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Altair Club Cars FlashNews: This is the All New 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB & AMG GLB 35 l 7 Seater Compact SUV

FlashNews: This is the All New 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB & AMG GLB 35 l 7 Seater Compact SUV

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The trend continues. More SUVs are entering the market because American consumers can’t get enough of them.

So the new compact suv from mercedes-benz glb will hit dealerships in europe and the rest of the world before the end of the year positioned between the gla and the glc the mercedes-benz glb is the brand’s first model in this segment that’s optionally available with seating for 7. the world doesn’t need any more suvs but the glb stands out as one that

Does things a little differently it puts practicality above all else and as a consequence looks all the better for it it’s strong boxy appearance gives it a true suv aesthetic it is comfortable and refined and has probably one of the finest interiors in its class mercedes has one of the healthiest suv lineups in the business up to now comprising seven different

Models but the german firm appears to have spotted a gap nobody else knew existed and created this the new glb which takes the suv tally up to eight the automaker claims the two seats in the third row can be used by people up to five foot six inches in height which means they are best used by children boasting a wheelbase of 111.4 inches 3.9 inches longer than

The b-class mpv and glb offers a roomy interior with plenty of head and leg room in the first two rows the cargo compartment’s capacity of the 5c model varies from 20.1 cubic feet with all seats in place to 63.7 cubic feet with the rear seats folded down as standard the backrest angle is adjustable in several stages and the second row can also be optionally

Moved forth and aft adding 6.7 cubic feet to the boot volume when in their most forward position based on the mfa2 front-wheel drive platform the glb also offers optional 4matic all-wheel drive in combination with the more powerful engines in the lineup making it a versatile choice in the premium compact suv segment the engine lineup consists exclusively

Of turbocharged 4 cylinder engines running on both gasoline and diesel the petrol range includes the glb 200 1.3 liter rated at 163 horsepower glb 250 4matic 2.0 liter making 224 horsepower and glb 35 4matic amg 2.0 liter producing 306 horsepower diesel fans can opt for four engines all featuring a 2.0 liter capacity the 116 horsepower 180 d 150 horsepower

Glb 200d 150 horsepower glb 200d 4matic and 190 horsepower glb 220d for standard to a 8 speed dual clutch automatic transmission bar the glb200 which features a 7-speed dct model is available in four trim levels entry level style progressive and amg line as well as a special edition one model it comes with an array of available amenities and tech including a

Mbux infotainment system convenience control energizing comfort multi-beam led headlights adaptive dampening suspension dynamic select drive modes and many driving assist systems model glb 250 starts at 36 600 that doesn’t include destination and delivery charges which adds 995 dollars to the final bill so so so loser

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FlashNews: This is the All New 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB & AMG GLB 35 l 7 Seater Compact SUV By Motor.TV

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