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Altair Club Cars Ford Mustang Mach-E Review: What to Expect from This Model Y Rival

Ford Mustang Mach-E Review: What to Expect from This Model Y Rival

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is a midsize electric SUV designed to attack the Tesla Model Y and Volkswagen ID4, and it could come to Australia.

Ford’s got a new pony car and it’s stable and this one is electric it’s the mustang mach e and while the company hasn’t yet confirmed it’s coming to australia we came here to michigan to take it for a first drive as far as the numbers go the lowest spec rear-wheel drive base mock e makes do with 194 kilowatts and 430 newton meters of torque a top shelf gt try 358

Kilowatts and a whopping 813 newton meters that’s more or less on par with the mustang gt500 and as far as range goes you’re looking at 398 kilometers on the epa cycle for the base standard battery rear wheel drive model while the route 1 edition with the larger battery pack will do 502 kilometers on a single charge i’m going to leave it up to you to debate in

Comments whether or not you think that the mach e mustang is an actual mustang as such personally i’m not really interested in debating all i know is that this is a really really good car i’ve been lucky to drive the maki on many occasions now and every time i drive it i seem to like it a little bit more this one that i’m driving right now today is a premium trim

So basically one of the top tiers that you can get right now just short of the gt in terms of overall pricing and that means i’ve got a really nicely equipped cabin i’ve got kind of this light gray leather i’ve got the giant panoramic glass roof above me i’ve got the big beautiful portrait oriented display in front of me here which i can get through to sync for to

All the good stuff that i need to we’ll talk about more on that in just a minute i got the premium b o sound system which sounds really good i would crank it up but i don’t think it’s going to work through the gopro so we won’t worry about that but trust me it sounds great and overall i’ve got a really nice driving experience i’m out here driving today in michigan

And michigan roads are notorious for being really bad and bad in terms of their quality that is potholes everywhere cracks and bumps and all sorts of things that make the ride really unpleasant in general but overall this premium trim is doing a nice job of absorbing all that and making this a quiet calm comfortable drive which is what you really want out of your

Ev but if i want a little a bit more excitement maybe if i want to tap into those mustang jeans go into here into the vehicle settings in my giant touchscreen and i can go from whisper mode which is what we’re at right now which is appropriate given we’re kind of cruising through some parks i can step up to the engage mode which gives me a little bit more throttle

Response and a little bit more fun to drive i can feel it already just with a little bit of a push on the throttle there then i can step all the way up to unbridled which is the high performance drive mode and now if i put my foot down it absolutely leaps forward i’ve got all-wheel drive so maximum powered now in the embroidled mode and that makes this thing drive

Like well nothing short of an ev i’d say this thing is even quicker in terms of throttle response and in terms of perceived acceleration even then the mustang gt and that’s really really impressive now where this is not going to compare to a mustang is of course the handling this is of course a big heavy suv but unlike a mustang we’ve got a lot of room in the back

Seats there you can fit three adults back there pretty comfortably plenty of headroom thanks to again to the glass roof out back behind that we’ve got the hatch with a lot of cargo space and if you need even more those seats fold back and if you need even more than that we’ve got a generously sized frunk up there not quite as big as the frog in the f-150 lightning

Pretty good for the current model year maki here in the us ford has added co-pilot 360 to the entire range so every car now gets full 360 view cameras and that gives you full adaptive safety systems as well things like lane keep assist and adaptive cruise you can step up to blue cruise if you want full hands-off driving on the highway as well that will add on a

Driver monitoring system which is built here on the center console that will basically keep an eye on me to make sure that i am keeping an eye on the road because of course even though it is a hands-off system i still do need to be able to take over if something jumps in front of me or if the weather conditions change or indeed when i get off of the highway but

Other than that the car will speed up and slow down stay in lanes even pass over the cars pretty much autonomously which is really encouraging and ford says that there’ll be more updates to come via over there updates making this car even smarter and safer down the road now being a premium trim mock e this is on the more expensive side pricing for this starts at

About sixty thousand dollars u.s doing a straight currency conversion you’re looking at about ninety thousand dollars australia alien but given ford has not confirmed this is coming to the australian market that’s probably not where it would actually want him being priced but i hope that ford does hurry up and put this steering wheel over there and bring it to

Australia because all of you deserve to find out just how good this thing is

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