ford f 150 svt lightning review
Altair Club Cars Ford F-150 SVT Lightning | Review & Customization in Forza Horizon 5 | New CAR PASS

Ford F-150 SVT Lightning | Review & Customization in Forza Horizon 5 | New CAR PASS

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We have a new car pass list and i’m about to customize the first one we have this list of pro such beautiful cars and the newest one it will be right over here it will be the fourth svt lightning and okay the rs5 coupe here is three i love them all m8 competition this is something unbelievable but you know what let’s redeem the free car and let’s start to customize

It this will be the first thing that i’m gonna customize from this list today and let’s just go to the carriage let’s go inside the car let’s go to ford we’re going to do a quick customization a review actually the best customization but pro where it’s ford okay here it is and the car that i just took it will be right here now let’s get inside the car let’s see

What option we have for this one to customize it okay it doesn’t look like much but trust me we can do magic with this thing definitely we can do magic so let’s go to the upgrades and tunings custom upgrades and let’s see if we can swap that engine okay we have a lot of uh engine types that we can use 384 horsepower from the factory and we can put this monster

For 7.4 liter v8 engine the real engine bro it doesn’t have it has rear wheel drive on a pickup truck unusual really unusual we’re gonna make it all-wheel drive now let’s go to make everything else way much better and yes i’m gonna share it to the tone code look how low it is but definitely if you want to have something special yep those are the springs that

I’m gonna use the race springs now let’s see what else we have don’t tell me okay everything else it’s set and now it’s finally to go to uh the transmission erase driveline and the race diff now next thing is to see what type of packages we have not so many packages and for the horizon 5 i’m a little bit disappointed of those upgrades definitely we can make

It more aggressive but again not something i don’t know i’m gonna use this i’m a little bit disappointed in matter of part customization definitely i am okay and now let’s see the tires and the rims this car probably is going to be a monster yep definitely with bigger tires bigger rims but usually i don’t change the rims but for a car like this definitely we

Need some new rims i don’t know what type of rims i’m gonna use but something definitely that gonna fit with this pickup truck with this little truck okay i have some options i have to admit but not before i check out more than one type of rims what do you think about this unusual but nice and let’s go to the last part the third category of rims i don’t know

No we have to go here and to take let me show you right here is the the place where i just found something but i hope i will find it again or you know what i like this type of rims a little crazy but trust me okay everything is maxed out here now let’s see the width we’re gonna we’re gonna increase that and let’s install everything it’s time for us to see the

Design and it’s time for us to see if we’re going to change that design if you come in a copy someone else design or okay i think i’m going to do it myself or so i really like this one let’s see how it’s how it’s gonna look this one i think is looking pretty awesome probably my new design let’s see first things first i don’t like that black trunk in the back

But everything else is perfect for yes with my rims it’s even better so the car it’s at another level right now please tell me what do you think it will be a lightning definitely it will be our lightning we’re going to review it we’re going to drive it but not before i’m going to see the tune code also i’m going to show you the tone code but here 334 kilometers

380 i think we can make it faster 80.1 that will be my speed my new my 80.3 okay now i want to show you to the tune code because the design code i just copied from someone else you can do that also but if you want to check out my tone code the best on code for this card in my opinion it’s balanced is not for drug is not for i don’t know it’s a well-balanced car

Race yes the race it will be the key word for this car so now let’s see bro so many cars i know i know garbage system this will be the share quad if you want to copy it and yes this is the interior it’s quite lame i don’t like the steering wheel for a lightning like this but it is what it is but from the outside the car it’s absolutely amazing oh my god how

Fast it is when you accelerate it you can feel it definitely you can feel it let’s see if the car can stay really well on the road or not what it’s it can move don’t okay that guy almost hit me but because i’m a good driver i know how to avoid things or i’m just joking you never know yeah it cannot stay very well on the road even though we have all-wheel

Drive i think the car cannot stay very well on the road in my opinion it’s because it it feels like it has so much power so so much power probably that’s the problem this is something else for a pickup truck to be this fast again it’s something else okay for me now it’s time to try to drift it a little bit to see how that will go i think this will be the perfect

Car for drift just look at this okay really cool yes this car can’t drift not me because i’m a as you can see trash but the car can really distrust me i just wanted to show how it looks from the front you know what let’s just fast teleport to this location here we can test the top speed let’s hit the highway what is this color is so nice what do you think

I love it and let’s see how fast we can reach that 380 kilometers per hour so this will be the starting point 100 let’s go 200 already i want to see that 33 okay and now 380 so we can finish this oh no i was just looking that was totally my bad i was just looking on camera but now i’m not gonna make the same mistake i want to hit that 380 that’s it thank you

So much for watching i really hope you enjoy this content this is the newest card that has been released in forza horizon 5. if you have the car pass definitely you can get it for free like i just did and i’m gonna see on the next one like subscribe share and definitely press the notification bell 380 or not yeah i think it will be enough i don’t know why but

75 it’s good enough for me now here we go 380 26 okay okay bye you

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Ford F-150 SVT Lightning | Review & Customization in Forza Horizon 5 | New CAR PASS By Shark R

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