ford ecosport titanium s diesel
Altair Club Cars Ford EcoSport – Titanium S Diesel – Full Detailed Review – Tamil – MotoWagon

Ford EcoSport – Titanium S Diesel – Full Detailed Review – Tamil – MotoWagon

The car that debuted the Sub 4 meter SUV segment – The Ford EcoSport. Here is our full review of the car.

Pyrus welcome back to more daaga 2002 era india last sub for literacy we combine a savino a signal declare it is until delhi auto expo lopatina pour into the concept on the virtual manga and the concept in the narae appear at track position under product na ecosport 2013 longer launch pune india around the launch from the 2013 ecosport birthing in our second

Generation eco sport 2003 live in the 2012 oregano first generation eco students a bracelet sailor ended and when the video lycos put but without backup or are they echoes put on a titanium a scintilla with a sporty version not a manatee pocket okay first team to a channel piranha candy but channel subscrib running a video like when an offensive sharpening a

Billiken america mexicana remember videoclip or allopathy no more possible deepening apotheon are in the ecosport on the first launch from abuddin are a segment faster on the rather than the essence calling system another hanger rather accident i aku the airbag blow out the in love fuel switch katakana on the gps coordinates said the one that date to go on the

Carpenter marie second first feature from under the a six airbags option at the ecoboost into liguria and the turbocharged petrol engine open under fire i will cup in 2018 lao were facelifted version okinawa and the facelifted version order a data version than the ecosport yes a cv sonali a normal or a construction on the ladder and french a syllable nearby and

I in the sub for me to receive on the globally fiesta lonely use for now for or doubly platform the b3 in delivered a platform layer with a moral structure around on the same one is not in the structural will not win days could hang ghana even though they receive an order jc air in laguna all ordered all stands kuru kuru race you a convertible um brain is a tail

Mole that tailgate down spare equal to somebody needed neck respectable anja is six years on a gopro monthly average i indian market la 4000 units from a less elegant and ie particularly in the segment upon allah competitive id ana vargas’s again the brass avalanche for manga tata on the necks on a large furniture my hand around the axilla 3wo large energy per

Recently cool day when the venue a large pond area in the forty given they were able to choreograph hold one than the title image and delivered a sporty honoraria in the lunch money reagan and a mother papa the equipment at a facelifted mapping allow another chrome that this could appear on the 50 of tapenade manga you pulled the sporty on is variant of athena will

Be declaring milady gabrielle angelo know anything that likes them black dada vanilla we got a bad thing allowed a gunmetal color laboratories are worthless in the head not blamin you could have black to sell our primary curators and fog lamps redesign headlamps recently skipped a pitiful re decent money on the front door this anniversary are presently the muscle

Insulin a similar detail although vanilla they create a world of stands for nearly a month alone at sea much energy dealing what’s on the facelift a good quality regarded head love sweating enough hid in its crude 300-plus hide in london with irregular halogen lamps not but an idea reason agree with the batliwala anita guha gonna miss fog lamps italian tequila

Indicators on the malarial ovarian leper mallory dc other on the pack along with holly are now single integrate panetta gonna make you decide flow phenomena you’re popping allah there is a flasher in the elements mail and i feel you pull out the bold understand forget it area all the elements of a dinner with each other when you barium that they were not better

Than the great political this rather a plastic cladding it’s and assist and serve on a good level and the plastic cladding butyl yoga listen will give their handle scenario since i have a maximum bottle our ego capsules are aa will be better can indicate particular this dictator or i build a well dinner and molarity on a debit room but allah very solidly built

Up into law this will militarily folding orient’s or enslave the collar an order indicator lm a good three corner it was made a lavaliere in the bottom along will be similar level failure all this will the sports a real ever being along with the black color level flavor to the or less normal a variant level the body deliverable for a sportswear in level their

Contrasting refers out the maximum blackberry phone the lakota khurana individual nothing in the cinema reflective effect on the light aqua de tarragona i’ll count upon the aerodynamics ago plus on the way key order looks it in a row morality till narrowed quadrant last panel if you leave the pair of lat let’s finish go three gunner listen if you tell them that

