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Ryan’s going to be part two of the q7 in today’s work today’s workshop today’s video and we will be getting it into the workshop uh but first we need to replace the bmw m2 and for those of you who haven’t seen this video go watch the video now um the slight update i’ve just put oil in it because obviously i need to run it to get it out of the workshop and yeah it

Runs absolutely fine um so you’re going to take this out and get the q7 in and start looking at the fault with the airbags depleting oh since i filmed the first video and it’s dropped a little bit more mainly on the near side rear and the near side front the offside front and the offside rear aren’t too bad but uh yeah let’s jump in and get in the workshop brilliant

She’s flat unfortunately with cars that i have they end up sitting for sometime weeks on end and this is what happens quite often so that is where today’s sponsor is actually going to help me out massively with a topped on tb600 pro which is an all-in-one battery charger and tester and uh yeah i’m gonna get it to charge the battery whilst i actually talked to you

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To that website and you get a super early price of 40 off at only 59 so as again massive thanks to top down for sponsoring today’s video right now that is charged somewhat it should start fine is bocce was an issue but it took a while to start didn’t it so let’s just take a minute to look how clean this boot is for a uh what a 15 year old car it is literally

Like it’s a brand new boot there’s been no dogs in there that’s for sure so anyway this is what i think we may be replacing in today’s video uh we have our pump for the air suspension we have our relay and we have our solenoid valve block as well uh all common problems um in the last video when i started it the pump made an obvious loud noise whilst working don’t

Get me wrong it worked absolutely fine but it made a loud noise and a lot of you guys pointed out that that’s probably because the pump is on its way out however it’s now not making that noise and it’s completely silent and it is working as it was before as it should but just without the noise so now i’m not 100 sure whether i i do even need to worry about fitting

This for the moment um because i really don’t want to fit something if there’s nothing wrong with it that’s my only concern so i may just turn my attention to having a look at the airbags um and trying to find the leaks in the system so i think we’re going to start with that uh we’ll put the car in the ramp put it in the air probably might need to take the wheels

Off and have a look at the valves on top of the airbags because i think that is the most common problem so we’ll start with those but we’re going to start with the near side rear airbag here and i literally won’t be able to get a camera camera in there to show you so i’m going to just try and take a picture and put it up on the screen of where the uh valve is i

Can zoom in and now we’ll get my spray bottle and uh i’m just going to spray some fairy liquid soap on it just to see if i can see it bubbling or anything i’ve lost it again well i’ve just moved on to my phone because my camera can’t actually fit up here but i found uh found a problem excuse the shaky hand um it’s actually not coming out the valve it’s coming out

The top of the airbag perfect there you go you can see all the soap bits are coming out i don’t mean i don’t know if that is a valve i’ve done no research but that is where obviously the leak is and yeah that looks pretty much exactly like my issue there um not coming out the valve itself but at the top of it so i need to now chances are that might be the problem

With all of them so i just need to do a little bit of research now to see if that’s part of the new valve although if that’s part of the airbag right i’ve done a little research and i found a suspension unit on ebay for sale which has got a bit of a clearer picture of what the top looks like i’ll just put it up on screen now now if you can see the previous clip

With where my bubbles are coming from it’s actually right on the top now it looks like possibly where that o-ring is that you see could be coming from there or the unit itself may be cracked i don’t know um and that is where my problem is at the minute i just can’t see in there so i think what we’re gonna have to do is remove the rear suspension strap just so we

Can get it out and have a better idea of where that leak’s coming from now i have also put soap on the other side and it’s leaking from the exact same place um i have put soap on the fronts as well but so far there is no indication that they are leaking but then i just thought because obviously it’s adaptive suspension the fronts could be compensating for the rear

So if the near side rear is sinking quite low the control system on the computer may be like all we need to this is dangerously uneven we need to lower the front so it’s a little bit more stable so at the minute i i think i need two rear airbags that is my thoughts at the moment um i don’t think the fronts are gone i think they’re just compensating for the rear

Dropping uh that’s where i’m at the minute so what we’re going to do now is obviously take the wheel off take the suspension unit off on the near side rear which is the worst one and then hopefully we’ll be able to identify exactly where that air bubbles are coming from so to remove this strut which i’m doing now is just that one bolt at the bottom which you can

See that i’m doing there’s an electrical connection which easily just comes off and there’s just the four bolts holding the airbag unit into the chassis which are all fairly accessible now a bit of a tip i found it easier to drop the unit down before i remove the airline connector and once i managed to get the 12mm spanner onto that it was it came out fairly fairly

Okay foreign so the bubbles were coming out of this join here so i don’t know what’s under that there is a 413 mil nuts i’m just going to spin those off yeah so it just i think you know i think it’s just an o-ring right now with it all completely stripped down we can have a proper look at where this air is leaking out from and it’s quite evident really it’s

Just it’s pretty obvious so um this is obviously where our valve was and the bubbles were all coming out of this rim gap here so we can quite see that the rubber ring isn’t necessarily perish but you can see where it’s rough on the top there and air has clearly been leaking out here um and also because it’s at the back and i can see the back it was most likely in

Fact even worse probably leaking out the back as well and you can see on the sides here where it’s all nice and clean and that is where there’s been a tight seal and further evidence to that is on this cap and you can just see where it’s nice and clean there look on the sides and then rough on the front and back so no doubt that is where our air is leaking from but

Where it gets interesting again is i phoned audi to get a price because obviously that’s where you do you just that’s your go-to just to get an idea of costings now they don’t sell any repair kits or anything for these air suspension units and you have to buy it as a one hole damper airbag everything and the price for this one corner one airbag 2 800 pounds so if

