fixing sticky buttons on maserat
Altair Club Cars Fixing Sticky Buttons on Maserati Quattroporte. 5 in paint, 6 days of labor

Fixing Sticky Buttons on Maserati Quattroporte. 5 in paint, 6 days of labor

Taking the interior apart on our Maserati Quattroporte S in order to fix the common problem with Spaghetti cars which is sticky buttons. It took six full days to get this one done. NEVER AGAIN!

Look look how sticky this is i can pick it up with my finger look all that fellas and ladies welcome back to good fellas garage welcome back to another episode the millionth episode of do not buy cars sight unseen as you can see this is maserati quattroporte s that could philip devon bought yet again sight unseen i don’t know what to do with this kid but it has

Some issues he has some issues with the interior the typical sticky buttons the issue that is all over the place so let’s let’s check it out let’s see what it looks like hell no well fellas this is another spaghetti car with the sticky button galore and if you have never experienced sticky buttons in any car i suggest you go to any grocery store buy a bucket of

Molasses and just pour it all over your interior let it sit in the sun for a couple of weeks and then go ahead and touch all your interior so it’s it’s the most disgusting thing you can ever experience everything in here is melted and all the stuff kinda sticks to it and it’s just gross and so on this car it’s a little bit more involved on the gran turismo i have

To remove this entire center stack and this shifter and a bunch of little trim pieces here and there there are two screws on behind the vent to schools hidden on the bottom and then there are four screws here one behind the indicator one behind the ashtray and then there’s two here in a cup holders so let’s get to work all righty so after disconnecting about a

Million spaghetti wires in the back i finally have this thing completely free i think nope nope nope there’s more there is more okay take two let’s see if i disconnected million more wires all right so now i take this baby home that weighs about a ton and we’ll fix the sticky buttons all right so this is very annoying i had to remove this steering column cover

And then there’s a leather piece in here as you can see and this ridge is inserted let me show you right in here and i couldn’t i don’t want to yank on it because i didn’t know how it was going to react to that i don’t want to break anything so i had to remove the cluster well the cluster is gonna get sticky – so i’m gonna fix it as well but i mean it’s such a pain

In the butt and in these pieces they’re not attached with clips they’re attached with screws there’s a i can show you here i’ll just screw hidden right there if you can see it and there’s one hidden right here so this is not a very easy card work on the granturismo it’s a lot easier than this so well i’m almost almost there i’m almost got all the pieces out so once

Everything is out i’ll take it home and fix it so alrighty fellas so i took apart most of the interior i brought everything home it’s easy for me to work from from home and that you know i’m gonna do it on the floor cuz carpet it so nothing gets scratched this is actually quality interior everything is metal there’s no plastic clips i mean this piece is very heavy

Very thick it’s all metal and this is like a wood overlay i mean so quality interior aside from this paint issue this is the biggest offender here as you can see how sticky this is i took this piece off and i put it on the ground for two seconds the wind blew and all the sand got stuck to it and this is all metal so this is like wood overlay on top of metal and

You can disassemble all of it it’s it all comes apart so it’s a quality interior but again as aside from the sticky button issues so we’ll fix it let’s get to work all right so now that we separated this will remove the faceplates and this panel right here has to be this assembled as well they have to remove all the buttons and if you want a detailed tutorial as

To how to do that i did another video on the maserati granturismo where i took it apart no button by bucky i’m not gonna do it in this video because it just takes too long so you can go and check it out over there but i’ll just assemble all of this well this is a brilliant design by italians there’s there’s a screw in here it’s a philips but you can’t access it

And there’s same thing on the other side so i’m trying to figure out how to how to get 30 screws so i can remove this bracket and then there’s wow there’s another screw over here but it’s screwed from the inside in and i don’t know how they managed to do that so i’m gonna probably spend 10 hours try to figure this out wow this is this is the most idiotic thing

I have ever seen in my life it’s a good thing that i i have already done the granturismo so i know the basic structure of this but in the grand turismo it uses the same exact panel switch panel but it has two holes here like for the fourth tool for this tool for you to insert it so you can remove this piece in here they you know remove the holes so you actually

Still have the openings inside of here where we can stick the tool and push this thing out so this is what i’m doing and it looks like it’s working so let’s see yep wow wow just wow alright so now we can access the screws already felson what i did now i’m trying to remove these switches these buttons and it’s like a sandwich there’s a chrome bezel that’s around

The buttons you can see how sticky everything is it just picked up everything from the carpet so this goes here and then this just goes in there like that so if you know can all be taken apart so it’s gonna be cleaned up painted alright as you can see i’m done with this piece it’s been cleaned painted with the vinyl paint i clean all the buttons everything was

