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Altair Club Cars Ford Transit Connect – How to Remove and Replace Door Card

Ford Transit Connect – How to Remove and Replace Door Card

Door Card Replacement Ford Transit Connect Mk 1 Door Panel Removal How to

What’s up guys and welcome back to one life cars my name is sam clark and you joined me today inside the ford transit connect marquand for a quick tutorial and how to remove and replace the door card that easy job you only need that really need a couple of tools and you need to get it off so get to things like door lock mechanism window mechanism or motor is you’ve

Got electric windows on these the mirror adjustments also there so make sure you guys also get it off where all the little it and bolts are and stuff and put it back on and what’s all you need to do that you doing we’re going to be doing the passenger side today that’s the side i need off guys if you need to channel this is one life cars or do your car and bungee

Toriel’s if you’ve got a request you’d like for your own car or van let me know in the comments and i’ll try and make it happen even if it’s a car you’ve not already seen on the channel so if you knew it our subscribe button and that’s crack on with the video alright guys door card removal on the ford transit connect mart one daddy easy on this you only need two

Tools two screwdrivers you know on a medium-sized sort of peas add two phillips and a small fired the flat heads just to get a couple of blanking plates off the phillips screws so first things first you’ve got three phillips screws down the side and free down on the other side it’s a bit tight to see in the back that’s as wide as the door opens there you can see

Just like the same as the other side and there’s also free underneath one two three so they’re sort of all the external mounting screws that hold it in and then if you look where your door andalus you’ll see a little blanking plate there you just got a dead dead tiny flat screwdriver and insert a little groove and pop out that are reveal another screw also this bit

Here so of this textured bit is a blank you get a flat screwdriver somewhere behind this preferably at the bottom so if you do market you don’t see it as much and this got this whole piece see things i’m running up will pop off also we need the door under lock great fun they’ll be a little splitting somewhere in there unless it’s a posh one that year pink off with

A flat screwdriver split pin off then it just lie straight out but i just have a look at that knob get it unscrewed a bit and let you know on the angles to make sure it is the split pin some of them are a bit different but yeah it’s quite a simple job so anyway we’ll get the door card off just remember that you can have a wire cuts to see speaker this bits going

To be connected up by the cable underneath so we have to remove a few more things as we remove the dark hard but i’ll show you that as and when we give it so we have all our mounting screws out so there’s nine screws until around the outside free on this side free on them along the bottom and free up this side round here might need a stubby screwdriver flat top

One it’s a bit awkward to get to with a normal sized screwdriver also we’ve got the blanking plate off in here and thought that screw out the blanking plate off the handle and there’s a screw down now as you can see on one out there but i’ve already chopped them off as for the window handle no i’m not sure this should have had a split pin on it it didn’t it just

Pulled straight off with a bit of a pop i’m not sure that’s how well they are or it should have had a pin on it bought normally they have a little split pin that catches the under you have to pop off to get the undal off and obviously put it back on when you replace here but the under fell off of me and it just pops off with a bit of force so that just might be how

They are i’m not sure or not anyway so they’re door cars leafs so securely off we’re going to sort of pull it out from the bottom and then push it up because there’s always a ridge here that sort of sits onto the frame at the door at the top so what you don’t want to do is young rip the whole thing off because remember the wiring connectors this speaker and cables

Connected to this law don’t really call it sir that just the mirrors so from the bottom and a pole hole and then push oh oh yeah got some pop but a little plastic surround for the undal just like the tray that pops out first alright guys so as you can see before i pull it all the way off a couple things are noticed straight away is the speaker is already in the

Inner door i don’t need to worry about that and so is the under part of the door it’s just a piece of plastic this one so the only connection is the cable connection for the mirrors now to get this off sorry about the bad camera work and sort of struggling alone here as you can see the cables pop into the top layer focuses like bicycle cables it’s just a case of

Slide in each of the free cables open out a little pivot it’s a bit fiddly and awkward but it’s not that hard it’s just like doing a bike cable on where it goes and see if the leave is on a push bike that sort of setup that’s my weight now done what you need to do you fix you your lock your speaker whatever it may be and you get it back on first i’m going to do

On this on there and this one doesn’t clip on so there it does it does it does sorry i’m lying to you guys as you can see this a bit of a ridge here my fingers running it was a bit of a lip of next plastic this plastic flips it into this ridge the first thing that i do we sort of lift it over on that ridge make sure it’s on all the way in all right and now it’s

Just a case of going round just like that i mean this is a bit rough and rope here the screws all that in thai well it just pops back in is it’s got a few sort of plastic clips around it solder in place and that’s the dark are back on so now with your stick this baahir be rundle one undid just like that and now that screw can be returned with the blanking plate

See never knew it was there put your two screws bucking for you handle banking plate you nine screws down the outside both sides in the bottom and of course pop your handle back on like i say if there was a clip on it to get yours off put the clip back on if not maybe that’s just i’ll they are i’m sure some of you will know there are answers to that and that is

How to remove and replace the door right guy she joined me in a dark car i’m actually not in the van we’ve just been filming now as the ending i did do wasn’t the best so i’m gonna redo it here in even worse light and the one i’ve just done but anyway to the point thanks for watching the video i hope you liked it if you did please hit that thumbs up boyd if you

Knew so channel you like cars and vans you like this sort of content you want to learn a bit about yourself that subscribe button and join us today we’re nearly a thousand subs so a big milestone coming up and you support is you know greatly appreciated it that subscribe button guys but anyway my name’s sam clark you watching on live cars and until next time peace

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Ford Transit Connect – How to Remove and Replace Door Card By 1NE LIFE CARS

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