Being a la base with the cyclonic on your external rear do sell everything in a paris and the changes may allah we will be talking a triplet of colonic and if i still doing enhancement of the raw signal over shark fin my rear antenna would silithus qianqian or spoiler high-mounted stop lamp utterly integrated rear windshield washer kind of fluid dispenser just

Never chunky and a rear a viper rear initial everything will be different lines on the board level three on this other rear design can they added element a on the rear more that space sorry hilda please sir spare wheel on the rear long human ear can be para allá very gray plus left celebrating enough company bad things less product budging alright so everything

You know barrel that’s in apprehension virgin good already said a much stronger person will rear bumper remain you could apply stick you later darnell a hard plastic a less strong are they require the reverse parking sensors are they integrate panera gonna this only normally variously under the steel bumper good father didn’t they either am everything you know

Registration plate or a top long and a camera – a + xs 15 a video 3 a little height penalty analytics in the tight end of this very limiting anomaly the 17 inch black bottle i will screw taganga in the tire data profile that they will attain at 550 are 17 we will be similar profile excel as christopher a rodrigo and a stability of moral availability tearing nothing

A lie there’s your morning at like very let alone very special decide whether you die from an obligate a mathematical so we are in a 3 to the power k chancellor material about the allah request unfortunate but necessary the karelian david belladonna good spaces where you can pop off now let’s step toward another easy i open are not very conditional now parking

Spaces in a open multiple maybe if you couldn’t afford lab but boot space mapping on like altima reasonable eric will allow partial degree gamma plus you can every dollar is cooked in the rana plaza you know the bags and i see ursula let’s see the older it’s in the bush mary carrigg americana parcel trailer they touch our you rattle so they never america there

Is nothing in our you can earn a feeling to give you around the sporty yes everything relates around the candy paramour ellaria minute manager you gave everything emma ukraine what attaches remember come here id chrome money the caribbean game a require plus i’m looking over our is kind of inside put the ganga signature edition abdullah radiant could attend the

Beautiful have inserted either all the orange color insert plus special i mean there are a hot plus extends peninsula ana number and a real tropical country layer in the hot plastics down and let me up bring everything you’re ever feeling plus the stereo enemy remember chunky are you seen are detailing nothing allah in the orange kind of lower stitching and i’m

Gonna be steering liquor the lower hold when america steering other controls lm angry with lyrically journal article see it so everything are in the comfortable are agree a lot and structure in the in gaming will be stitching leo it’s in the line american through this way have seat comfort could ever be enough or anywhere i’ve never numbers about it especially a

Little dilemma vertically what if this happened larry and i never driving basilica along cushioning marrow magic you derek steering angles in every operational easier cryptography cruise control amanda wakeley akutagawa will headline better switches parting on europe and sell latonya inc or even a tarragona dole everything you know adored on a lock unlock buttons

Only on the door handle pocket lyrically and there are door handle got everything and a pioneer in salon the word is steel finish the ribbon in porn that a black code money thing i do any redundant power based finish name a motohama t in there i have blacked out in the octagon you dare leave me about you know black crucial touch scuderia a long dress no nonlinear

A spending it at the canal are very calm mal every tweeter plus kela speakers ego on the power in dosages uproar a war you know operon front of caricatures null over grab handle plus only game in a storage space good throw plus another touch on allah even the battle of their only met them i – across in other stories tracing your room that deeper gorilla remember

She lives in a detailing mulligan is reasonably natural abc params partying along with adequate on a space layer plus sport or mover a steel finish logo through yoga you know that you know we did that for i mean we’re better a weapon and ethical are reasonably ocula anna you need respecting enough will be easier adequate enough when the towel of us an innovator

Tall elevation umatilla it chris cooley nest americans oh what a material too many william arrol married the door never regarding an hour it’s in the storage place to the grab handles on the noumenal a very elegant efficient finish on the critters are rear seat when a space mapping allow adequate recovery no jello no even better driver seat turn the matting ally in

Wherever i am listening that this peninsula or the inner height on nearly 6000 a certain pattern over the globe and it can be particular graduate elaborately on today september 11 a memory will die on a biography about mela very reasonable you know we would see in the scoop in your bedroom with a periodically i require every non organic raw he does it particular

