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Altair Club Cars FORD TRANSIT CONNECT MICRO CAMPER VAN BUILD SIDE MIRROR UPGRADE: how to remove / replace wing mirror


Join us as we figure out how to remove and install new side/wing mirrors on our 2013 Ford Transit Connect. We decided to upgrade our side mirrors to have better blind spots while driving!

Hello and welcome. we are mike and heather, and we  own a 2013 ford transit connect that we converted   into a camper van. now one of the things that  we are wanting to upgrade on our van are our   side mirrors. so we have the american model that  has the smaller side mirrors, but we’re gonna fix   that today thanks to you all who

Told us that the  uk version of our van actually has larger windows.   we built out the back obviously, and have made  some adjustments to some of the things inside,   parts ourselves. we’ve watched a youtube video,   but we’re going to make sure that we document  this really well in case any one of you are   looking to

Make a similar change to yours. what  he’s trying to say is that we’re a little bit   a youtube video so how hard could it be.   okay with the ford transit connect there aren’t  the best sight lines because you don’t have   windows, at least in our model, on either of the  cargo doors or in the back. so all you have is  

Being able to look out the window and then these  small mirrors which have a very small blind   spot mirror within them. we were interested in  upgrading those to something larger and we did see   that the uk model did have a larger side mirror,  so we started looking into that and eventually,   there we go. okay when you compare

These even  just side by side you can see that you have a   lot more for the blind spot and a pretty equal  amount of space for the mirror itself. so we’re   uk model. you can see that there’s a difference   in orientation, but if you look they’re not really  that different in actual size. the orientation   though is a

Lot better for the sight lines that  we’re hoping to get because this just hasn’t been   offering us the visibility that we would prefer  with not having the sight lines out the windows.   so being able to have this type of view i think is  going to be a lot better. to do that we now open   this up and here’s the hard part. this

Panel is  actually going to be coming out in order to get to   the electrical connection for the mirror which  is housed behind here. so we have some screws   that are along the sides here, and one behind  the door handle in here, and then we actually   have the screws that are holding the mirror in  place over here. we’re

Going to start by taking   all these off, and to do that you actually need  a star bit attachment so that you can get into   it is a little bit intimidating to be  unscrewing stuff and putting it back  together so it’s not unbelievably difficult.   fingers crossed. there’s actually a few screws  on the door panel that are

Hidden that you have   to remove before you can actually take this piece  off. there are a couple behind this piece of the   bit of a circle that you actually have to pop   a cap off with. so i’ve got a really small flat  heather’s much more dexterous than i am so she  was actually able to get that little piece out.  

I’m putting them in my pocket so hopefully we  don’t lose any of this. and then you can see right   in there is another one of those little screws.  and then we just have to figure this part out.   if you need i can put my fingernails into it to  like… oh you got it. good job. that’s why you’re   the boss. hang on don’t

Celebrate yet. teamwork.  there we go. it’s really dirty, like everything   else in our van. yeah. all right so now we just  okay, it’ll just slide off right on the handle.  oh, okay. and then we’ve got these two hidden back   here. is this going to reach? so for this lower  one you definitely are going to need an extension  

Actually probably all of these hidden ones   pop off the door panel. oh there it is.   task is to unhook the wire, which is up here.   yeah uh we didn’t think are the plugs gonna be the  same. yeah they look like they will be. hopefully.   so we managed to get the door off and get to the  spot where we would plug in our

New mirrors, but   the plug for the us version is not the same as  the uk version, for the actual dial mechanism. so   like there’s a spot where it should be but it   must be like the. us one blocks that off, and i’m  imagining in the uk the square one is blocked off.   one is a square and one is a circle. not sure if 

That makes a whole lot of sense, but basically we   might have to buy another part to be able to do  this because i don’t know if that’s gonna plug   into the us version of the dial. we’ll play with  this a little bit, see what we can figure out,   and like heather said, if we have to order an  additional part that’s not too big

A deal. yeah   we’re figuring all this out as we go. and so what  we’re going to do is at least get the new mirrors   mounted. they don’t need to plug in. we can still  kind of reach out and adjust things manually for   the new mirrors and then we’ll go from there.   if he can finagle anything. other than that  

