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Altair Club Cars Ford Transit AWD Crew floor installation part 1

Ford Transit AWD Crew floor installation part 1

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I’m no expert, but this is what i did.

All right we’ve got our 2020 all-wheel drive crew cab transit just wanted to follow up okay samuel is following my footsteps and is working on any kind of camper conversions so i pulled out the stock seats as you can see the seat rails one two and three can i see if test fitting some of the mini cell foam in between um and i’ve got all my measurements i’m working

My piece of wood uh to start placing down here i’ve also installed rails i got off ebay for a second row seat of course i use grade 8 hardware and i have big backing plates on them as well on the underside i was actually able to locate two of the holes under what are basically uh untapped factory locations uh for that more or less match up with the holes up

Front here which it was very easy to help me keep it directly in line and straight there were no holes for this one but it was plenty easy to find locations for those that match and i made it just far enough back that the seat is also able to switch around and reverse so i highly recommend that uh if anybody wants to do that i’ve installed a little l track here

For whatever we might need to do for bike racks or whatever and just kind of give you a quick idea here’s the piece of baltic birch i am cutting these are the tracings of the seat rails i’m about to cut out which i recommend making a little cardboard cut out so you can trace them hopefully we’ll get it in the right place and we’ll see what the floor looks like

Once i get it down i’ll be doing two layers of the mini cell foam uh the thinner stuff i think i believe it’s point four inches to fill in the gaps here and then i have i think it’s half inch uh to go on top of that and then the wood will go on which hopefully i think should keep these rails which i put directly on top of these they should be just recessed a

Little bit so we’ll see how my measurements all work out there’s all the seats out of the van which by the way if you haven’t had them yet are insanely heavy so good luck with that and we’ll see where we end up all right here is the rough cut piece of wood for the front cargo area this is upside down at the moment things i would change in retrospect is my rear

Added seat rails cut into this two centimeters so i would have just cut the whole thing two centimeters short or so down right there but not a big deal so we’ll get this uh put in and see if it’s fitting now i did have to go back a few times and make a couple little small trims in here hopefully you’ll measure better than i do here we’ve got it placed in here i

Have a couple more very tiny little trims i have to make i’m just making little marks with a marker to trim these out a little bit better i’ll get all the edges sanded next after that we’ll treat with polyurethane and uh we’ll get it back in i am going to use just a couple screws in each board to hold them down because i’m not going to have furniture or i guess

Furnishings holding them down right away all right here we have the front crew cab part of the floor installed definitely had a few other challenges making sure the seat rails fit without rubbing was definitely tough to get in there take a lot of small adjustments and certainly it’s not exactly perfect but i’m going to fill in those spaces all around there with

Caulk once it’s finally installed and i also realized that the edges in here were going to be unsupported by anything but foam so i found some wood uh 3 8 in this case was the same thickness as the final thickness of the all the foam so i used some wood blocks around here you can see i’ve also caulked around there i made a wood strip here and here and there’s

Also a wood strip running under the entire front edge as well at the moment this is just sitting here i’m not quite certain what i’m going to do to finally secure it down i’m probably going to put a few probably four screws in each panel just to hold them down in some riv nuts or cross nuts rather this will give you a little bit of insight as to what you might

Be looking forward to when you do it i’m about to trim this piece of trim over here as well as this one on this side a little bit which in respect would have been nice to know early but it’s hard to see how tall it was going to be until it was all together and i’m not quite certain what i’m going to do up here yet front edge kind of see my wood strip down there

But that will eventually get some caulk on the front side um and i might make some sort of filler something to kind of fill that space and make it a more natural transition

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Ford Transit AWD Crew floor installation part 1 By Sean Fixes Stuff

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