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Altair Club Cars Ford Transit 250 Extended High Roof Campervan Conversion: Electricity

Ford Transit 250 Extended High Roof Campervan Conversion: Electricity

We’re converting a 2017 Ford Transit 250 Extended High Roof LWB into a campervan! Stage 9 of our Ford Transit 250 campervan conversion covers our electricity setup.

Stuff everyone van update after a while we hadn’t been very good at doing these updates it’s been kind of a weekend project and after work projects we’ve been busy but yeah with the coronavirus stuff going around at least quite a bit of time to work on the vans and hopefully we start making a bit more progress most recently finished the electricity so we basically

Have our inverter over on this side that blue thing right there and then got our 70 amp our renergie battery lithium iron phosphate battery so it’s pretty heavy-duty basically have the positive running through a switch a 200 amp switch and an on/off switch so we can just turn off the power to the whole system which goes to a bus bar bus bar has a 12-volt fuse panel

Connected to it and this right here is our renergie mppt / battery – battery charger so basically that will charge the battery from the car batteries when the car is running unless the voltage drops on the car battery and then it doesn’t do it but that’s a bit of the details but basically between the battery and the charger there’s a 70 amp fuse switch can’t it go

It’s cold right now but anyway a breaker and then also from the box to the bus bar there’s another breaker 70 amp that’s the recommended amperage for that it’s a 50 amp thing so just to keep from over volt then we also have a breaker between the fuse panel and the bus far as well and then we ran two aughh wire from the battery and i had some extra that’s a thousand

Watt inverter ames inverter charger and it calls for just a four and a four aag cable minimum but i had some extra two or two oh so i used it so yeah so have that all set up and then have our ac input so we can charge the battery from shore power there to so that took about three days of putting that together just doing all the cabling and everything and trying

To figure out how to set it up i ended up having it take up a bit more space than i had planned but it’s okay and also we so me and my brother josh worked on this which is going to be like the bed’s gonna be right here and this is gonna be a storage cabinet and have an extra shelf right here and we’ll close off the back but basically this is gonna come in this

Is gonna come down onto the bed and you’ll be able to like put that’s like a little closet space and storage facebook whatever you want up here if it’ll be two different doors maybe three different doors so you can kind of put it down and use it as a tray while you’re on the bed land this way even though the bed sleeps this way we have a queen short mattress that

Will fit in here where we’ll just have to cut a little edge right here out of it read its memory foam so that’s fine talking too much and then over here we basically just did this this bump out and this just goes back pretty much against the sheet metal with a little bit of radiant barrier back behind there and then we just framed it out and then here we’re gonna

Have some cabinets that come up in some little boxes that are gonna be little storage boxes in the back of the cabinet so that’ll be cool putting the put in the attachment points for that is the next project we also have these little inserts that we put in there not even bolted in they’re so tight in there right now but this is gonna be another door that kind of

Raises up where you can just put some like permanent sort of stuff it’s not gonna be pretty back there it’s just gonna have some insulation in the back but it’s just to provide a little bit of extra space if you need it and then we’ll have a little thing that comes out and covers this wire that goes all the way down and so i’ll build that hopefully this week or

Next weekend got the vent fan cover on so yeah making some progress oh my god

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Ford Transit 250 Extended High Roof Campervan Conversion: Electricity By Pillow Popper Travel

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