Total of pinellas at panera go so i under situation learn with the spacer layer covering over the particular and the stitching nothing along again i can’t examine a little magazine holder under ndc to keep in a dinner with regard headrest when the frenzy took my adjustable law plus a rear-seat oku i will go at this table you hit the central a headdress still left

And i will be sold rhombus could be a hapless render a couple robbery in their limited honor that’s the door and comes out betting around remarkably – better than elements mapping another layer w mancelona earlier instrument control screen infotainment system casey or devon cepero ac or the control switches usb ports are in linear in the lab position mannequin

Gravity nonzero no later on instrument grants inventing an hour left long will be talked on data right let’s play diameter plus regulate at engine temperature fuel indication plus not all over em eddie display codes returns we’re never information outlay were they when these are the union will be steering control surgery controls one o’clock cheering wanted

Control slim a angle before answer but never the carpenter of the gravitons plus long liquor chris can tell volume up and down from a voice command system and let the gonna be transmitted over er collins family the null array design look at the layer plus globox on are reasonably well sized arrays things on the store for namesake line gave me or it’s in a shell

From a decoder plus either leverage shield a parcel shelf auricular in a lower attached person your collins when this kilis ringa linga then animatics and controller will be versatile at 11 o’clock so we deliver in japan a yes even the broken tell them to run by best america candy power another cooling in the cabin long look at a cow let’s see air conditioning

And a citrus upper erroneously but killebrew the attraction member elana frontal commerce which a provided permit charging socket could rely on in an hour with the ox connectivity among liquid color on other women in crunching along with the touchscreen infotainment system la apple carplay and avatar in the features may go to yoga plus bluetooth connectivity el

Americano no habla con they even mapping along with the touchscreen on the earth sensitive and even the romanov eric maps on the bacon cadabby when we are for a direct balloon in your maps you spend o’clock at since it it remain alert other efforts at number one trip on their plethora of buttons on our dashboard mallory review plus further typically appear ignore

Or deny really the storage this is data american english journalist port storage space up arrow key lay only the volatile on securing or storage space above gear knob nothing allow the piano black finish layer and then a grab under commander its and chaotically when you know the handbrake or a satirically a praline everything in the battery holder less could kill

A match in a storage space after idea key else it’ll kind of rich in a slot up reverse and senator learning lingam rest mary or space could feel i feel good like a deep pan a storage space could really i think you know what it’s in the bottle could not see glom station at this one corner a comfortable position getting a you see on the clock in there nothing wrong

With automatic headlamps uproar in sensing wipers on america’s could replace internal rearview mirror ramayana carter dimming frank’s not everything they were working an overage in their sunglass holder corrigan got a problem with the bluetooth kind of mike plus either parting anomaly kind of a lie to tell us which slr may go through our energy future berthing only

The sunroof found in the air in laguna with a full-on sunroof right lane left low angle sun rises through the rear all right said london will go vanity mirror kudo color an hour left so long evolved a vanity mirror plus or a light to normally go to the car bonnet of emily bah-bah-ba-wa really heavy i will apply with a bill to political debate under solidarity no

No no even before everything a la vella organized america firewall on the matter saying llm anitadyer agree with it similarly banana where he aims in calorimeter on a lark obtaining liberty feeling then why because put it right below even a padding in a diesel engine you know in 2005 at cc 100 ps – not for newton meter torque roll engine + 5 speed gearbox either

Cuda where and the engine options are going oh and then they ecoboost engine logorrhea 1 liter turbocharged petrol engine and the engine on the path you know 123 bhp power you only cone they won 70 newton meter talking forum are the six-speed gearbox on options go to the ganga inner engine batting enough for recently launched from a dragon family lola 1.5 liter

3-cylinder engine are the 120 bhp power you know 150 no 10 meter talking gotta go in the engine or a drivability the prewritten the mock-up come up a the rival of around rival number the can deform seatbelt putting her on the corner throw a seat bill put increase gonna get a number of the safety on the enhancement market lyrically a 1.5 liter diesel engine sleigh

In the particular engine forward and the engine on the gem of an engine in the engine i everyday use wonder they another global fiesta line engine directly and i will have a different tune later get 100 ps along the 90 days the engine note a drivability ride over usb a banana lowenthal a lot of refinement levels you know take bottom booth and i’ll get correctly

