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Altair Club Cars Ford Transit Connect – Fuse Box Location

Ford Transit Connect – Fuse Box Location

Fuse Box Location Ford Transit Connect Mk 1 Fuse Box Diagram Transit Connect

Or what’s up guys and welcome back to the channel for those of you who are in noob my name’s sam clark and this is one life cars in today’s video you joined me just in front of the ford transit connect 2004 model gonna show you guys how to locate the fuse box dead the easy one no tools required a couple of fuse boxes one under the bonnet one on the interior i’ll

Show you where they are i’ll show you roughly what the fuses do in each of the boxes and if you need to know specific views let me know in the comments below what the area bout in the comments and i’ll tell you what fuse doors what so stay tuned and we’ll have a look alright guys ford transit connect fuse box location so first thing you ought to do is open your

Bonnet for those who you don’t know with the foremost fours you can set your key down there flick it to the left to pop the bonnet off and then to the right as you pull the bonnet to release it off the couch so straight under your bonnet and you’ll go straight to the back sort of to the back and the right-hand side and you’ll find a box with a funny looking of

Almost looks like a fuse for the power symbol in the middle that’s got a little top on it here to squeeze up pull that tab up by so little from this side first it’ll pop straight off easy and this is your exterior fuse box this will mostly cover all your main end engine fuses engine management fuse as you can see you got some big main ones across here and then a

Few like from white indicators things like that are normally covered in the exterior box are you sort of outside a bit like i said before if you’ve got requests for a specific fuse let me know in the comments below but make sure to put the year of the van you’re asking about or car you know it can be on anything covered on the channel so let us know in the comments

I also got relays in this box these are all your relays here so if you’ve got a relay problem this is where you want a lock as well as fuses when you’ve done what you gave in to change your fuse oh yeah there’s another thing as well on the back panel i mean a lot of them are scratched off or warm but unless you’ve still got you you full fuse diagram on your layout

Just told you what every fuse in that box goes unreal a what the photo you’ve even got pictures so it’s pretty sort of sophix country and you’ve also got a little bit if it’s there he’s got spare ones in these little ports ready for when you do need one and a pair of tweezers to pull them out you will need four smaller ones so that’s the exterior fuse box to put

It back we’re just gonna line up this back bit first and just make sure on properly and it goes back on right not unlike five just on because we’ve been sort of outside you’d be like i know it’s under the bonnet they didn’t get moisture and you don’t want more any fuse box that’s the exterior done that now pull the key out down there and drop the bonnet and next

We’ll have a look at the interior fuse box you’re right guys interior box so passenger door open fits the both box so about the white and stuff solid straight through the windscreen so i need open the glove box you’ll see if you lots of each side got like well the taps are obviously stopped with a bit from swinging all the way open but you want it to open all the

Way so it’s very hard to do with the camera i turned it with one hand use two art ins getting on there and you’ve run on that side and just squeeze it in like so and they just squeeze parts you can actually do it one on and the glove box will fully drop officer make sure you empty it first before that comb is not for me for the record yeah so straight away you’ll

See the interior box and the gotough odd with things like this we’ve got a full diagram of all the fuses and what the four on this piece of paper hopefully you’ll love this in your van if you’ve not like say no you can look up myself from you know all that was know in the comments and i don’t mind finding the fuse for ya mmm scuse me i’m letting you know this

Will be most of you in syria fuses dashboard lights interior lights electric windows if you haven’t things like that and there’s also a couple of relays there as well that’s the interior box so guys there are two fuse boxes that you just you can squeeze them back in to do it gently or just give it a slob depending on how bothered you are but the proper way is to

Squeeze it so you don’t risk damaging the tops all right guys that’s it for me today that’s the fuse box location on the 2004 ford transit connect i hope you found this video useful if you did it a like button if you’re new to channel you’ll see more carbine tutorials or us may be an opportunity for your next fun itself it a subscribe button and let me know in the

Comments below i’ll do my best to make it happen for you but ask about it for me today telemachus time guys peace

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Ford Transit Connect – Fuse Box Location By 1NE LIFE CARS

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