ford bronco daily driver review
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Ford Bronco Daily Driver Review

2021 Ford Bronco 9,000 mile Daily Driver Review.

Foreign bronco for over seven months now and i can’t believe it has nearly 9 000 miles on it already so i thought this would be a good time to do a quick video review and evaluate the bronco as a daily driver i just had my first oil change performed last week after noticing that the oil on my dipstick was looking a little dark so i stopped dragging my feet and

Got it done so what has it been like to live with the bronco for the past several months you might ask well i’m probably going to give you a very unsatisfying answer and say both good and bad but let me start with one of the positives getting back to that oil change the cost to run the bronco is not very expensive at all the oil change was only about 48 after

Tax i’m actually very surprised that it was that cheap it used to cost about eighty dollars to change the oil in my old camry since gas has gone down over the past couple of months filling up the bronco has been less of an issue i’ve been averaging about 22 miles per gallon over the past several months by running an eco mode and driving carefully the most fuel

Efficient speed seems to be around 40 miles an hour or so but if you don’t stray too far above 60 or 65 you shouldn’t have a problem getting about 20 miles to the gallon now a negative about the broncos certainly has to be the noisy top it doesn’t really seem that bad anymore maybe i’m just getting used to it but i don’t really notice it unless i’m riding over a

Really bumpy surface thank you the next thing really isn’t a negative it’s just something to be aware of the bronco is a tall vehicle standing over six feet in height one day i ran into my garage door before it had fully opened it was a rookie mistake i know but in my defense this is the first suv that i’ve ever owned so i’m not used to driving a vehicle this

Tall and if you’ve ever done that before then you know that’s one of the nastiest sounds you could ever hear i’ll give you a quick reenactment bloom now looking at the practical side of things i would rate the bronco as adequate for daily use the cargo area for the two-door bronco is pretty small it will accommodate most suitcases but barely large enough for

A set of golf clubs for instance if you fold the back seats down it vastly increases the storage area but it’s still not all that deep so if you have a family or your daily chores require you to carry a lot of things around then i would strongly recommend the four-door bronco that situation doesn’t apply to me so the two-door works fine for my needs as far as

Other must-haves for me personally i would have to have the sasquatch package to give the bronco that stance and presence but with that i also found it necessary to install the tube step bars because getting into the bronco could be quite a climb for some people i think that the upgraded headlights are pretty sick too they look great at night and give the bronco

An unmistakable signature they’re definitely worth the extra money other nice to have options that aren’t on my bronco are the trailer hitch the upgraded banging olsen sound system and the built-in garage door opener the upgraded stereo and garage door opener aren’t even available on the big ben shim level which is what i have those options are only available on

The outer banks trim level and higher last but not least the overhead auxiliary switch panel this is only a 195 option but to have the dealer install it after the fact appears to be well over a thousand dollars from what i’m seeing in my research so if you want that option you best check that box when you spec your vehicle quirks and missing options aside this

Is a great vehicle as a daily driver it’s definitely not something that you would call inconspicuous so if you don’t like standing out in a crowd then the bronco might not be for you it’s very well received by the masses seven months in and i still get compliments all the time from strangers and one of my absolute favorite things about the bronco is riding around

With the doors off driving with the doors off has to be one of the most unique driving experiences i can think of in any road going vehicle and if you ever get the opportunity to try it i highly recommend it it kind of reminds me of a dirt bike whenever i power slide around a turn i want to stick my leg out to keep my balance brings me to the subject that bronco

Drives in general it’s actually pretty smooth over most surfaces and is very maneuverable the steering may be a bit numb but that’s to be expected it’s not a sports car it does make pretty good power and accelerates with confidence even though i think an electric version would definitely push the broncos performance over the top hopefully before i make an electric

One one day overall as a daily driver i have to give the bronco a big thumbs up it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but for those who want something that not only gets them from a to b but also provides some personality and entertainment along the way this just might be the vehicle for you

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Ford Bronco Daily Driver Review By Gerard P Collins

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