for sale porsche 718 boxster gts
Altair Club Cars FOR SALE – Porsche 718 Boxster GTS walk-around & interior – 18/68 – 13,250 miles – E54,995

FOR SALE – Porsche 718 Boxster GTS walk-around & interior – 18/68 – 13,250 miles – E54,995

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Good afternoon this 2018 porsche 718 boxster gts is finished in carmine red this color looks sensational especially next to the convertible black top and the porsche exclusive exterior and interior components the list price of this car is circus 75 500 and the costed options are the carmine red exterior color at 1 658. you have the porsche logo in satin black

I’ll get closer and later but that’s 105 pound option you have the porsche exclusive rear wing painted in high gloss black 245 park assist front and rear 623 this car is equipped the pdk transmission which is a 2 303 pound option and you have the 20 inch carrera s alloy wheels as i mentioned there’s a number of porsche exclusive options including these door

Handles which are painted in high gloss black 84 pounds you have a porsche exclusive fuel filler cap with aluminium look finish for 93 obviously under the lid there moving around to the front of the vehicle you have the porsche exclusive painted headlight cleaning system covers 143 pound option around the front you have the led main headlights including porsche

Dynamic light system plus pd ls plus abbreviated 1 397. and moving around to the side you can see the porsche exclusive rollover bars painted in high gloss black it’s a 357 pound option as i’m sure you’ll agree these cars look absolutely stunning even better in carmine red with all the gloss black exterior components now this vehicle as i said is a 2018 68 reg

And has only covered 13 500 miles from new so what we’ll do show you the interior of the vehicle i just want to show you this porsche logo that’s finished in saturn focus cameras you can see and the rollover bars moving on to the inside of the vehicle this is the gts interior package 2096 pounds and you have the alcantara package gts in conjunction with the gts

Interior package in carmine red it’s 1 242 pound option these are the sports seats plus two-way electric you have the gts embroidered into each headrest as you can see works perfectly so the seat seating is 294 pounds and then here you have the porsche exclusive storage compartment lid in alcantara with porsche logo which is 161. move around to the front you

Have the porsche exclusive pedals as you can see for focus they’re an aluminium 185 bose surround sound system 834 focused camera two zone automatic climate control 539 cruise control 228 automatically dimming mirrors with integrated rain sensor 345 and this here is a heated multi-function steering wheel three to nine and last but not least you have the porsche

Exclusive illuminated door sill guards in stainless steel for four six four if i focus the camera you can see there when it’s night time that would illuminate so we’re going to move around to the back of the vehicle we’ll put the roof up we’ll start it give it a couple of revs in sport mode there’s a lot of talk about this car not sounding too great but we think

It sounds really good actually in uh in sport button a couple more revs please contact us for more information i just walk around the side so you can see with the roof on equally as stunning

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FOR SALE – Porsche 718 Boxster GTS walk-around & interior – 18/68 – 13,250 miles – £54,995 By Philip Ireland Performance Cars

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