flyin miata 520 hp ls3 swapped n
Altair Club Cars Flyin Miata 520 HP LS3 Swapped ND 2016 Mazda MX5

Flyin Miata 520 HP LS3 Swapped ND 2016 Mazda MX5

Flyin’ Miata has been the go-to name for V8 conversions for all generations of the Mazda MX5 Miata. Now, they’ve shown up with their newest build, a brand new ‘ND’ Miata with a 520 HP 6.2L LS engine, complete driveline upgrades to back it up, full suspension, bigger wheels, better tires, and thanks to the magic of CANBUS, everything works, from the automatic climate control, to the keyless go, to the bluetooth. It’s a furiously fast and remarkably balanced package that absolutely blew us away.

Good morning everybody welcome to the angeles forest this should be really neat i’ve been waiting several months since i saw that i was like gotta do it this is keith tanner thank you for coming down sir from vienna out of grand junction colorado and all the way down here with this brand-new nd miata with v8 amid the way it’s meant to be you guys have been in

Business for many years i’ve been i’ve heard your name for at least five years we’ve been around longer than there have been miata have you have what we were you flying capri before something we were a porsche audi volkswagen oh service shop oh that’s an lovely one of our customers brought in at miata 89 yeah i said you gotta check this out and the boss bought

One and put a turbo on it with 1,800 miles on the car real yes that was flying me on fly me out of started that is that’s a crazy story that’s awesome i love that so this is the new miata everyone you know the new mx-5 everyone’s about it and of course you guys straight to the v8 we knew it was going to have to happen we’re working on 4-cylinder stuff as well and

Suspension everything else but everyone wants to see the v8 so so this is an ls3 it a with some basic modifications to it different cam you mentioned yeah it’s a crate engine the gm sells it’s called the ls3 76 5 point 5 which is horsepower high-court horsepower at the crank white background you said this car weighs 2,600 pounds and makes 450 at the rear wheels

Right around there yeah this is gonna be awesome let’s go i got to see what that’s like we’re not going to go on the super million million mile an hour road we’re going to make sure that the balance is maintained a gearbox you said t56 magnum right that’s right buh-buh-buh-buh the sound is old drive brand put the windows up so we can get audio chip while we’re

Going the whole drivetrain is built for this right it’s built for a 4,000 pound car so it’s completely under stressed i’m just gonna nice this is going to be very nice perfectly that’s the goal this is fantastic the shifter even feels nice this alright right away this feels like it could come like this and i would be very pleased so this kid you say is 50 g’s

Plus amiata yeah that’s not the turnkey car turnkey out the door ready to go yeah and that’s between suspension and brake upgrades all the fuel upgrades cooling it’s basically the brand new car built in and be out of shell so i saw wilwood brakes 6 piston right six pics on the prog part based on the rear and then what do you have for suspension here it is a fox

Racing suspension like off-road fox racing same company same company really you know they won the indy 500 back in the 80s no not at all they have quite a history a lot of the big pro touring guys ride tech shocks for pro touring goldilocks oh it’s so interesting i didn’t know that they’ve got more road capability than you think i guess so because this what

You haven’t done is ruin the ride it still rides very nice well the guys at fox understand our philosophy that a suspension has to move yeah yeah yeah i only agree with you we’re big believers in suspension travel it has to suspend yeah we have a seven and a half inches of travel on the rear shocks in this car no way this is so composed you get in this garden

Like a one your dead car but if your smooth with your inputs it actually it just drives beautifully that’s a lot harder than building a car that will kill you so you said this is roughly the same power-to-weight as a new zo6 roughly yet we’re sitting on right about five pounds and there is no traction or stability control now that’s up to you my right foot

We call it organic trash control it’s got a lot of mechanical grip we’ve worked hard on getting that down yeah you said you’ve got the base of the biggest wheels and tires you can fit on a piata right yeah as much rubber as we can squeeze under here without everything rubbing on everything routing is that’s no bueno the diff comes out of a camaro it’s a it’s a

Real positive traction what’s the final drive oh it’s either a three four or three seven let’s go i forget which this is it’s so like nice and balanced this is great that’s the beauty of starting with the miata you’ve got such a great a great canvas to start with and how much more does this car away than a basic fee on this car when it was new wait twenty three

Hundred thirty pounds and in highways twenty four so seventy pounds oh so when you said 2,600 pounds that’s when driver i know that’s before driver okay but that’s wet-folding a few olds i can feel right okay wow there is there is a lot to like here is very good and you’ve converted the steering from electric to hydraulic which is interesting when i moved it

Around the parking lot i immediately was like oh this is heavier but now that i’m out driving doesn’t feel significantly different anymore for regular miyata it should feel familiar actually when you drove let me add it back to back the piano starts feeling a little more alien because it’s got that electric power steering this feels this is a good old-school

Hydraulic rack it’s what we feel what we would use do for the last 3040 years i made the idea of fitting a big v8 into this is you know decades old cobras on the cobras to go to but this is this is just lovely oh that’s going to be a problem on the way back oh you know the blues aren’t a new idea either but there’s still lots of great blues music being written why

Should it be any different with garth touche it’s got it’s just got such a wide power band you can rev it or not revit kind of doesn’t matter yeah it’s all the torque all the time and it’s it’s not it’s not insanely loud either you get i mean it’s loud enough that you know i know there’s something going on back there but it’s not it’s not shouting no no that’s

