ford ranger supercrew roof rack
Altair Club Cars Ford Ranger Supercrew Roof Rack

Ford Ranger Supercrew Roof Rack

A quick video explaining how to install the Ford Ranger roof rack. This full sized aluminum roof rack has the sleek design and rugged structure for wherever the trail takes you. Gear up for your next adventure with The Original Prinsu Roof Rack.

Hey guys i’m justin with cbi off-road and print suit today we’re working on a 2020 ford ranger we’re going to show you how to install our prinsu roof rack let’s get started foreign so step one you can see we’ve unpacked our roof rack we just want to kind of lay everything out make sure all the pieces are there here’s our hardware bag this is going to contain

One bag for the hardware that will secure the rack to the vehicle this bag is for the wind deflector hardware these are our tie down eyelets we have our t30 torx bolts for the crossbars lastly some loctite that we’ll install on all this hardware so once we get everything unpacked then we’ll transition to the vehicle and show you what we have to do over there all

Right so the first step here in the vehicle is we’re going to remove the weather stripping from the vehicle it’s secured with a nut um at the front and the rear of the vehicle so we’ll just remove this a-pillar cover the weather stripping and the sun visor and that should give us enough room to get to that bolt and in the rear we’ll just remove the seat belt and

That trim piece and that should give us the clearance we need in the rear so we’ll go ahead and get this front removed all right foreign okay so we got the front bolt out now there’s one more in the rear of the vehicle so we’ll need to remove this cover on the seat belt and that’ll expose a t50 torx bit to remove this portion of the seat belt we’ll peel back

This plastic and weather stripping and that should give give us enough access to get to the bolts in the rear these bolts on the headliner are 10 millimeters so we’ll make sure we have that socket handy thank you foreign foreign okay so our gutter trim has been removed um our next step is we’re going to take our side rails and we’re going to align

The furthest rear mounting hole of the side rail to the existing factory hole on the roof we’ll use that as a guide to mark the rest of our holes so now that we got that lined up we’ll go ahead and get these marked all right so we got everything marked our next step is we’re going to start drilling on the roof for our plus nuts and riv nuts they’re going to

Require the same hole 3 8 of an inch is our final diameter i’m starting with a quarter inch drill bit just to open it up and get it started but also i have this magnet that fits right in the hole so any metal shavings will be able to fish all those out so we won’t have to further drop the headliner to get to but for right now we’ll go ahead and get drilled wear

Some glasses so you don’t get metal shavings in your eyes and then we’ll get to the plus nut install all right so moving along with our drilling we have the final hole here where the factory stud came up to hold the gutter trim in place that one we just need to open that up to 3 8 of an inch to match the rest of our holes and then we’ll be good with this side

Okay so we got all our holes drilled the next step is we’re going to start installing our plus nuts and our riv nuts so the plus nuts are going to be golden color the rivnuts are going to be silver in color and it’s a good idea to print out a copy of our pdf install guide instructions to make sure that you use the riv nuts in the correct locations it’s going to be

The first hole you’ll use a rib nut and the middle mounting foot you’ll use a riv nut everything else will get plus nuts compressing these is going to be the same process you’ll take your longer bolt the apply a washer the hex coupler and another washer and screw the rivna or plus nut all the way up to where it’s butting up against this washer tightly we’ll put

A layer of silicone on the underside so that we have a good seal when we push it into the vehicle and then you’ll hold the hex coupler with a half inch wrench and you will turn the top of this bolt with a 7 16 syringe make sure you’re applying firmly to the vehicle and evenly to make sure you get a good firm compression and that’s basically the process we’ll go

Ahead and show you up close all right so now we’re going to start assembling the rack here on the floor so i like to prep all these t30 torx bolts with the washer and a little bit of the loctite provided in your kit before running them in also we want to assemble all the crossbars that aren’t over a mounting foot just because we don’t want to block our access

To mount it to the vehicle so we’ll install them on the smaller slots that are away from the mounting feet that way we don’t have any interference later on so we’ll get these guys get the wind deflector built and then get everything up on the truck okay so now we’re gonna get our wind deflector installed so we got our hardware here and you’ll find phillips head

Bolts in here we’re gonna prep these the exact same way we did with the t30s with the washer and loctite and also we have these uh t-nuts that we’ll install in the crossbar behind the wind deflector so these install really simply just slide them in the slots just make sure you have the threaded part facing up and uh just count off how many we need in here and then

We’ll line them up with the wind deflector get it all tightened down and of course you can’t forget the noise reducing trim we’ll apply that as well foreign okay so roof racks up here now we’re going to start getting our spacers in place and siliconing our holes um the silicone we’re using is black rtv it’s uh weather rated it’s okay for uv rays all that

Expansion and contraction that’ll happen to summer to winter months um we’ve done two layers we have a base layer underneath the plus nut and now we’re going to have another layer on top so this is going to be a really superior weather type seal so without further ado we’ll get them gooped up foreign our next step is we’re going to take the factory gutter trim

And reinstall that so we’ll have to cut this actually where there is a mounting foot so right now we’ll hold it up here mark our mounting feet take it over cut it with our cut off wheel and bring it back we’ll also get some new double-sided tape in here so that we’ll be able to re-secure it down to the vehicle we’ll go ahead and get it marked foreign so all of

Our gutter trim has been cut we’re going to apply our double-sided tape to the back side and get everything stuck down and secured this front one we’re able to reuse this stud through there and thread the nut up and tighten it down so we’ll go ahead and get this all stuck down thank you all right so everything’s tightened down we got our gutter trim reinstalled

And secured next we’re going to do these last couple crossbars and then we’ll jump to the inside and get everything put back together foreign so just a quick pro tip to get this nut started up onto that front piece of gutter trim it’s extremely difficult to keep the the nut attached to your socket so just to help yourself out if you take a little tape and just

Kind of tape it lightly to the socket obviously not covering up your hole but that’ll help you keep that nut on the socket to get it started on that stud foreign foreign guys that sums up today’s install tutorial on the 2020 ford ranger princeu roof rack uh thanks for watching as always like subscribe leave a comment below thank you

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Ford Ranger Supercrew Roof Rack By CBI \u0026 Prinsu Installs

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