Maybe an adapter piece of some sort. but   until then we’ll just adjust them manually and  we’re still going to go ahead with our plan of   actually on with these three bolts over here.   so i have a 9/32 socket and just going to take  watch this not be a problem at all actually.  you’re gonna find something right behind

This   so that has to come out, and the other  okay. so it turns out it’s not the wrong  piece, we’re just really dumb. i wouldn’t   any better, and we hadn’t gotten this far in.   panel that controlled the mirrors. that piece   actually didn’t need to get disconnected it turns  out. we disconnected it, which it’ll

Allowed us   to get to everything behind the door a lot more  easily, so i think that wasn’t the wrong move.   our mistake was thinking that that’s where the  mirror connected into, and that’s not, that’s   not the case. so the thing we just pulled out is  actually where our new mirror is going to plug in,   and

It looks like it might be the same thing. so  basically we thought that this square plug, the   one that went into the mechanism was actually the  part of the mirror but it’s not. the part of the   mirror is the correct one with that circular one  so it’s not that the uk version is any different,   the right area to be able

To plug that in.   that’s gonna come out from here. okay so   this is the old mirror that has this is the plug  to connect into the electrical system in the car,   and this is the new mirror that also has the same  plug. so i’m sure there’s plenty of you guys being   like duh, but again this is the first time we’re 

Doing anything like this. so when we saw that part   we thought that that was the mirror. that that  was this long part. but we’re very happy that we   were wrong. yeah, okay. i’m texting my dad never  mind we’re just dumb, we figured it out. this   piece is gonna go back into here to heather. so  that little pushpin one goes in

Up there. okay.   in and we’re good to go. it looks good,   it fits good. don’t jinx it. we’ve got the the  new plug for the mirror fed through. we got this   piece plugged back in here. there’s a little clip  that it goes over, so that’s all mounted in okay.   heather got this out without it breaking which  is really

Cool. and so you can see those fit   back in here. and if i break this when i put it  in i’m gonna be really upset. i think that’s in   okay. so that’s remounted. all in all i think if  we would have just proceeded with the mirrors and   not thought that we were off base when we got to  this point we wouldn’t have had as much

Hassle   with it. but it really wasn’t something that was  beyond our skill, and that is like a zero on a one   to ten of car knowledge. that’s not, that’s not  true. we probably are a little bit better than   a zero. but we’re not car people by any means.  this wasn’t that labor intensive. you probably   do need some

Specialized tools like the star bit  in order to get the panel off but aside from that   it really was pretty straightforward. getting the  door off was a lot easier than we thought. we just   thinking that that was the plug because we kind   of panicked as soon as we saw that, and didn’t  realize that there’s a plug inside the

Door that   the mirror actually goes into, and that this has  nothing to do with the mirror itself, other than   actually a super simple process. and now that   we know it we’re gonna just streamline it for  the other side, and hopefully show you in a   little bit more detail now that we’ve figured  this just sits right

Back over the  so now that we mostly know what we’re doing. we  can actually give it to you in steps this time. so   step one remove the door… what is this called?  i’ve been calling it a panel. in the video we   watched someone called it a um… cap? door cap?  no. was it? did he say door cap? what did he say?   remember

When i said we mostly know what we’re  doing. we don’t know what any of these parts are   called. but step one of, of uh… changing your  mirrors. yeah step one of changing your mirrors,   he called it a card. so we’re calling it a   this plastic piece, yes, comes off. so  the outer section, and then three in  and then two in

The stationary handle. and  so there’s a circle tab there, and then this  whole panel comes off. and then you’ll be able   to get to the one screw in here. and then the two  in here. we have this really thin flathead kind   of screwdriver, i think something that would work  on maybe your eyeglasses or something along that  

Line, for how small it is to be able to fit behind  here and pop that loose. ah there it is. there   we go. on this piece there’s actually a little  opening on the bottom of it that you can actually   feed another small screwdriver through and it’ll  help push this away, and then you can just kind   of get underneath this to pry it

Free. you can see  the edges start to kind of come up. there we go.   okay so then this piece comes off. there’s little  lips that’ll keep it in place. and then there are   have all nine screws gone from around the door,   as well as the three in the middle so now we’re  gonna pop it off starting at the bottom because  

