for sale 2002 gmc savana 2500 12
Altair Club Cars For Sale 2002 GMC Savana 2500 12 Passenger Van

For Sale 2002 GMC Savana 2500 12 Passenger Van

For Sale

Evening guys this is neil with my son out of sales in northeast ohio uh mason auto sales today we’ll bring you another van it’s a fleet van just retired 2002 gmc savannah 2500 it’s van um i just got it delivered uh just washed the outside the interior’s clean uh which reflects on the agency just that serviced these vans it was i had access to the maintenance

Records every 3000 miles there’s nothing wrong with the van it’s solid uh it comes with the five seven liter v8 plenty of power the 350. you got the bench seats inside it’s a 12 passenger van we’re gonna go first start with the engine bay take a look there and then walk around in the interior so it’s a savannah 2500 sl that means that the final seats that are

Not the vinyl seats he’s got the cloth i love the color combination dark blue and dark gray on the interior this is the engine bay and it’s very very clean look at this i mean there’s no rust nothing it’s just that’s how you know the vein it’s in good shape so um and let’s start on the side of the driver’s side the the only issue with this van the rocker panels

Show a little age but other than that the frame suspension is all solid this is the interior just over a hundred and twelve thousand miles i’m gonna run it so you guys can hear it let’s go over uh glass seats the claw seats are in great shape there’s no rips no damage to the seats this comes at most fleet vans or vehicles they have the rubber floor heavy-duty

Rubber for which it’s just blessing because easy to maintain you spill anything you uh you just wipe it off uh the front two tires are matching tires uh 10 ply heavy duty and they have the same thread in the front the back tires are more aggressive thread they’re brand new so the paint on the i just washed it i mean rinsed it with water i didn’t even like uh use

A brush or anything it cleaned up pretty good so the rear seats i mean the the rear bench seat is there you got one two and three uh bench seats it’s 12 passenger it does come with a factory hitch which is another plus this will be a great family van it will be a great work van if you take the seats out it’s it’s already set up with the with the hitch so uh with

The five seven you got plenty of power to throw uh some toys you know um this is an out of state van so it didn’t come from ohio uh last inspection expired june of uh 2020 so it just retired few months ago between the time it was retired until the time it was offered in the auction probably the average was about four or five months so it was not a lot it’s not

A lot and so this thing what i’m trying to say is this man did not sit for a long period of time so it starts right up the exhaust sounds good there’s no leaks these are the side doors and you can always say the side doors are good if they if they’re not if they don’t sway on their own you know see how hard they are they’re they’re very sturdy so like i said

Philosophy the cloth seats are very very clean uh they don’t they do not show the wear and tear like the vinyl seats and it’s which is which is always a plus uh you could tell they took care of this van they did um one more thing uh the maintenance records i had access to them and they served this van since new every three thousand miles so um you know usually

Every agency that has fleet people is a good care of them which is one of the reasons i’d rather buy fleet vehicles than anything else unless i know the the actual maintenance records uh i could see um you could record this here so some people could get the codes yep the front uh passenger seat is in great shape it does have the manual which reflects um on how

They took care of this van everything’s still in there uh this is a fleet division it was serviced by this agency um so i know they did a good job they did a great job on it uh as far as care of it this is the front seat i mean the front player matching with the other side and it is clean comply heavy duty if you’re interested in this van or any other band i’ll

Leave a link to our website and i’ll leave my numbers call text feel free to share any comments advice or questions and i will reply fairly fast or quick to any of your comments or questions uh keep it professional if you guys subscribe i would be very very happy other than that until the next video if uh you guys enjoy the holiday season

Stay safe and god bless talk to you later

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For Sale 2002 GMC Savana 2500 12 Passenger Van By Neil P71

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