controls but otherwise up here you’ve got all just all the standard controls

That you would normally have here’s your fan speed up here these are physical push buttons and then you do have the sink or the dual button if you want to change temperatures back to everything being the same okay over here you’ve got an auto start/stop defeat button right there you’ve got a traction control off or on here and then you do have an eco mode okay the

Shifter i like it’s not a rotary dial it’s just a standard shifter you do have a plus or minus on the side if you want to shift somewhat manually and moving on down here you’ve got your dual usb plugins along with a 12-volt plug in and that will access the apple carplay and android auto on the infotainment system and then you have dual cupholders right here along

With some storage right here and i like it that it’s rubberized a little bit just to give it a little grip okay and then moving back here you’ve got your center armrest storage area which is fairly deep but there are no additional plugins or lights or anything in there but it’s pretty nice for you know it’s not huge but it’s pretty deep which is nice moving on up

Here you’ve got your sister standard light controls for the dome lights in the car all right this is kind of an interesting configuration so if i pull if i push right here i get a glass holder but if i pull here i get a little conversation here so kind of things is nice nice idea to put in there you have very large sun visors when i say large i mean really large

These are like two to three times the two and a half times the size of a normal one hey they’re not backlit but you do have a mirror on each side and then above this you do have some storage so you can put things on top of here long as we’re big enough not to fall through these little cracks right which is nice now the visors are telescoping and of course tilt and

The rear-view mirror is an automatic dimming rearview mirror and then you do have some grab handles on either side in the front right here connected to this bit alright let’s take a step into the second row and take a look at it all right so stepping into the captain’s chairs on the second row this is very comfortable you have plenty of knee room i’ve got you know

A couple inches here i’m set a little crooked but that’s where the seat was so you know about four inches i’ve got about a mile of headroom i can hardly stretch my fingers between my head of course i’m yeah i know i don’t have a lot of hair up there but nonetheless dank you’ve got a nice step through right here it’s a nice wide area to get into that third roll if

You want to use that i like the fact that you have arm rests so you do have dual seat back pockets right here you’ve got 12-volt outlet here you have got a 110 150 watt household plug in and then you do have your own fan speed and temperature control the seats are not adjustable as far as forward and back but there is a lever and it’s right down in here you can see

That one right there i pull that i can recline the seat so i do have some recline and i have a nice arm handle okay so one of the unique things this has is some under the passenger seat storage so you just lift this up you can pull this out and you’ve got a fairly you know probably almost a foot long foot long by you know they have footing three inches wide storage

Right it’s all carpet underneath there and then you can just put the cat back in you know so that you can that latches so it stays in place kind of neat alright let’s let’s step into the third row third row is as small as you’d expect it to be would be good for children or a small adult on a short trip you do have some ventilation vents here which you can turn on

Or off so you have the cup holder down here and then you have some storage down here that i want to show you can’t really see but that’s how deep it is and you could store probably a small child in there yeah don’t do that but i mean it’s really deep and and it’s the same on both sides there are no usb plug ins or anything down here so the one the nice thing about

The bird rear seat is that i move my leg here you can see there is a grab handle so if i spy the seats all the way back i actually have close to four inches of leg space between my knees and the front seat with it set at it you know a fairly normal angle plenty of head space in the third row and when you slide the seats backwards you have very little store space

In the back for luggage but you have lots of legroom so to get out of the third row you can just of course walk back out through the two captains chairs or you have these two pull ropes here okay this first one is gonna lay the seat down flat like this okay you pull it forward and i get to lift the seat up and i can rotate the whole thing forward and it sits down

Nice and flat so you have a little more city just want to sit in the back room and have your legs up on there you certainly cut her just a little more storage room here it’s an interesting configuration but it works and to get it backed up you just have to pull this again pull the whole seat back up and then latch it down and grab this one whole seat backed up thanks for watching you

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Ford Transit Connect XLT Passenger Wagon By Two Guys and a Ride

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