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Altair Club Cars Ford F150 Lift Kits | Which Type Is Right For Your Truck? – Whats Up With That?

Ford F150 Lift Kits | Which Type Is Right For Your Truck? – Whats Up With That?

In this episode of What’s Up With That? Justin explains the different types of lift kits available for your Ford F150 to help you figure out which one is best for your truck.

The purpose of this video is to explain to of lift or leveling kits that you will encounter now, these kits are gonna range from your smaller lifts, and then finally, those big-baller now, one thing to consider is that these different pros, they’ll all have their cons, along with now, which one will be best for you, your truck, and your budget? okay, so technically, a

Leveling kit isn’t a lift kit, right? a leveling kit just simply addresses the front end. that front end up anywhere from one to three now, one of the biggest pros of a leveling kit is again, that simplicity. of your factory strut assembly, which is not 1 to 200 bucks on average, but also very easy to install. if you ever wanted to put your truck back to stock again.

Now, if you stay in that one to two-inch range, and therefore, the ride quality and more importantly, however, once you start going a little bit and at that point, you do run the risk of also, if you’re the type of owner who does or a lot of towing, leveling the truck might sometimes lead to some noticeable rear-end now, you’re also gonna be taking a small bite that will be

Pretty minor here with the leveling we’ll talk about in a minute and really will be dependent on your tire size. even two and a half inch range will be able now, some two and a half and even 3-inch kits tire with a stock offset, but that’s usually and even then, things are going to be very but bang for your buck wise, leveling kits keep things cheap, keep things simple,

And up next we have our middle-of-the-road option, now, not only will this be a big step up as ride quality and off-road performance but now, companies like fox, icon, and eibach, which traditionally will include an adjustable and in turn, you will have the ability to now, on top of the coilover, a lot of times upper control arm, along with a new ball joint and alignment

For one, but also to allow for this will also help with preventing any spring more aggressive front end lift and a factory upper control arm. with that front coilover, in addition to a now, i would say the biggest pro of going be that massive improvement in ride quality are replacing those factory dampers with a superior part. and not just be for looks only, i would say

Be completely reversible and not require any cutting or permanent modification. unfortunately, coilover setups are not without their downfalls, right? on the brand and just how radical you go with that front coilover setup. option that will handle anything you can throw at it. expect to fit a set of 37s under your truck in fact, most of these coilover only lifts so, if

You’re looking to go big with tire last but not least, because some of these things like drop knuckles or diff drops, that well, our third and final option will be the full blown suspension lift kit and all of the trimmings. to a 37-inch tall tire, depending on the kit you decide to go with. that will drop that front diff, driveshaft now, i do wanna point that out because

With from zone, rough country, or ready lift, you’re so, in my opinion, these will be better geared get some bigger meats under there, but without now, some of the biggest pros about these case in point, you can get into a 6-inch rough granted it is very much an entry-level kit, on the flip side, you can certainly option reservoir coilovers, which will certainly now, the

Second thing i like about these kits and this does mean dropping that front differential some other parts to maintain much of the factory important when you’re lifting your truck this much. unlike our first two options, these full-blown suspension lift kits involve permanent modification so, if you’re leasing your truck, this would now, the next con really isn’t much of

A con and that is the performance or lack thereof now, sure, you are getting more ground clearance bit better off-road, but if you think bolting transform your rig into a trophy truck, well, again, a lot of these kits do reuse the factory in the rear, which can ultimately lead to however, if you’re looking for appearance well, guys, we hope you enjoyed this installment of

What’s up with that. you’d like us to tackle, feel free to fire away in the comment section. and for all things f150, keep it right here at

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Ford F150 Lift Kits | Which Type Is Right For Your Truck? – What's Up With That? By AmericanTrucks Ford

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