The guys who are buying these things they’re going to look in the drive 15 minutes at a time and put them away this is sort of car a lot of our customers you can buy these v8 cars they’re grabbing across the country i don’t i to daily this car if i didn’t give you know my only problem with miatas is that the window switch placement down here bruises my left knee

Right that’s not that’s that is the only thing that would keep me from daily one of these he could probably swap in the door panels in the fiat because it’s the same door so oh really is it different let’s redline in this thing 66 i haven’t i haven’t really had to go anywhere near it at that part that’s just so much torque that things got more than four hundred

Foot-pounds of torque 2,800 to redline so 4,000 rpm will 400 foot pounds oh lookey lookey us-ally that chalk out of our way hello sir i mean it seems like the kind of car that would be just so mental but drive it and it’s so sorted and refined and it makes so much sense that’s what surprises people when they drive it if they have this idea that it’s going to be

A nose-heavy killer though it’s very it’s got really good balance you mentioned that you managed to use the standard pedal box which i know from a recent engine swap car that i’ll often times you have to swap the pedal box for the can bus or whatever to work right yeah the can bus has been has been a lot of fun that’s been a quite learning experience with this

Car is this your first can bus filled it’s our first one that we’ve managed to work as well we worked with a company called mrs electronics and there’s a little magic box in there that blocks some can signals and translates some can signals and let’s come through the first guys who can really deliver on what all the can guys promise we found well it does need

To be said that although there is no traction or stability control the radio works and the push button start and keyless entry that all works there’s no that there’s no a/c in this car but that’s only because apparently the compressor from gm is backordered all the other hardware is there so once the compressor comes in you can totally have air conditioning in

This car we’ll have automatic climate control in it yep i do an hour i want to keep this and the weight distribution i mentioned earlier it knows everything it goes through 53% front to 54% run it’s actually got a better front we’re distribution than a fiat 124 spider does the reason our sham noon oh i love it it flows you know it’s got great balance and you

Can dance it back and forth or you can just roll into the power and just be screaming meagan you don’t want to lose the miata when you do this right you know this is the chassis tuning it feels just like a miata maybe a little flatter a little bit flatter in the corners not quite as much roll but oh that’s great and heat is cruising along at three four thousand

Rpm the first time i cross six the t56 box has got such a high six here that when you’re on the highway 70 miles an hour you’re only turning to those so you actually you can probably get some kind of fuel economy if you wanted to it miss works so well together and did you consider the you look at the lg and we actually recall some of our existing customers and

They wanted the ls because of the existence i don’t know i didn’t want to go into fifth for some reason i was really it’s a really narrow gate in the fifth i was gonna try to go too far now something about me and be honest 5th year i don’t know this cars got a mechanical lockout reverse the production ones we’ve built for our customers have electronics it’ll be

Easier to admit when you roll into it or here both it really does pull like a co6 it’s awesome and so small and light wow this is just wonderful great road is an end isn’t this beautiful this is the perfect this really is just the canyon piece take the stickers off that it’s kind of a sleeper elizabeth that’s why we had to put the stickers on it right i’ll have

Nobody has any idea wow this thing rips – how’s the turning radius oh it’s a sable duck it’s excellent wow wow wow wow what are you the top speed of this thing you know we’ve never tested you should let anything happen to like 150 in the cigar and thicken the front end is probably going to go a little i don’t want to do a little work on that before we go for

Bonneville on your way out you should go by el mirage see how it goes under drive by bonneville the way home oh it’s very light it should do it i think it’s geared for right around 250 r and top up windows mirrors rolled it in it actually might be good for it we did the math in us 500 miles an hour in one of these things the roof would rip right off the car

Adults email using a trailer hitch jenny so you mash the gas there to entertain that subaru driver what is so there’s just when i when i was coming down off compression it’s just a very slight vibration a little bit of a buzz yeah it’s a little bit of a buzz i think that’s the big agent little car thing could be yeah this there’s nothing getting anything as far

As we can tell right wow odor mounts and the singer actually factory corvette motor mounts artha yeah it get as much isolation as we can you know you don’t want to be beating up on this car you don’t going to drive it all that this car is so cool it’s so cool my only like like it’s totally worth the money if you can do it i mean if you want to be different like

I know as a corvette owner i know as well as anybody that a corvette just isn’t for everybody it’s not no but and this isn’t for everybody but corvette performance for sure everyone thinks everyone loves corvette performance especially you know in a smaller and even lighter i mean this is awesome this is a thousand pounds lighter than a steel set this is awesome

And without you know you’re not going to get any heat so there’s going to be plenty of air going over the sam tool as well it cool because you’ve got a bigger frontal area than even the corvettes you’ve got a bigger mouth this was awesome thank you keith this was such a treat i’m really really happy about this is it flying miata comm that’s the one plug it all

Fly miata comm instagram facebook and we’re on instagram that’s like everything’s blind meowth it okay i got a line out on facebook they do suspensions they do turbo kids supercharger kids engine swap kits if you gotta me out and want to make a go fast you know this is what we do this is the best game in town and holy hell if you’ve got 75 grand yeah and you want

The the ultimate sleeper yeah right here this is the jam thanks for watching thanks so much for coming and we’ll see you guys later

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Flyin' Miata 520 HP LS3 Swapped 'ND' 2016 Mazda MX5 By TheSmokingTire

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