ford transit connect engine nois
Altair Club Cars ford transit connect engine noise pt.2. finally found problem

ford transit connect engine noise pt.2. finally found problem

check out this link to hear the noise with engine running

Welcome back to g auto repair and uh this is a follow-up video for the transit connect the ford transit connect that i was having an issue with the engine noise when you turn it on it makes all this rattling racket in the engine area and i thought it was coming from the engine because i can clearly hear it coming from the engine area um and uh i did a little bit

Of research found some uh information about uh something in the piston and the cylinders leaking and cracking and this and that and the third which was all good stuff however um i drained the oil and i stuck a a camera a bore scope up in the oil pan see if i see anything funny anything loose in there because it sounds like it was coming from that area especially

Around the center area here and i didn’t find anything so i just you know put everything back in and put the the oil back in so the customer wanted me to drop the pan to see if there’s something in the in the in the what do you call it the uh crankshaft or something loose in there and before i did that i decided let me check something so i decided to get the

Starter loose and push it out of the side which is not easy to get to you have this stupid bracket that goes over the bolts and then hoses and wiring and stuff go attached to this and it’s just a mess ford made this a very difficult afford but made it a very difficult uh car to work with um so as you can see it’s way down in there right here so anyways i

Took it out to see the the the torque converter bolts see if they were loose or something and what i found was that the entire flywheel if i can get a good angle right there maybe okay i can’t seem to shine the light and get to it at the same time okay right there that’s the noise that i’m hearing so the entire flex plate is loose so it’s either loose or

It’s cracked broken or something i think it’s probably just loose but either case the transmission has to come down so this is where i draw the line i don’t like getting into these transmission dropping and whatnot job so my diagnostic is enough now we’re gonna have to get this uh sent over somewhere wherever they want to get this repaired because i am not

Gonna drop this transmission i got too much work and too many things to do to kill myself unfortunately that’s just the nature of the beast unfortunately but if you have a transit connect with this noise again head out to the other video i’m gonna try to put a link into the description to check out that video to hear the noise and you’ll you’ll if you have

Something similar then there’s a possibility that you have this issue so thanks for watching like and subscribe and we’ll catch you on the next video bye

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ford transit connect engine noise pt.2. finally found problem By G Auto Repair

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