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Altair Club Cars Ford Raises Price of F-150 Lightning for Second Time This Year

Ford Raises Price of F-150 Lightning for Second Time This Year

Ford Motor Company just announced a price increase on its all-new F-150 Lightning pickup.

Ford motor company just announced a price increase on its all-new f-150 lightning pickup the f-150 lightning pickup is ford’s most important new vehicle in its first big offering in the electric vehicle market that is great news for the detroit automaker ford is in the midst of making the transition to a product line that includes electric vehicles by 2030. the

Transition is not easy especially for legacy automakers this comes as ford continues as a leading seller of gas-powered pickup trucks in the u.s what does this mean for the future of the car industry and what does this mean for the future of the united states but before we get into all of that please press the like button and leave a comment below we would love

To hear from you please subscribe and hit the bell icon so that you are notified of upcoming videos ford motor company just announced an increase in the entry price of its new electric f-150 lightning pickup truck the base price of the pickup will be raised by five thousand dollars for the 2023 model a year all trim levels of the f-150 lightning will be affected

By this price increase ford blamed the price increase on rising commodity prices other higher costs and supply chain issues the new price of the 2023 lightning pro and the entry-level model which is designed for commercial and business customers will be 51 974 dollars that model is called the 2023 f-150 lightning pro the new price for the 2023 f-150 lightning

Pro is now 11 higher than its previous pricing and it is now 30 percent more expensive than the original 39 974 price from may of 2021. we are adjusting the price due to ongoing supply chain constraints rising material costs and other market factors ford said in an emailed statement we will continue to monitor pricing across the model year the statement continued

Current retail order holders and commercial and government customers with a scheduled order will be unaffected by the price increase the statement added ford shocked the world when it announced the entry level price for the lightning would be around forty thousand dollars that would make it lower price than most electric vehicles currently on the market wall street

Analysts had high praise for the f-150 lightning that turned out to be a major boost for ford at the time many investors have focused on electric vehicle companies over the past three years especially startup electric vehicle makers a wave of new electric vehicle startups came upon the scene and legacy automakers especially ford and general motors joined in the

Electric vehicle market ford announced several new models in investment in factories to build them general motors set a plan for its entire model lineup to be electric within a decade but since then prices of the rare earth minerals needed to make electric vehicles have skyrocketed this includes cobalt nickel and lithium to name a few important ones lithium prices

Have risen so much that electric vehicle leader tesla is actually considering building its own lithium refinery in the united states most of the rare earth minerals used in electric vehicles come from china only about one percent come from the united states mock surprisingly the biden administration is seeking to source more rare earth minerals in the united states

The cost increases have impacted all electric car suppliers and they have exacerbated other supply chain problems ford shocked wall street in september when it revealed one billion dollars in unexpected costs during q3 these cost increases pretty much forced automakers to increase prices on electric vehicles in order to retain profits ford announced price increases

Of between six thousand dollars and eight thousand five hundred dollars on the lightning just two months ago so today’s announcement is the second price increase announcement for the model during 2022. the 2023 f-150 lightning now has a price range from fifty two thousand dollars to ninety seven thousand dollars after all of the price increases that compares to a

Price range of forty thousand dollars to ninety two thousand dollars for the 2022 model year that is quite a difference but things seem to be going reasonably well for ford these days the company announced on tuesday said its q3 sales increased 16 that increase is as compared to q3 of 2021 and it is despite the fact that sales declined in september due to supply

Chain disruptions ford reports sales monthly and said that it sold 142 644 vehicles in september but ford missed wall street expectations because of the unexpected sales drop in september wall street analysts were forecasting a 19 sales increase and 17.8 earnings increase nevertheless this is good news for ford who shares rose 7 on the news crosstown rival general

Motors shares also rose by 7 new vehicle demand remains strong with retail orders rapidly expanding according to andrew frick ford vice president of sales distribution and trucks this strength in demand comes as the federal reserve as aggressively raising interest rates and as the united states is teetering on the brink of a recession ford sales showed extraordinary

Strength in a generally strong quarter for the automotive industry earlier this year wall street analysts expected new vehicle sales to be down one percent as compared to 2021. automakers have not yet put the various supply chain issues behind them there are still supply issues with many parts including semiconductor chips but also wire harnesses in several smaller

Parts such as brand logo stickers based on continuing supply chain issues wall street analysts are expecting full-year sales to decline to 13.7 million overall ford seems to be bucking that trend so far this year and wall street could be underestimating the strength of the u.s economy in employment even if supply chain issues cause temporary disruptions they do

Not reduce overall demand ford warned of parts shortages last month those temporary shortages delayed the shipment of about 45 000 vehicles ford also noted that it will take an unexpected one billion charge related to supplier costs this hurt ford’s financials for q3 and ford stock has not fully recovered from this news despite the overall sales increase sales of

The ultra profitable f-series pickups were reduced by 27 percent that was also a shock to wall street and it is something of a red flag for the company the f-series pickup truck line has been the primary driver of ford sales for years if not decades weakness in pickups could signal overall weakness for ford in the long run but the new f-150 lightning pickup is a

Very hot item for ford ford sold 8760 units of the f-150 lightning pickup which is very profitable and high priced sales of the f-150 lightning pickup have shocked the car industry the entire world seems to have underestimated demand for a good electric pickup overall ford sold over 41 000 electric vehicles so far in 2022 that is a very impressive number compared

To other legacy automakers but still well short of tesla sales most of the electric vehicles sold by ford in 2022 are mustang machi crossover vehicles sales of the mustang machi crossover vehicle are up 49 as compared to 2021. they have now reached 28 000 units which is very impressive overall ford sold 1.38 million vehicles so far in 2022 crosstown rival general

Motors vehicle sales for q3 increased by 24 compared to a year ago so far the company has sold 782 hunter ev pickups hummer electric pickups are priced at over one hundred thousand dollars each general motors reported 2022 sales of over 1.65 billion we can absolutely catch and surpass industry leader tesla in u.s sales of electric vehicles by 2025 said ceo mary

Barra the thirty thousand dollars entry price of the equinox cv compares to 66 000 for the tesla model y this announcement comes as the average price of a new car purchase in the united states has now reached forty eight thousand dollars that is up from 39 000 just two years ago car prices have skyrocketed in the last two years 980 400 new cars were sold in the

United states in august but what do you think have we seen the end of affordable cars will the shrinking wealth of the middle class make cars unaffordable or will electric cars become the new affordable cars please press the like button and leave a comment below we would love to hear from you please subscribe and hit the bell icon so that you are notified of

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