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Altair Club Cars Ford Mustang V8 GT VS Chevrolet Camaro V8 – The Drag Race | Fifth Gear

Ford Mustang V8 GT VS Chevrolet Camaro V8 – The Drag Race | Fifth Gear

Tiff and Jason put the Ford Mustang V8 GT against the Chevrolet Camaro V8.

So we’ll adjourn to our tracks 400-meter finished straight it’s the best of three runs to decide which car put down its 450 horses best and i had high hopes for my mustang because it’s got a nifty little trick up its sleeve what you have to do if they get into the drag racing mode drag strip mode combines launch control with a softening of the rear dampers which

Allows the backend to squat and maximize acceleration would it work well i was about to find out this middle mode launch control okay prosthetic run new high-tech device rpm okay whoa now i can go from anywhere from three thousand to five and a half thousand for your launch control settings now i’ve got none of that drag strip nonsense what i’ve got is what you

Really want and a test like this and that’s more pulling power tiff’s got 527 new tamizh at all but i’ve got 617 and that’s gonna make the difference and this sort of test oh and let’s not forget i’m the equivalent of tiff’s and a kid lighter drag strip ready to go so noodles if you set up all your gizmos i’m gizmo to go son all iris is being able to control my

Right foot oh dear i can choose a launch control from between three thousand and five and a half thousand ribs i’ve tried five thousand for my first launch right well i am ready but i’ve gotta make sure i don’t get too much wheel spin because that will be the killer not theirs i might jump the star simpson hey you jump the star hey you jump it’s not three to go

Is three two one go the go is after the one i was between the water between the one and the girls yeah i’m gonna try 4000 i knew it my mustang was suffering from too much wheel spin at the start maybe dialing back the launch control would help our 4000 i’m gonna have 4,200 okay i’d nip the starter touch but i’d won by miles so i’m calling that one nil meanwhile

Over in stainland look amy’s folders we mosey to reduce the drag it’s so competitive so that’s two nil to the chevrolet camaro i’m relying a launch control that’s letting me down and also you’re heavier remember less in normal mode i’m setting up this impressively i tell you i tell you what i think give me one more chance one more chuck i’m gonna turn that

Fleming launch control off and same as you just you’re a man okay our already lost but i wanted the mustaine to get a bit of dignity back and out drag the camaro at least once if you worked out your technology yet i’ve switched it all off i’m taking you on head-to-head mano a mano let me down alright about 5,000 ribs but it clap slipping keep the revs up get

The power in i’m gonna nail you let’s go old school bobo famous like we are in this one me i tried everything and been thrashed each time but any other standards the mustang is quick but it simply couldn’t match the camaro yeah it means nothing like racing what do you mean let means nothing they should text 101 oh it’ll all be down to the track driving you

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Ford Mustang V8 GT VS Chevrolet Camaro V8 – The Drag Race! | Fifth Gear By Fifth Gear

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