Taken apart i already put it back together so it looks absolutely brand new and did the only thing that cost me is 15 dollars for a can of spray paint which is the vinyl paint and you know my my labor so this has been the climate controls been cleaned out as well i did not paint this because obviously there’s printing on here so it’s almost impossible to do that

Unless you have specialized equipment but i have cleaned up all the sticky mess in the goo and if you’re wondering what i use i simply use a pure ammonia that’s it it works very well very easy to use i also used it in the other video the granturismo and for some reason didn’t work in the granturismo works in every other car but the granturismo was very tough

For some reason i used ammonia didn’t work i used alcohol didn’t work i had to like soak it and paint in it for this stuff to come out but with this car as always pure ammonia works very very well it’s very easy and you know takes half an hour and you’re done so now i have to move i have to disassemble the instrument cluster to remove this bezel and paint it as

Well because it’s starting to it’s starting to go it’s not there yet but it’s it’s gonna get there so i might as well do that since i’m already taking apart the whole whole car and then a few more pieces but this is just just this alone was an entire day so well fellas i have finally finished stripping this piece this is the you know radio controls the navigation

Controls whatnot this is the most difficult piece to work on because as you can see there’s so many holes and little divots and dimples and etc etc and it gave me a hard time as well on gran turismo and i found out the fastest way to do this is to soak this in paint thinner and you can’t soak it for too long two minutes tops because you know paint thinner will

Dissolve your plastic will become soft so what i do is i use i use like my wife’s dishes you know i fill it up with paint thinner and i and i soak it for a couple of minutes my wife was wondering last time where the green bean casserole tasted like paid dinner but you know what she doesn’t know what her terrain i have i have also taken apart the shifter center

Console thingy that needs to be painted and cleaned as well so as you can see all of this is sticky i just still need to remove the shifter boot but in gran turismo this piece was carbon fiber so i didn’t have to do anything to it but here it’s painted with that same stupid plastic paint whatever they use and it’s all sticky so all right so the next step is to take

This bezel off of the instrument cluster it’s held by some phillips screws in the back so let’s take it apart i already fellas what i have here are the steering wheel switches i have taken them apart already and cleaned them and painted them it’s not too difficult but you have to remove the driver side airbag to get these out there little clips that they attach

With and they also have home rings that kind of snap in place there are two tabs you just push one in and it pops out so and they also have switches again it’s just very easy it just pops in here i cleaned this one out there’s another one on the other side that i need to clean up so here are some fancy looking switches all done non-sticky so this was another

Piece that was pretty annoying there’s a lot going on here a lot of intricate i just popped off this ship they’re boots a little bit i didn’t want to take it out completely and i just taped it when i painted it because if the parking brake goes here the shifter indicator goes here and then the ashtray is here so let’s put it back together check this piece out it

Looks pretty nice no more sticky stuff i was able to push this bezel back in it took a little bit of a an effort the cupholder ring is back the parking brake is well cleaned up and back i have this piece here as well but i’ll install it at the very end when i get this into the car so i don’t scratch it on that said already fellas so this nightmare continues i have

Officially been on this for about six days non-stop everyday i have moved on to the door panels and this is you know an absolute nightmare so what we’re gonna do next if there’s going to be a next one is just mail the pieces out to one of those companies that you know fix them up because does the labor is just absolutely ridiculous and taking all the stuff apart

This is the passenger side front door panel and as you can see everything here is just gooey and look how sticky this is you know it is just disgusting i already painted this piece brought it back to life but this these door panels just million bolts million screws million clips it’s just you know you can take it apart but it’s just it’s absolutely pain in the butt

So this is where i’m at i haven’t filmed in a couple days because i’m just i am so frustrated with the scar i i don’t want to see it anymore i don’t want to work on it anymore it is the least rewarding experience i have ever had working on a car it is so frustrating and it is just mind-boggling i i hate it i don’t want to work in this car anymore i want to finish

This up and i want to give it back to good fellow devin and i never want to see this car in my life well fellas here’s the final result no more sticky buttons anywhere everything has been fixed and it only took six full days i’m not kidding it took six days day and night trying to fix this car and now i understand why these companies charge six or seven thousand

Dollars to do the whole car and just the labor is just ridiculous but everything is fixed there’s no more sticky buttons anywhere so but everything had to be taken apart i still hate this car thanks for watching bye

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Fixing Sticky Buttons on Maserati Quattroporte. $15 in paint, 6 days of labor! By Limited Edition Motorcars

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