You need four airbags and a compressor um yeah you’re looking at what 12 grand no more than that about 40 14 to 15 000 pound not including labor just in parts to replace some airbags and a pump i mean if that is just not absolute rip-off theft i just don’t know what it is who’s going to come in with any q7 that needs this repair and spend fifteen thousand pounds

On suspension and then probably another thousand pounds in labor if not more it’s just utterly utterly theft um so obviously we’re never going to do that uh they as i said they don’t sell a repair kit so i’ve been now forced to look for an aftermarket solution now a quick google shows me that people do sell like the valves here with an o-ring on and and there’s

A there’s also an o-ring at the top here and there’s an o-ring that sits under here but that’s more of a dust protector um and people that sell these like on aliexpress which i’m just not going to trust um and they don’t specify the size of it so i don’t know whether it’s the top or bottom one um but i have found a company that do sell just the airbags so not

The damper that sits inside it we would have to strip it down um and replace replace the airbag which obviously comes with this unit here which will come with a new o-ring etc so that is an option and they want if you buy a pair i think it’s just under 400 quid for a pair so we could possibly repair this with new airbags on the rear for for 400 quid basically but

There is something i want to try first and the thing i want to try first which isn’t going to hurt at all is to remove this o-ring clean it all up clean up the cap put it back on put it full it full of air and see if it holds or leaks it’s a no cost option all i’ve got to do is just clean it up a little bit and yeah it’ll probably take me half an hour 45 minutes and

It may work if it doesn’t let me buy the airbags foreign about 25 minutes cleaning everything up on this and even the o-ring look i mean i could lie and just say this is a new o-ring but it’s not all the debris that was on it i managed to pick off with absolutely no damage to the o-ring at all it literally looks like a brand new one so because i don’t know the

Official size i mean i could measure it but they’re never accurate um so i think that was gonna be fine to refit foreign all this is now nicely cleaned up i’ve even managed to get in the o-ring gully and clean all that up as well so looking around it like it’s all nice and clean now and also my cap i’ve completely cleaned that up as well so there should be

No more debris on the surface where air can escape so i’m confident actually that this will work i hope it does because if i’m like an idiot so if we get the o-ring oh i’m gonna i need two rounds let’s back up my leg well as long as that kind of protrudes the top actually it looks like it does then it shouldn’t be an issue we’ll give it a go obviously i want

To test it without refitting it so i can fully see if there’s any leaks coming from it and i think i’m okay like this i’ve managed to connect the airline up manage to connect the electrical connection up so as far as the car is concerned it isn’t it is installed um i can’t see any reason why i mean the damper in there should stop the bag from going anywhere it

Shouldn’t as in extending too fast so it should be okay so i am just going to start the car up now let it filled there hopefully nothing bad happens and we can test for leaks can’t hear anything but that could be a good thing right i was a bit of a fast-finded of having to put the car like on the ground it’s got a bit confused um and then i’ve managed to get air

In it the bag was deflated for a while but now i’ve said it i had to set it to dynamic them back to lift but now the bag is nice and solid so it’s definitely got air in it so now that means we should be able to check four leaks so if i just get my spray bottle i’m just gonna spray it for myself so we’ll come back and check it once over all right we’ll leave that for

A couple of minutes and see the results now i don’t want to get carried away but i’ve left on there for probably five minutes now and not one peep of a bubble at all absolutely fine and i can’t really see it from here as well but no bubbles whatsoever so it’s looking like it might be fixed so fingers crossed it is fixed however um what i’m going to do now is put

That strut fully back together i’m going to do the exact same to the other side and uh yeah i’ll stick on the time lapse we’ll get all that done and then the final result i guess will be to have it all fully back together and then fully test the system foreign yeah it’s time again with this one look as we found not um too bad not as bad as the other one look

But there’s still a load of gunk there you can see where the air’s been escaping a little bit around the back but not too bad so it’s going to clean this up and make it as good as new and there we go look all cleaned up and looks pretty much as new the cap as well look all in there so that should seal lovely right it’s all back on the ground now as you can see

Completely slammed because there’s no air in the system so let us just start it up let it build some air pressure cheers she’s fully in lift mode which is the highest setting so what i’m gonna do to test it now is just leave it overnight because it’s time for me to go home now anyway so i’m going to leave this overnight and it did drop overnight the near side

Rear corner so we’ll find out in the morning straight away whether it’s worked or not and if it is still like it is i’ll put it back up in the air just spray a bit more soap around it just to double check and then fingers crossed that will be the q7 fixed for absolutely no money whatsoever so yeah see you in the morning so how’s it worked that is the question

Yes she’s up there we go look completely still at the top ride height and the good news is the front is as well so i’m confident at this point that the car is actually fixed she’s looking good yeah not dropped at all normally by now this would have dropped quite a lot in the near side rear and the offside rear and the near side front would have dropped as well

And nothing has dropped it is all looking all good so i think the q7 is now fixed i don’t think there’s now any known issues with it um i’m not gonna fit the compressor purely because the old one is working but i i’m not going to send it back i am going to keep it with the car because no doubt if the compressor does go if it does go in the next other in not too

Distant future at least there’s a pump there ready to go to replace it so i’m just going to keep it with the car um but yeah i think that is a q7 done this isn’t the end for the q7 though there will be another video in it because there is some body work i want to do i have a new uh passenger rear door to fit um and it’s going to have some bodywork done and the

Wheels refurbed and it also needs an mot so there will be one more video on the q7 but for now it is fixed there are no known faults of the car therefore it should pass mot and the best part about it is i fixed it for apart from spending the in the compressor which i didn’t need to at this point i fixed it for absolutely no money and the worst part is if you’d

Have taken that to audi you would have walked out with a bill for a minimum of 10 000 pounds cheers guys

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FIXING MY AUDI Q7 FOR FREE!! AUDI WANTED £10,000!!! By Saving Salvage

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