Coup d état in la mia best air can follow melissa wrong typical diesel engine slow on the city drivability line armor drivers feel can provide a problem and a turbo lag in the particular engine light turbo lag on the evident i learned on amateur i know linear on a power delivery rickety we’re sergey born in either one particular linear under power delivery the

Kuda a good another light and a clutch not chain a gear shifts other one in the drivability in the nomicon they perfected anonymous aluminum suspension air ride comfort birthing in our you don’t actually were 17-inch video on the drive good a low profile tab and i recognize defer on a suspension align the sportive area in the gong when they said paneer chilla no

But still nullah plan the drive anonymity lama who no stiffer sight but still under suspension man city drivability lie steering on the city streets along the south park in colorado cuda way and the wing mirrors were not adequate on a viewing angle automatically not on duty car or water feeling you know curricula and i go to put your butt’s feeling now go to cuisine

Here on the city like at pune manila bikers i got problem was a couple mughal aroma cat floggin cat form cabin insulation about the bath or reasonably cabin installation of ok no angelo no really over nice recently canola cake but still none like a van installation went along if nothing in i engine and the thousand find an optimal on the spin i’d agree that my

Poor no can you up our group all the way acceleration long liquor adventage a para ganar microvolt equal numbers a if the topic is 2000 rpm move a vehicle on the almost hundred kilometer per hour grandes in the vehicle when got a steering speed buildable number the rock-solid i reckon the modulo no and depend the suspension on the plant directly the more on the

Nullah confident the soil iran or feel good the drive when i give anonymous along maybe the recording by paul romer car approach control come on eleanor the candy parts in the body roll original internal miami reason on the rotor higher ground clearance ground clearance patting a man in the particular way click on the 200 millimeters ground clearance other than

They either are – even of of the you know adventage one actually on the indian all the bad patches lawn they can deep on the underbelly scrap horribly under mary probably in length or no anna one the highways loans in a more they caught up on both allah can be for its inner body no look at the reason i wasn’t alone if i measure the breaking buddybop oh you know

A friendly on the display company now when i learned from breaking through the ganga from i better break i was in a purple breaking batting in a braking distance from the room become me americans alone or in the particular vehicle in the powerful engine either reporter the canal am will breaking records anonymous alone typically a four thousand another handling

Carson’s along adora and the handling conway are than the poor man’s bmw none are a person on a launch an apogee or a negative feedback on than the handling curtis is a reason inanna venereal a forecastle a lot lay me on the power steering and the hydraulic questions to the wire and a reason the yellow car sling on the erequest in snowpack rock in the eco sport

May alter course is in the area who the head lt purse sitting on the city’s whistler soft all speed buildable numbers in a hard our i clogged on the settings here ago but i in the particular ecosport lava thing and i tore the ground clearance from the 200 millimeter high chloride are anala seen a body roll are they were in roma kahramana more than the body roll

Or on the effect anyway steering listener a theory revised order negative know what the burdening a pathing in our candy pie than the or the best drivers car barometer no no in the second layer but the competitors a lot a comparable impose a driving a room wrong look at the best car in a subordinator receive a segment london array a podium the law ecosport in the

Standard for the nasrallah l our suite are 1.5 liter diesel engine courier and they were a eco boost range in 1.5 litre petrol engine with automatic gearbox option allama set with an unlabeled equality with a sporty on a ride sporty on a handling neither compare polymer the candy bar with a keen driver driving even bigger umbrella caicos fort rinella choice that’s

Always doing a video with the political monochrome put it along there subscribe burning i like mulling over friend sookie sharpening a motor i wanna safety department reveille alarm a diesel engine options if aroma use one drone diesel cars india’s longer roomba common eyes l a diesel car samay 10 deep attaboy charger are in you hire only one of the faster poetry to

Move the turbine am again the power acutally a sudden a stop on an implant balloon was a very clearly a parking permit for america from and upon militant the idea in front of the car owns it engine off running either one the number turbo order life only improve on the help on an apology do is learn array videos like comment box lovin the candy piko spotter review

Funding angelique respond on their and their subscriber and the va record the number in the video and they dedicate one draw thank you for watching by remote oregon drive responsibly

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Ford EcoSport – Titanium S Diesel – Full Detailed Review – Tamil – MotoWagon By MotoWagon

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