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Altair Club Cars Ford F-150 How to Release the Rear Seat Backrest Latch (2015+)

Ford F-150 How to Release the Rear Seat Backrest Latch (2015+)

this video covers how to release the rear seat latch behind the drivers side to lower the seat pad for access behind the seat back.

Every one thing i’ll talk about how to release the rear seatback on the current generation ford f-150 which is 2015 and newer some of the older f-150 is a little bit harder to do because the pad doesn’t actually pivot down like the current truck to do it has a bunch of plastic clips have to come off but the current trucks are a lot easier and a lot more accessible

Now the passenger side it has an actual pull tab on the side to easily fold it down because you have your jack and related hardware behind that so that’s pretty easy to do now the driver’s side and middle seat are one seat and they’re not really designed to come down very often or on a regular basis so they kind of hide the latch with the release in the back now

If you’ve tried to release the seat you’ll notice these little pull tabs at the top they don’t actually do anything so if you’re pulling on those you’re never gonna get anywhere with it they’re never gonna go anywhere now the reason most people want to access this is to get back here you have some trucks depending on their trim spec will have a lot more room back

Here but i think that the higher level trucks will have more stuff back here related to the stereo system amplifier and subwoofer and things like that so i was hoping i had a little more room back here but apparently that’s not the case so i will not be able to use this on a regular basis for storage but depending on the level of your truck you might actually have

A lot more room back here than what i do now there’s a little bit of a difference depending on your cab configuration now if you have a super crew and you pull this lever out and lift the seat up this back pad will come up and out it’ll give you a little bit more room to work to actually get to the release now if you have a super cab like me it’s a little bit tougher

Because that doesn’t move at all so you kind of have to fight with it and it’s hard to get your hand back there and this is the actual release itself now this has an actual tab pull tab on it now for releasing it because what’s in the lock position will be closed like that and then you can pull this through release it the problem is these tabs tend to fall off like

A mine did and it’s basically just sitting next to it behind it so that was no help to me it didn’t help me to get that off at all so the easiest way to do it is when this is in the block position and you’re basically going back there to get it if you have a longer wrench you’re basically going to slip the wrench between the rear bulkhead and the back of the seat

Pad and you’re going this silver tab here is going to be your target so you want to slip it over that because just trying to get your hand back there in reaching have a lot of room to work it’s very very difficult and some tension on it so you’re going to pull that upward and it should release the lash it just sits on this single bracket in the back and that’s the

Only thing there actually is if this is on correctly and has not fallen off like mine did you can use this as a just just like the way i use the wrench you can use this to release it but if that falls off this is really the only way to do is to slip that wrench back there so i’ll just do that one more time all right so it’s gonna be sitting up in a locked position

This was to the side just like it is now cuz it fell off i slipped that over and then the seat will come down now when you put it back up you kind of have to slam it kind of hard to get the latch to engage but now that’s basically how you’re gonna fold the seat now if you want to access behind your seat and they do make brackets for this for using get to this on

A more regular basis with bigger pull tabs that will sit over the top of the seat so it’s very easy to drop it on a regular basis if you have the room back here for storage so i hope you found this video very informative thanks for watching

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Ford F-150 How to Release the Rear Seat Backrest Latch (2015+) By Enthusiasts Garage

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