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Altair Club Cars Ford Ecosport – AutoWeek review – English subtitles

Ford Ecosport – AutoWeek review – English subtitles

Met de Ecosport heeft Ford weliswaar een compacte SUV, maar echt scoren doet-ie tot op heden niet. Een zeer ingrijpende facelift moet daar verandering in brengen. Heeft die missie kans van slagen?

The latter clearly applies to this ford ecosport. that some brands would call it a completely new model. but unfortunately, the rear door instead of a bootlid remained. that means that if you want to access your luggage properly, another big drawback of the ecosport was the interior, and that’s where ford has truly made some steps in the right direction. it’s almost

Like you’ve stepped into a completely different car. previously, the used materials weren’t very spectacular, the ergonomics could’ve been better, but this is way more in line with the current fiesta. optionally, you can choose for a sync3-infotainment system. that reacts a lot quicker, so the usability has been improved when you’re driving. but even though the in- and

Exterior have been changed this thoroughly, that means the amount of space is still the same as before the facelift. that’s okay, but there are cars like the renault captur or seat arona, and that’s quite a lot bigger. on the rear seat, it’s competitive for its segment. but three is a crowd. also, the two people you do put in the back, on the other hand, it’s the same story

With other cars in this segment, that’s about 100-150 kg more than an arona, or a captur. just like the performance, which will be influenced by the weight. i’m driving the turbocharged 1.0-litre ecoboost 3-cylinder producing 140 horsepower, and this version won’t be available in the netherlands. that’s very simple, because the only other option was the 1.5-litre diesel.

That whole engine won’t be available in the netherlands. but even though this 140 horsepower 1.0-litre ecoboost won’t be available, there will be versions with 125 and 100 horsepower. i dare to say that the 100 horsepower version probably might be a tad too weak. there are competitors which are able to conceal they’re 3-cylinders. so the performance is alright, but its

Rivals are a little more enthusiastic in the lower rpm’s. by a very nice six-speed gearbox. typical ford-like. you can feel that you’re pushing it into a gear, or pulling it in. that means that it isn’t oversensitive or too direct, but it’s very consistent and there’s just the right amount of resistance. again, it’s based on the fiesta, so you hope that it drives like

A heightened fiesta. a fiesta isn’t the most comfortable car in the b-segment, that car has been developed with the target of having lots of driving pleasure. so it’s a tad sportier with relatively big wheels, and a sportier trim, when you’re driving over speedbumps, bad roads and manholes, and you get into a sharp corner, the dampers struggle to keep the 1280 kg stable

Throughout the corner. that wouldn’t have been a big problem, if the price would’ve been very low. but you can probably tell what i’m going to say next, it’s just under €22.000, and that’s the entry price. satnav, and the new b&o audio system, which has microfibre seats, a different steering wheel, it will set you back €26.000, and that’s quite a lot of money,

Especially because of the fact that the interior has been improved, but it’s still not even close to a peugeot 2008 for example. this car doesn’t have any different safety features. adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency brake, a lane keeping assist… stuff like that is getting more common in this segment. but the competitors have made that same leap with their

New, or updated models. the ecosport still isn’t the best choice in this segment.

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