This top part sits over on kind of like a ledge.  so you want to pull up from the bottom and then up   so that way you’re not breaking the ledge part of  the door. we’ll just kind of pull away from here   take off this little part. oh good call.   pretty easy. …from around the door. that   way this doesn’t go flying. there

We go. okay.  and then this one actually doesn’t have any of the   wires because there’s not a control on this side  to connect to. all we’re going to have to do over   here is get back into the plug for the mirror, and  that’s it. but this, this panel just comes right   off. so if we would have started on this side we 

Wouldn’t have had that whole freak out earlier,   need to do is plug it in to the right there,   plug. step two, locate the actual plug that your   side mirror is going to plug into. so we just  peeled back this protective layer real quick,   and then now you can see that there’s a little  hole that you’ll be able to stick

Your hand into,   and then this is actually where the plug sits. so  you’ll have to poke this out to get to the plug.   gently try and push these back through without  breaking them. because that’s what’s holding in   the little mechanism that you plug the thing into.  so you have to pull that out to be able to plug in  

The new one. okay. i don’t think it broke. so this  is the piece that stays in. and this is, you can   follow back up to the mirror, the piece that we’re  gonna remove. and for that there’s just a push   on the back and that lets you kind of wiggle it  free. but we can just now loosen the mirror up,   three is now to unscrew the

Bolts for the   actual mirror itself, that way we can remove that  and then attach the new one. so. yep. moving right   bolts and then just a little push pin cover.   this just pops in as a seal. but there’s three  bolts on this side, and then there’s a plastic   push pin on the other. the new one comes with  a push

Pin, so you don’t have to worry about   focus on getting it loosened and off. okay   so it actually has a specific area that it  feeds through. that square space. and that feeds   through, and then… oh gotta undo this clip,  okay. okay so now that that plug is removed,  we’re gonna put in the new plastic one.   that

All these are lined up as well. okay.   all right. so you don’t actually need two people  to do it. but it’s easier when you hold it in,   so that way when mike’s screwing on the other side  all right, and then just put that little plug  back in up at the top, and it’s now mounted. so   i guess that would be moving to step five,

Are  we on, connecting in the electrical. so you got   this plug, which is from the mirror, and then you  have the receiver. and these two pieces line up   there’s not really a way to make a mistake on  that. and then you just push it. that’ll clip   over, and then these come back up here. there  it is. okay and then these

Just plug back in,   and you’re good to go. this sits back over. we’ll  put some tape on that and they’re now installed.   step, what number are we on? six, put the door  back together. so what we’re gonna do is just line   up this top lip, because it’ll slide into this  section here, and pop it back in. there you go.  

And now we just have to put all nine screws back  around the outside, and then the three in here   so that is the panel mounted back onto the  door. the mirror is plugged in, it’s attached,   it’s anchored. so the only thing left to do with  this project is to start the car up and see if the   out of them now you can see a lot

More behind   you. so i would say that’s a success, and i’m  excited that we did it ourselves. especially   because at the beginning of the day we totally  didn’t know what was going on because of the   plug threw us way off. and i’m happy that we just  kind of pressed on and found our little mistake,   and were able to

Do this. i think we just got  in our own way at the beginning, but uh yeah   it’s not difficult at all to change the mirrors  on your ford transit connect. all in all it’s a   very successful day. i’m very excited to have our  new mirrors, and it just makes me that much more   excited to go out there and hit the road again. 

Like always if you have any questions we’ll try   we just found these on ebay and searching. but   in the description, so if you’re interested   to switch mirrors you can do that a little bit   easier. there’s not anything else you need other  than the mirror. don’t make the same mistake we   did. this was something

That we’ve been wanting to  do for a while. it was on our list of things that   we didn’t love about our van or van build, so to  actually correct something from that list is just   really cool and exciting. and just makes us love  our van that much more. we are going to continue   doing a few minor tweaks and stuff with the van

In  the coming weeks, and hopefully we’ll be getting   thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time.

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FORD TRANSIT CONNECT MICRO CAMPER VAN BUILD SIDE MIRROR UPGRADE: how to remove / replace wing mirror By Mike and Heather

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